What Really Happened to SEAL Team Six: A Scenario

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While I’m not one to easily get sucked in to conspiracy theories, I have been doing a lot of thinking and a lot reading and listening about the recent attack in Afghanistan that killed the 22 members of SEAL Team Six.
Now before you write me off as a crackpot, hear me out. Now, at first I was wondering why they were on a Chinook, a pretty large transport and also a large target for the enemy instead of say a Blackhawk which is smaller and faster, but then I learned that the Chinook is faster in the high altitudes of the mountainous terrain.
Then I started thinking why didn’t they have an escort of gunships to accompany the Chinook, but then since this was a rescue mission the presence of several helicopters would have just brought more attention to the area and put even more of our troops at risk.
Then this morning while listening to my favorite talk radio station a caller brought up an interesting point. When OBL was purportedly killed, the only witnesses were in fact SEAL Team Six. Now let’s say that at the time they really thought that they had got him, but later learned that it was an imposter. Trouble is, now they have no evidence, since thanks to our government the body is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Let’s say SEAL Team Six was about to blow the whistle on the cover-up and embarrass this administration. What if someone in this government leaked to the Taliban about this mission, route to be taken, occupants of the Chinook and timing of the mission. So this mission flies into an ambush and all occupants are killed including members of SEAL Team Six, which may be the only eyewitnesses to the killing of OBL.
It sickens me to even consider this scenario but there are just to many coincidences to be ignored. After all this administration is no stranger to cover-ups (Operation Fast and Furious) that result in multiple deaths.
UPDATE: I just heard that an F-16 took out the Taliban insurgents that were responsible for shooting down the Chinook helicopter, now the question becomes why was there no fighter escort like this to clear the area before the Chinook flew into the area.
We may never know any or all of the facts surrounding these events, and I don’t claim to have any inside information, I just presented a theory, a scenario that isn’t my own, but one I can’t easily dismiss. One that has witnesses disappearing at an alarming rate. Many questions remain and are already being asked:
God I hope I am wrong about all this, because if not, are any of us really safe especially if we are vocal against this administration. If I am wrong about this, so be it, but if I am onto the truth here, I will not be silenced, NOT UNTIL MY LAST BREATH. 
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “What Really Happened to SEAL Team Six: A Scenario

  1. Since Skippy likes appearing on Myth Busters… perhaps he can bring this scenario up the next time he’s on and have the boys put it to the test.
    Given all the invents that surrounded the supposed death and burial of the US’ most wanted terrorist (who, btw never appeared on any FBI list)… I’m guessing the result will be a resounding PLAUSIBLE.
    Dead men tell no tales. Just ask Lt. Quarles Harris.

  2. They have since said that this was not a rescue mission. Some army guys had called for some backup in a firefight with Taliban, but there was NO rescue mission. The Pentagon flat-out lied in the early hours of the story….big surprise.

  3. With all this government had perpetrated in the past, this particular incident REEKS of a cover up.

  4. Tom,this was an instant gut feeling with me,the info that poured out instantly again,as in the take down of Bin Laden. The stories changing back and forth. The info that should have been suppressed,but was let known to the world. There is something really wrong with the whole scenario. The more they talk the worse it gets.

    Sorry about that, but my NEW keyboard’s “caps lock” key sticks w/o me seeing what I wrote.
    IF your friends can tell you the truth, you’ll know just how very bad a state what’s left of the Republic is in now. All hail the Obamamama, creator of the first fascist nanny state!

  6. Well sadly this was my first thought when I heard of disaster.
    “They were set-up” – I said that out loud!!!
    Tactically this is called “TIT for TAT” – we got OBL (TIT) now we’ll give them something like a few of our best and brightest – SEAL 6 (TAT)… They [Taliban] gets to gloat – especially during Ramadan win/win BullSh*t
    I have a couple Questions?????????
    1. Why would we have our most valuable assets (SEAL 6) in one aircraft – which included a SEAL EOD and SEAL Dog Handler????
    2. 22 member SEAL Team on one interdiction is truly a massive assault force. Then to have 22 SEAL Team 6 none the less….. “Massive Force is an understatement!!!” Now we learn that this “Enemy Force consisted of 10 Taliban 1 with an RPG” … (Now we are to believe that -we supposively blow them to Hell on Sunday) with F16 strike…… ????? REALLY…..
    Just in shear dollar and cents (I’m not putting a price tag on our militray human life – would never do than) the “Trained Valued” of the 22 member SEAL Team 6 in SEAL Training alone – “Is probalbly pushing $55 Million Dollars” So why then would we use these expensive assets when you have a F16 that can surgically drop ordinaces and affective erradicate 10 Taliban????
    A rescue mission is impossible for me to believe – “like bringing a nuclear weopon to a knife fight”
    I’m just not buying this explanation from this administration or current military commanders.
    3. Could it be that one of the seven Afghan Commandos or maybe the one civilian intrepretor was packing a bomb?
    4. Or maybe the Taliban got ahold of Stingers instead of the less powerful RPG – now a Stinger would take down a Chinook in a heartbeat.
    5. Do we need to ask if ATF, DOD and DOJ???? “Do you happen to have a “Fast and Furious” program going with on the Taliban????”
    I do believe the truth will come out in time and it won’t be pretty.
    GOD BLESS our US Military

