What should we make of world leaders at nuclear summit wearing a triangle pin?

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2014 nuke security summitOn March 24, 2014, leaders of 53 countries and 4 international organizations met in the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands for the Nuclear Security Summit.

As Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte put it, the summit is to prevent nuclear terrorism “by preventing dangerous nuclear material from falling into the wrong hands.”

The maker of the video below and Michael Snyder of End of the American Dream draw our attention to many of the attendees wearing a curious triangle pin on their lapels, like this:

2014 nuke security summit1… and this:

2014 nuke security summit symbolBoth Snyder and the video see something sinister in the triangle lapel pins — that, like the pyramid in the U.S. dollar bill, the pin symbolizes the global elite’s secret allegiance to the Free Masons and the Illuminati.

Interestingly, neither Obama nor the host of the summit, Netherlands’ PM Rutte, wore the triangle pin. Obama wore a pin of the American flag; Rutte’s lapels are unadorned.

2014 nuke security summit2While not ruling out an occult intent, I’m not sure how sinister the pin is, because the triangle seems to be the official logo of the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), with the initials NSS at the 3 corners of the triangle, as you can see on its website and on its Facebook page.

Nuclear Security Summit logoThe word “summit” has two meanings:

  1. A meeting between heads of government
  2. The highest point of a hill or mountain (which would be the shape of a triangle)

It is, therefore, not unreasonable for the Nuclear Security Summit to have a triangle as its symbol. And so, there can be an innocent explanation for the pyramid lapel pin.

What do you think?


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0 responses to “What should we make of world leaders at nuclear summit wearing a triangle pin?

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  2. I think the word “pyramid” would be a more appropriate word to describe these pins and to me there is no explanation needed.

  3. ericmuetterties

    It is interesting that they would get that many to wear one. At this point in time, who knows. There is so much behind the scenes stuff going on with the elites, that we will never know.

  4. I am thinking Obama has not “earned” his pyramid pin yet. He will once he bottoms out our economy and Russia invades Alaska with his blessings and help….but it is not just Obama…these parasites in Washington been sitting there a long time selling us out and it goes all the way back to 1913…

    • Or it may be that Obama and Netherlands PM Rutte are the top dogs, so up there in the totem pole that they wouldn’t stoop to wearing the pyramid pins that only the slavish “lesser” global elites wear.

      • I have to disagree with you on your last post Dr.E. Not sure about Rutte not wearing this adornment but we all know that Obama has proven himself to be a total idiot to the entire world. He probably has to have Mooch tie his shoes each morning. He is definitely a major NWO stooge but even they must be ashamed of him…..he’s a total laughing stock and he makes TPTB look inept. And this bum never earned anything on his own merits in his entire life……he’s way too stupid and lacks the respect to be a high ranking elitist.

  5. As Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars reported, the Illuminati triangle used at the summit is a stylized version of the Illuminati pyramid we see on the back of the Dollar bill. The infamous eye on the pyramid is said to be the Eye of Horus or Osiris, but, long story short, it is the eye of Satan. At any rate, we have enough information available on the internet (at least for now) to know and understand that we are in the grip of a Satanic cult!

  6. Dang, that looks like the War Room in Dr. Strangelove…

  7. I think it’s just a “commemorative” pin. The Triangle design might have some other significance,but I think it’s just a convenient shape and sorta matches the theme. Sometimes a rock is just a rock.

    • These elitists are all about symbolism which is a very powerful force in the supernatural world. It is the thread that connects them to and the way they show their allegiance to their demonic leader. No gathering of this magnitude would ever be showcased to the world without them flashing a symbol of this nature. It’s kinda like how we as Christians “give God all the glory”. They are doing the same by using symbolism and they NEVER miss an opportunity to do so…..it brings forth power to them much like a satanic ritual would……..

  8. Well the one thing I immediately notice, “summit” isn’t at the summit of the triangle…Nuclear is at the summit of the triangle, above the summit and above security… what that conveys though, I am unsure. Nuclear over the summits and over security, nuclear agenda over meetings of the world’s leaders, and over the security they might implement? one could read any number of meanings from that.

    • Also, notice the larger triangle is enclosing the usual symbol for nuclear items (three triangles arranged two on top one bottom) So instead of an eye, there is the nuclear symbol within the triangle, does the eye have anythign to do with anything nuclear (do the satanists perhaps venerate uranium as the devil’s metal? or just the power they think it gives them?) Again any number of meanings can be read from that.

