What sequester? Guantanamo to get upgrades

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Four years after Obama promised to close it, Guantanamo Bay military prison will get $195.7 million in renovations and new construction

DailyMail: President Barack Obama famously promised in early 2009 to close the US military’s detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba within 12 months. But new Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is instead considering a proposal from his top commanders to spend $195.7 million renovating it and erecting a new prison building.
The new construction would include $49 to house high-value targets like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks, whose initial detention and interrogation was handled by the Central Intelligence Agency.
The New York Times reported that it would likely replace Camp 7, the  oft-rumored but never acknowledged installation for those ‘special’  detainees.
General John F. Kelly, who leads the United  military’s Southern Command, testified in a congressional hearing Wednesday that with no end to the prison’s operation in sight, repairs and upgrades are needed.
Retired Air Force Col. Morris Davis, a former chief prosecutor at the Guantanamo Bay base, said in a separate interview with Russia Today that the US military spends $120 million  annually ‘just on the recurring costs of keeping the detainees  there.’
The Times reported that the Pentagon funding request includes $99 million for two new barracks facilities and a new mess hall costing $12 million.
Military planners also want to reduce the frequent prisoner transportation around the base by placing new legal, medical  and communications facilities at central locations in the main detention  camps.
The existing facilities, Col. Davis said,  ‘just weren’t meant to last for 10 or 11 years,’ ‘There’s a lot of money being wasted at Guantanamo,’ he added, ‘and a lot of our prestige is going down the tubes as well. So there’s just no good reason to keep it going.’
Protesters including Americans, Indonesians and citizens of other Muslim countries have pressured the Bush and Obama  administrations to close the installation.
But Bush – and, later, Obama – reportedly  determined that the value of extracting information from terrorists and their confederates outweighed the reputational damage caused by Americans holding prisoners indefinitely under circumstances that would be unconstitutional if the detainees were US citizens.
In January the Obama White House reassigned Daniel Fried, the special envoy for closing the Cuban prison, and determined that it would not replace him.
The administration created Fried’s job in 2009, shortly after Obama took office and promised to close Guantanamo within a year. The envoy negotiated the repatriation of 31 low-level detainees to their own countries, and convinced  other nations to accept about 40 more whose  release was approved, but who feared government oppression or other abuse if  they returned home.
Our military is feeling the pain with the sequester cuts and this admin wants to upgrade facilities for terrorists? Elections have consequences.

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0 responses to “What sequester? Guantanamo to get upgrades

  1. Bbbbbut didn’t the Obama regime announce a year ago (April 2012) that the War on Terror is over? [Snark]

    • I know you are probably being sarcastic, but the war on terror is never over; It is a war conducted by the unseen and the unknown – for us anyway – and yesterday’s terrorists become today’s allies. Orwell in his book 1984 has the lines “who are we fighting today?”, east asia or west asia or eurasia?
      If terror cannot be categorised then it becomes unlimited and infinite and can apply to anyone. Guantanamo is the poster child of terrorism and torture – it’s a lesson to the rest of us to keep obeying our masters, even if it means changing sides when they say so. Torture never makes sense, I probably would say anything under torture, and torture is psychological as well as physical. Anyone who calls themselves christian should outlaw torture of any kind.
      In the UK there is a law forbidding anyone to contribute funds or other assistance to those engaged in terrorist activities. A recent case came before a local magistrate’s court where a man refused to pay his TV licence because the TV supplier (the esteemed BBC) was openly providing propaganda for war mongers and refused to broadcast opposing views and evidence. You could say that by paying taxes we are supporting terrorism because governments are brokering weapons deals with terrorist groups.
      If they’re throwing more money at it then it means it’s not going away and it will get bigger. Your tax dollars at work, not to help the neediest but to protect the privileged.

  2. All that money. And for what purpose?

  3. Why the hell are we pissing away money on this bullshit when they have cut out educatiional benefits to GI’s but are keeping them for illegal aliens and screwing our military out of this and other benefits because they can’t figure out how to budget our tax money? I am really irritated with the O’Bomba or is it the O’Bummer cabal. I didn’t vote for the bum either time but he is making an even poorer showing than I had imagined he would. He needs to be impeached more so than Bush or Clinton! Why the hell are we throwing our national treasure away on these worthless military adventures and throwing the lives and futures away of our military folks. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  4. Democrats need the jihadist votes to keep going…

  5. If I were in charge of upgrades at GITMO, the first thing I would order is a pig roaster.
    A really big one. 😀


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