What really happened at that Phoenix airport

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Last Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012, Obama jetted to Arizona for a campaign fund-raiser.
He arrived in Phoenix at 3:15 pm local time, stepped off Air Force One at 3:28 pm and was greeted by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. She handed him a handwritten letter in an envelope. There was a heated exchange of words. At one point, she pointed her finger at him.
This is what really happened. LOL

H/t our Miss May. 😀

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0 responses to “What really happened at that Phoenix airport

  1. LOL – That made my day! 😀

  2. Too bad he didn’t. Sheriff Joe would have been well in his rights to arrest Obama for fraud!

  3. I wish!

  4. Hahaha! What a glorious day that would have been! 🙂 Good one!

  5. “C’mon, Scumbag! Make your move, make my day!”

  6. He is the President right now and the office should be respected even if a bastard occupies it.
    After he is convicted by the law then we can watch when he gets his Ass kicked and laugh him to scorn.
    They should be able to sell tickets, I’ll buy some.
    But again nothing is not going to happen, DAMN!

    • We do respect the office of the presidency I think. If this Governor Lady is having a word with the man acting as our president now then I really don’t blame her. It takes courage to take him on because he could have her droned and her Sheriff in a heartbeat, or indefinitely detained or just plain found dead in her garage or wherever else outside her church, or shot in the head in broad daylight like Ms. Gifford. I see him more as the Wizard of Oz than anything else, a fearful little creature sitting behind a huge curtain with a megaphone. Another thing, respect is reciprocal, it should be mutual.
      If the current president longs for our respect then he’s not acting like it, everything he has done is calculated to destroy our lives completely. He should respect the presidency, and while he’s at it take a refresher course on the Constitution, preferable after he has been constitutionally removed from office. Like yesterday if possible. Carl Swensson is using up his last dime to make a dent in the possibility that he may be reelected and the judge is pondering the case, on what grounds we might ask? This really isn’t the moment to pontificate on our behavior, we are facing World War Three courtesy of the Obama Administration, and certain extinction of the human species and the wiping out of the civilization we have built up thus far and the destruction of our futures, and those of our children and grandchildren. The war games are beginning this week in Israel and the mothership is being fitted out and the huge bomb they have is being made huger and thermonuclear weapons are on the table along with all the other weaponry and force we have. We can do the respect thing once we have reinstated Glass Steagall and stopped these oligarchs in their tracks, and Congress is uttering credit through a new Federal National Bank for worthwhile transgenerational infrastructure platform projects that will allow our species to survive through the economic recovery and the changes that are going on in our Galaxy at present.

  7. Of course its a sham, and has been for 30 years.
    The office was created constitutionally in the beginning.
    So elected SOBs who have urinated on it doesn’t make any the less important.
    As far as treason is concerned, it is the blood on the hands of voters in those 30 years, they share in the treason against the Constitution.

    • He has signed the bills, and unless he can prove that he is who he says he is, they may be moot for all we know.
      Meanwhile a lot of his actions have violated the Constitution and arming those who are fighting against our border guards is treason if anything is. Fast and Furious is high crimes and treason and yet impeachment is not yet a reality……………………………….

  8. As far as the Governor is concerned, she is a representative of her Doberman state and she has the right to kick his Ass anyway she sees for.

  9. Soverign

  10. Dennis H. Bennett

    Its a mistake to focus on Jan’s finger while The Master of Deceit hides what he said to trigger such a response. Her handwritten letter is more than cordial given his behavior on SB 1070, calling her racist, and promoting suffering among Arizonans.This has to be one of the slimiest pieces of human excrement I have ever seen BS his way into public office. And that, dear friends, is my EVANGELICAL view of tarmack turd.

  11. LOL This belongs in the num ber one position of a compilation of “Scenes We’d Like to See”


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