What we need is another Caption Contest!

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This is the 26th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!
Here’s the pic:

You know the drill:

  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a fancy Award Certificate and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

The winner and runner-up will be announced on Wednesday, August 1, 2012.
To get the contest going, here’s my caption:
“My kingdom come, my will be done, on earth as it is in hell….”
For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here!

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0 responses to “What we need is another Caption Contest!

  1. Dennis H. Bennett

    Is that you Michelle?

  2. ALLAH, grant me enough time to get 18 holes in

  3. Is that? Yep…dammit, toilet paper on my shoe AGAIN!

  4. Earth Worshiper = “God we pray for the safety of your planet that the Human Race cease to exist.”

  5. “I must make it look like a prayer, to get votes…”
    Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof.(2Ti 3:5a)

  6. good2begone

    The Secret Service said my copy of “Running a Country for Dummies” was in here.

  7. the potus emerges from the closet.. yes i will marry john travolta.

  8. Drat! That creepy portrait of Washington! I can feel the eyes staring at me wherever I go!

  9. I don’t feel good. Who can I kill next?

  10. White Knuckle Driver

    I wish I had a watermelon.

  11. I don’t remember who was standing next to me but i just got that men’s club special hand squeeze.. I can’t wait to open my eyes to see who it is..

  12. Kinda reminds me of this:

  13. “Dayem, one more cheeseburger, and that button’s gonna blow fer sure ’cause I just cain’t suck it in any further.”

  14. Are the cameras rolling? Okay, let’s pray.

  15. We pray in the White House, but we don’t allow prayer in schools. There’s god, and then there’s Me.

  16. Putting Obama in the Oval Office makes about as much sense as giving a turd a swirlie.

  17. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out…….

  18. Red Rover, Red Rover, send a new Attorney General right over!

  19. Barack Hussein Obama: “Allah, I pray to you that my legacy will be “America’s Greatest President”. The photographer: “Bad background Your Excellency, please move over”..

  20. OK men, this hand holding is great fun but when do we get naked and open our eyes?

  21. Is the Skipster staring into the Abyss, or is the Abyss staring into the Skipster?

  22. Does this tie make me look smarter?

  23. “Dear Lord Satan……
    I’ve done everything you told me to do,…..
    Can’t…can’t .can’t you just send me and Reggggggggie to a nice beach in Fiji and we can be all done wit dis beeeen de Prizzy of the United Steeeeeezie sheeeeeeit???
    hail satan. amen.

  24. edward oleander

    Secret burka-cam captures a private moment at the White House.

  25. White Knuckle Driver

    Allah, your narcissistic servant requests new ideas for executive orders. I’ve got nuthin…

  26. Dana Klibert

    Behold, your king America…the king whom you have chosen and desired! (Didn’t Saul end up falling on his own sword?)

  27. Look down and close my eyes again? Haven’t I been doing that for four years???

  28. Now that Moochelle is on ANOTHER taxpayer vacation… Eeeny meeny miney mo, which of these two holding my hand will be my Ho!

  29. This is the perfect non-event to test my new hidden camera as I sure want it working for this afternoons security and foreign policies meetings; I am down in the polls and I feel that we need to leak some more classified national security information to get these numbers up.

  30. Homeschool Mama

    I’m so tired of pretending to be a Christian I could just spit!


  32. “You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in & you shake it all about.
    You do the Hokey Pokey & you turn yourself around (clap) that’s what it’s all about ! Next—! “

  33. The latest pic from Obama’s narrow focus “Me” camera.

  34. Let us pray America continues buy our tripe until we have “more flexibility.”

  35. Reblogged this on Talon's Point and commented:
    A little fun

  36. Dammit, whats the capital of Israel???????????? Dammit Carney, your suppose to know this stuff!!!!!!

  37. I’M NOT “LOVIN IT”!

  38. Oh my, I wet myself!

  39. Blessed are the community organizers: for they shall inherit the White House.