  9. Satanists MUST hide in plain sight, for then when confronted they can respond with ‘this was right in front of you, YOU made the choice to ignore it’ Choice it the key, for by choosing you have made the descision who to follow….By saying nothing IS CHOOSING….If one see’s your child drawing on the walls with a felt pen, they see you and you see them, you have condoned this action by saying nothing

  10. Interesting and mundane comments. Well, I see it a bit more clearly now: Those who are awake want to be awake, and those who are asleep want to stay asleep.
    What’s the difference between ambiguity and ambivalence? Some people believe that evil deserves “a fair chance.” But I don’t!

  11. Maybe Obama got there late & missed it when they were being handed out; ditto Rutte. Or maybe they left him out on purpose, as somebody said.

    Or, maybe Obama chose not to wear one because he knows the USA is the target of a nuke attack & he doesn’t want to look “guilty.”

    As for Rutte (Rut? Root?), maybe he is familiar with symbolism & doesn’t want to be party to it. That, or he didn’t want a stick-pin hole in his new “Got to Meeting” suit. 🙂

    Either way, many of the participants may have no idea either regarding occult symbolism, but I would guarantee the top dogs of the NSS & whoever created the nuke symbol years ago very well knew what they were designing.

    I can’t see the little triangle pins, but observing the large lighted triangle hologram from a distance, that is hovering over their meeting, it looks like:

    –It has a large outer outline of a pyramid.

    –Inside of it are numerous smaller pyramids, each with a round blank (or dark) space at each of their apexes. Those round blank spaces would be the Eye of Horus at the top of each little pyramind (like the dollar bill, as you mentioned).

    –But also, each of the smaller pyramids inside of the larger outer one, are all facing UP AND DOWN (I counted about 9 of them). That represents the Kaballah belief of, “As Above, So Below” & is where the hexagram comes from, two interlocking triangles (which forms 6 points), one triangle facing Upward & one facing Downward (supposedly a sex symbol, too, of male/female “connecting”), & which is said to add up to 666 (not sure how, though).

    –Inside the large outer outline of the pyramind is also a 6-piece-circle that looks like a 6-spoked-wheel (created by the lines/pieces of all those inner smaller pyramids). Eyes are too tired to get out a red pen & draw on my computer screen to see if I could draw an outline of a hexagram inside that “6-spoked-wheel.” 🙂

    Besides all that, “…“by preventing dangerous nuclear material from falling into the wrong hands…” — I wonder WHO they think the “wrong hands” are at the present time? Those spooky terrorists, I suppose.

    • Great bit of deciphering work here TRP. They are so open with us now with all of their occult symbolism that it is very easy to spot but to be able to sort it all out takes a lot of study and dedication. Thanks for the lesson 🙂 !

  12. The tiny lapels didn’t bother me as so much as the huge, holographic, rotating pyramid in the center of summit meet room.

  13. The “triangle” is the mathematical symbol of “CHANGE” (Obama’s campaign slogan). Math experts say the “triangular” number is 666.
    Here is where it gets even more interesting– Count the number of triangles in the image. There are “6” triangles in the image with the base down and “3” standing on the apex; this equals “9”. There is ONE MORE triangle, which is the entire image, making “10” triangles altogether. The Bible says that a “10” nation confederacy would arise as the last “world empire” from the Roman empire. The number of this BEAST is 666 in Revelation 13. And it is also the number of a “man”. The man of “change”. There is a strong possibility Barrak-(Hebrew “lightning”) O-bamah (Hebrew “a high place”) could fit the endtime ant-christ–he has not yet joined his nation (America) to the “triangle” and may be why he is not wearing the pin. Just food for thought.

  14. The triangle has long represented a covenant between God and man. The upward pointed triangle represents the commitments made by man towards God. Whereas the inverted pyramid represents the commitments made by God to man. Superimposing these two images one clearly sees the Star of David, the symbolism of which becomes clearly understood: God promises man; Man promises God.
    One also may view the upward triangle as a phallic symbol denoting ‘masculinity’ and the inverted triangle as a symbol of the womb denoting ‘femininity’. Draw your own conclusions by the various angles in which the world leaders display the triangle. Perhaps this is a shout out to the new push for ‘omni-genderism’.
    But, it may simply be that the event planners simply wanted to create an icon, a logo for this event that would be simple, neat and easy to print. The logo has no frills like blocks of the ancient pyramids, nor the appearance of the eye of Horus, nor sun’s rays. That was probably too complex and detracted from the simple geometric logo and would lend itself to crazy Illuminati conspiracy theories.
    Sometimes a rock is just a rock no matter how convoluted a meaning one tries to apply to it.


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