What the SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling Means for America

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Via boortz.com (emphasis mine):
Posted: 8:54 a.m. Friday, June 29, 2012

The true impact of the Obamacare decision

By Neal Boortz
Do Americans – do YOU — really understand the gravity of what happened in the Supreme Court yesterday? Do you have any idea at all how the power of the Imperial Federal Government of the United States has been exponentially increased?
Answer? NO .. you probably don’t. You really can’t be faulted for that, I guess. After all, our wonderful government school system was designed to educate you, but only to the point that you don’t become a threat to your political rulers. The American people are a product of those schools, and the American people are, by and large, acting in the manner proscribed by those who “educated” them.
I spent the better part of yesterday listening to various pundits and reading blogs and columns about the ObamaCare decision. I think a lot of people are missing something here; missing something very important. The Court’s ruling on ObamaCare grants the Congress of the United States the power to command virtually any action – any action that would not in and of itself constitute a crime – of any individual in this country, and to demand compliance with that command or be penalized. The federal government can now regulate virtually any human activity in which you wish to engage, and to regulate whether or not you will be allowed to refuse to participate in that activity, so long as a penalty is attached to your noncompliance.
Perhaps I’m not making my point here; so let me try some scenarios:
Let’s say that you are not a homeowner, but you are wealthy enough to purchase a home if you wished to. Arguably, under today’s ruling the government could force you to purchase that new home. This the government could do in order to promote job creation in the construction industry, and it would be perfectly constitutional so long as a penalty is assessed for your non-compliance. The government would merely say that you are being taxed for your decision not to buy a new home, and our Supreme Court would uphold the law as a bona fide exercise of the government’s taxing power.
The government wants you to change your profession … move to another state … buy more cotton clothing … purchase an American-made car … own no less than a dozen pair of American-made shoes … limit your stock purchases to only unionized companies … put solar panels on your roof … perhaps even start watching MSNBC for a minimum of one hour every night. All of this the government might well be able to do so long as a penalty is levied for your failure to comply with the government directive. The penalty would, of course, be nothing more than a tax, and the regulatory requirement would merely be the government exercising its taxing power. Well … the watching MSNBC requirement might violate the 8th Amendment. They’ll just have to work around that one.
Remember when some reporter asked Nancy Pelosi if the individual mandate was constitutional? Her reply? “Are you serious? Are you serious?” Now she can simply say “Taxing authority, bub. Taxing authority.”
This is a sad day indeed for our Constitution. The Supreme Court has ruled that Obama’s insurance mandate is unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause. It’s perfectly fine, though, since there’s a fine for non-compliance.
Sit back now and try to imagine anything the federal government cannot require of you – just so long as there is a penalty – a tax — if you say “no.”
Think Neal is a little over the top with this? I do not – not even a little bit, as I could easily envision government doing everything he mentions, and a whole lot more.
Two days from now, many millions of Americans are going to be celebrating America’s 236th birthday, but I really do not think we are that nation anymore – at least not as envisioned by our founders.
I just cannot escape the gnawing feeling that we all went to bed last Thursday evening in a very different country than the one we woke up in that morning.
I honestly now believe we have lost our America, and I am not all that confident we will ever see its likes again.
You have no idea how wrong I hope I am.

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0 responses to “What the SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling Means for America

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    We can be told to buy a Chevy Volt, go see certain movies, or buy certain bumper stickers. I wonder if our government can tell us how many kids to have or adopt.

  2. Dave,my husband just said the same thing you said about the 4th. What are we celebrating now? Nothing!

    • sparrow59,
      I have been feeling that way for the last three years, and I am really feeling it this year.

  3. Eyes Wide Open

    We no longer have or need an Independence Day holiday. Instead, we now celebrate June 28 as Dependence Day. That’s the day our Supreme Court demonstrated the Constitution and the rule of law no longer apply in the legislative, executive, judicial, or bureaucratic branches of our national government.

  4. I have been saying all along that this “healthcare” legislation is the mechanism for them to begin coming after gun owners. If they are providing for your healthcare and trying to keep the costs down, it’s in the interest of the “collective” that you not own any. Bank on it.
    Really, this Bill was never about healthcare. It’s so massive, it was meant to touch upon every facet of society in some way. They can do whatever they want now by just writing more into it and making it say whatever they need it to say. You and I don’t fully know what’s in it, anyway. That’s the point.

  5. while lady liberty had her skirt pulled over her head being gang raped by socialist,communist,muslims,illegal mexicans and every other filth that crawled out of the swamp we the people stood on the corner wringing our hands saying someone needs to do something. this is our fault,our problem we have to provide the answer, course not many want to hear the answer, i will say this if anyone believes that any politician is gonna solve this then i suggest some real soul searching, the govt is not here to help

  6. This Socialist government wants us so far in debt that we can’t have time to think how bad off we are! If the STUPID American People don’t get their shotguns and go to Washington the whole country will be goose stepping in leather boots nd turning in your neighbors for anything and everything, this CORRUPT GOVERNMENT HAS TO BE STOPPED, NOW!!! Semper Fi.

  7. edward oleander

    I have one… Rather than letting you, me, or just anyone decide that the Constitution has been violated, and encouraging/allowing armed insurrection on that basis (a condition otherwise known as “anarchy”), why don’t we let the electoral and judicial systems that have held up for over 235 years work their magic? We survived every SCOTUS thus far, as well as FDR, LBJ, Nixon, and Bush. We will survive both Obama and the current Supreme Court..


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