What Was Obama Doing With His Hand?

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On Thanksgiving Day, continuing a White House tradition, the luckiest turkey in America was “pardoned” by Obama, to spend the rest of its natural life on some farm instead of roasted on a platter.
In “pardoning” the turkey, beginning at around the 4:25 mark in the video below, Obama did this weird thing with his hand over the bird. What the heck was that?

His gestures are vaguely reminiscent of a desultory blessing with a very desultory sign of the cross — but then it’s not. It’s like he couldn’t quite bring himself to actually make the sign of the Cross — which precisely is what one would expect from someone who’s not a Christian but of a “faith” hostile to Christianity.
Last year, after a ridiculously long, almost 6-minutes speech, Obama did a much abbreviated version of his hand thing, by simply thrusting his hand out toward the turkey (beginning at around the 5:53 mark):

Both years, his two daughters looked totally bored as Obama was orating. No wonder Moochelle was MIA from the turkey ceremony. LOL

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9 responses to “What Was Obama Doing With His Hand?

  1. Trenchant observation, Terry! 😀

  2. i’m thinking,a muslim thing,or a sissy thing!

  3. I know it’s very un PC to say a word about his children….but they sure are peculiar looking

  4. His remarks about not having to fight with Congress over the pardoning of this turkey were more peculiar than his gestures. The first looked a but Karate’ish and the second akin to praying over someone. Both looked absurd and yes it’s getting tiresome dealing with his girls all the time, and they certainly have to be really sick of the whole situation. Mrs Obama was most likely at Target or Baskin Robbins. Or packing?

  5. If it IS a christian sign of the cross, he’s very uncomfortable doing it. I’d guess that he doesn’t do it very often, which he WOULD if he prayed at meals and went to church every Sunday.

  6. Good grief…I almost fell back asleep listening to these speeches.

  7. If you watched this on TV it seemed to me that he initially was going to make the sign of the cross and thought better of it at the last moment.


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