What was that?

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A bus overturns in Malaysia.
But what’s that lurking in the shadows?


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0 responses to “What was that?

  1. LOL – It has to be one of our trolls. 🙂

  2. Obama Golem.

  3. obama in his true form

  4. Don’t ask because they won’t vet it either!

  5. Hey is it Achmed the dead terrorist??? Obama golem lolololo

    • Hahaha….love it Noreen! He is my favorite outa of all the Dunham dummies! 🙂
      What is it really Steve? Looks like a face to me!

  6. Heeheehee I keel you. I haven’t seen this picture anywhere else, it is so creepy!!

  7. chubbah kobra or however you spell it years ago on the art bell show he used to get callers from texas and mexico who spoke of this mythical beast that would get into their chicken coops and steal chickens and sometimes a cow or two.


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