What the First Lady wore last night

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First, an eye bleach warning:

Are you ready?

Michelle Obama at the Kid’s Choice Award, March 31, 2012

My humble suggestion to Moochelle:

Either wear a pair of pants two sizes larger or go on a diet!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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0 responses to “What the First Lady wore last night

  1. What do you expect from a pig but swill.

  2. If that was my wife, I’d tell her to go back home and put on something decent, or as my wife would say: “Your not going out wearing that!” That outfit stinks even if it did fit her. She has horrible taste in clothes, not that I’m a fashion specialist.

  3. have we not been shamed enough,guess not the illegals are still in our whitehouse.

  4. It is not an either or! Diet and put pants on MUCH BIGGER!

  5. Fugly!!!

  6. lowtechgrannie

    Looks like she’s auditioning for Battlestar Galactica.

  7. That is defiantly not J.Crew!
    That’s our First Lady….how embarrassing! I bet Jackie-O is about to die!

  8. David Bowie/Ziggie Stardust called – he wants his clothing back.

  9. OMG !! She wore THAT to Kid’s Choice Awards ? That is totally inappropriate attire for a First Lady of our country to wear to any event !! I can imagine that even Rue Paul was agasp ! I cannot help but think the outfit looks like something a hooker would wear. I wonder if anyone tried to stop her leaving the house wearing that ???

  10. That’s as stylish as spandex at a flea-market in Florida….
    Just say NO to bad fashion .

  11. Maybe she will be going out sluming, after the party and didn’t want to change! I woudn’t let an Arabs goat wear that! Semper Fi.

  12. looks like something a transvestitie would wear..

  13. All I can do is shake my head, There are No words to say here.

  14. No Class

  15. The words out of my mouth were, “Oh My God! Please help us!” What else can I say! So much for true feminine modesty and good taste!

  16. Well, at least it wasn’t the “green slime” bikini getup that Katy Perry was wearing– that would’ve been worse.

  17. Maybe she was told it was Disco Nite?

  18. can u say “Camel Toe”….so with out class…she looks like those Las Vegas hookers….and she is representing all American Women..for the first time in my life I’m ashamed of this Nation’s First Lady….

  19. personally, i think she looks nice and comfortable for a kids show. but then again i think she is a lovely woman of color anyway…and as for the rest of the moral-neophytes on here with so much negativity…well, you all do provide excellent evidence that interbreeding in the shallow end of the gene-pool is still going on….ciao! (that’s an Italian word btw…)

    • Everyone has an opinion.
      And of course you notice color. Hard for a lib to go by character and class first.
      As for her pants? Yeah, right. If that turns you on, must say a lot about your low standards.

    • Awww, Jon, you must be one of those creepy fetishists who fancy canyon-wide hips, sausage thighs, and women who have no sense of modesty or dress-sense and so, like Moochelle, expose all their flaws for the world to see, including their camel toe.
      Enjoy your fetish while you can, for come November, America will be saying “Arrivederci” (that’s Goodbye in Italian), “Au revoir” (that’s Goodbye in French), “Sayonara” (that’s Goodbye in Japanese), “zaijian 再見” (that’s Goodbye in Chinese) to Moochelle and her hubby.

    • Jon, non siete bravi, così vi giorno lavoro in un fast food. Il gusto è tutto nella vostra altri fine.
      You’re so lame.

  20. Where’s Jackie O when we need her most for fashion advice

  21. I don’t care if she goes on a diet, but that isn’t an appropriate outfit for a kids’ show.

  22. She thinks she is a movie star. But even movie stars should not wear a get up like that unless they are playing a hooker in a movie.

  23. Winston Smith

    A kid’s award show … a KIDS Award show! And she comes on with a paint job like THAT?! She is the wife of the Chief Executive of the United states of America and is, by sole virtue of that position, she is looked up to as a role model by children who are just learning “propriety” and “socially acceptable behavior”! Would you be acquiescent if your child’s teacher came to school looking like that?

  24. I don’t know who dressed her or let her out of the White House wearing that “rockstar” outfit, but whoever it was should be fired. Yikes!

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