What to Wear for Air Force One

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How to step off Air Force One with dignity while representing the greatest nation on earth….

I wear shorts in the summer, but only at home. I certainly would not wear this shabby trashy shorts outfit for a plane trip. And to think, MO wore this on Air Force One!
She should also wear a bra or, if she was wearing one, she should get a better-fitting one to lift up those saggy boobs.
But then this is the woman who said, in February 2008, that only when her husband’s presidential campaign caught fire did she feel proud of her country for the first time in her adult life. So we can hardly expect her to be sensitive to the dignity of the office of the President of the United States, or of being First Lady, or to what Air Force One symbolizes to the American people.
H/t beloved fellow May.

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0 responses to “What to Wear for Air Force One

  1. I look better when I go down the mountain to my mailbox than she does coming down those steps. What other First Ladies have gone out with greased legs, bra straps showing, and bum shorts on Air force One. Disgraceful!!!

  2. She is just so disgusting. I could say much more, but my Christianity will not allow it.

  3. That skank should be in a bhurka and overcoat like all the good muslim women.

  4. She embarasses me daily.

  5. she’d be right at home on lower wacker dr. (chicago. an area that typically homeless people hang out at) i’m just wondering if she left her newspaper and spray bottle on the plane?

  6. I like it she looks like shes ready to roll up her sleeves and work

    • Work? You are delusional.
      Michelle Obama was dressed in those shorts because she was going on one of her many many vacations — all at taxpayers’ expense. But then I don’t expect you to be among the 53% of Americans suckers who actually still pay federal income taxes.

  7. Your comment just shows that there is still Racism in the world. Your making a blog about her wearing shorts getting of a Plane in the hot ARIZONA HEAT??? WTF, Im a republican, and I don’t even agree with your views. Who Cares, if a First Lady prior to her would have done that you would not have had a problem with it. She represent’s the USA, but you also represent the USA and that makes it worse. Leave the lady alone and stop making Blog Postings about something not even news worthy.

    • Your comment shows that you are the racist because if Michelle were white and Republican, you’d be on her case for her lavish expenditure — on her 26 staff, her many vacations, her use of Air Force Two — at a time when so many Americans are jobless and their houses under water, especially black Americans whose jobless numbers are in double digits. Shame on you.

  8. Disgusting…this is directed at the comments on here…not at the photo. It’s funny how the people who try to flaunt how Christian and moral they are seem to say some of the most hateful things. I guess when you try to fit “Jesus” into as many conversations each day you think that gives you a free pass to be a mean, judgmental, and insulting person. I think the real tragedy in America is how we have so many really ignorant and cruel people in our country who want to be poster children for Christianity and America. Both of which are labels all of you are doing a huge disservice for.

    • Oh, puleeze, Mark. Spare me your pious righteous outrage. I just reviewed all the comments here, and I don’t see a single one for which a Christian must apologize. It’s your warped view of Christians that needs adjusting. Being a Christian does NOT mean we stop having esthetic and decorum standards. Being a Christian does NOT mean we are wimps and must roll over for any and all to insult us. It is noteworthy that, instead of being upset with Michelle Obama dressing in a manner entirely inappropriate for a First Lady of the United States of America, instead you are “disgusted” because we express our disapproval of her attire.
      The funniest part of all this is you’re not even a Christian or believe in Jesus Christ. But then, that’s typical of “Progressives” who just lo-o-ove to use Christianity as a cudgel with which to beat up Christians.
      And isn’t it just fascinating that you’re in – gasp! – Chicago, Illinois! — Michelle’s hometown! What a koinkedink !!!

  9. The First Lady represents the United States of America. Thus, it is, at the very least, fair and right to expect any First Lady to dress MODESTLY and lady-like, not with a low-cut shirt and shorts. I reiterate what Dr. Eowyn said. Furthermore, Mark, you must examine your actions, as it is you who have made an unfair conclusion that those of us involved in FOTM are not true Christians and flaunt Jesus and our moral behavior. You have concluded that we are fitting Jesus in our back-pockets and that we are mean, judgmental and insulting. There is absolutely nothing hateful that has been expressed in this post, other than your comment. You do not know who we are, you do not know our history, our present circumstances, our suffering, our devotion, and on, and on. Accordingly, it is you who are being mean, judgmental and insulting. Additionally, Mark, using your logic, it would be appropriate for the First Lady to wear a bikini or even to walk off nude from Air Force One and we Christians should say nothing, because we should not be “judgmental.” It is impossible to be a Christian without making judgments of what actions are right, and what actions are wrong, otherwise we would never be able to follow the Commandments of Our Lord, make choices as He would have us make using the free will that He gave us, and notwithstanding the fact that we would all be throwing our dignity away selling ourselves short to the “dictatorship of relativism” which you espouse. Our Lord said that he would “vomit” the lukewarm out of his mouth.
    As for Trot, what does being Republican have to do with anything? And you assume, perhaps from your own projection, that we are racists because we criticize the actions of the First Lady in her immodest choice of attire whilst she represents the people of this country. I suggest again, that this is you projecting racism coming from your own heart and that the race of the First Lady is obviously an issue for you. Racism has got nothing to do with the issue at hand. The issue is that the people of this country have the right to expect the First Lady to dress modestly, properly representing the people of this country by approprate choices and actions.


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