  7. Tom,
    You are far from alone in your thinking.
    I have been having problems with this whole “Obama killed Osama” business from day one, and as soon as I heard about the downing of that helo, my government BS meter started belching blue smoke and shooting off sparks.
    This has all been just a little too convenient.
    Remember, these people are communists at heart, which means that the ends justify the means, as we are starting to find out as more and more details emerge about Operation Fast and Furious.
    I wouldn’t put anything past this administration.

  8. The thought had crossed my mind as well.

  9. More smoke and mirrors from the folks that bring us wars in foreign lands yet won’t allow us to defend our shores….can you believe that we’re led by psychopaths ?
    I will repay ,saith the Lord.
    RIP those who have served .

    • Absolutely I pray God bless you American heroes, who see more than can almost. Be believe too many honorable men and women have been put in catch 22, God truely bless you!!!

  10. Dennis H. Bennett

    I lay the “deaths”? and /or elaborate coverup of it, and their identities, of these courageous MEN, squarely at the feet of Obama. There must have been a pre-mission intelligence leak, an ambush set-up or a suicide (Afghan “soldier”) bomber aboard.
    Since the irresponsible and utterly reckless castration of the CIA’s intelligence gathering efforts, the announced reductions in troop strength and the mindset of an inept politician willing to use any event for his own re-election, the possibilities are endless.
    Our troops are treated with the same mindset as unborn children. Each and every life is valuable to God-fearing men and women who value our Creator. Serving political ideals only devalues life. Between Panetta and Obama, the truth lies.

    • Okay Dennis, you deserve an answer, as does the nation. I’m sending this entire posting out to my people and will get as good an answer as can be obtained, UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, and I believe you’ll know what I mean.

      • I understand “UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES”.! As a career officer with high level intelligence privileges in Vietnam, I am aware of the “shucking and jiving”. Hopefully we’ll see the truth, but not at the expense of the families of the brave men involved.

  11. Dennis H. Bennett

    Has anyone seen or heard of the casualties of the ?25th Army ?Rangers group that was supposedly “pinned down” in a “fierce firefight”? There had to have been time lapses, exposing those to be “rescued”, to more danger/losses of life. Any news of these MEN?

  12. folks seal team 6 doesn’t fly into a hot lz with a national guard helicopter crew….this was a total F UP and ordered by a 4 star who wanted a blocking action and got lost in a tactical engagement……the investigation will probably see heads hang…you don’t put strategic assets at risk for low level mission

  13. So you are willing to believe that Obama killed those Navy SEALs. Does this mean that you are also willing to believe that Bush committed 9/11?
    Thought not.

    • I can’t speak for Tom, the author of this post. But, speaking for myself, the answer to your sneering question is: “Yes, if the evidence warrants it.”
      You clearly are confused about who Conservatives are. Unlike Liberals = Democrats, Conservatives does NOT equal Republicans. I’m a registered Independent.

  14. It’s re-election time, right?? And by the way “god” is busy directing the hurricane now too, haven’t you heard??? I think the whole scenario is just too perfect, especially when the guys that were killed were the ones that supposedly took out BinLaden. Some thing smells of a setup and cover up
    on this thing. I agree that Obama would do anything to get re-elected.
    He is a Muslim out to destroy the united states…

    • I kept asking myself, me the 30 yeat reg. Republican, really? No one in Washington really getting up and screaming about our construction, Can’t close the border? Congress gets paid 180 thousand plus… a soldier 22 thousand and too often bad VA care? Am 9-11 my 1s visit, (visiting nurse ), the patient, both she and hub. Retired military, 1st building had been struck, I change drg. The womans breast rotting off, no remove, no 2nd opinion. I ask woman’s primary nurse re: this, I was new, green. She said, “oh ya, VA, .nice huh!” Katrina, G.B. who I voted for x’s 2, couldn’t get help there sooner ? No t.v. in white house apparently. Done with politics, praying for statespeople, Absolutely on board thumbs up military, police, spare the few bad apples. I will never judge a soldier.

  15. i dont know about anybody else but i have always trusted my government but there is definitley something fishey

  16. I’m new to this chat, just watched Zero Dark Thirty, and wanted to know how many of the UBL Team 6 were later killed. I never was fully convinced UBL was killed and after the movie, I’m still not sure. Now, in light of how Bengahzi has been handled, I wouldn’t put anything past this admin. Can anyone tell me how many of the 6 Team are alive?


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