What passes as fashion among Muslims

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We’re constantly clubbed on the head with the claim that Islam is the “Religion of Peace,” that jihadist crazies are just a miniscule minority, and that the Muslim world really condemns and abhors the 9-11 terrorist bombings, blah, blah, blah.
Yet every day, shirts like this are mass produced, marketed, and sold by street venders throughout the Middle East. But that’s just fine.  
Now, a few of our guys, after months of sleeping on the cold hard ground in that hell hole called Afghanistan — eating MREs, not having a hot shower, and away from their loved ones — get caught pissing on a dead Taliban and they are condemned by the world.
H/t my friend Bob W.

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0 responses to “What passes as fashion among Muslims

  1. All this guy needs is a Fez (red because it’s been
    dipped in the blood of the Christian martyrs)

  2. “One picture is worth a thousand words”
    –Barnard, Printers Ink

  3. Lord forgive me for what I’m thinking right now… 🙁

  4. I’d say that orange fire makes a good target, gut shot…

  5. Please go to Change.org to help these soldiers,sign the petition!

  6. Makes me sick…

  7. SPLAT!

  8. Islamophobia up 150% since 9/11… gosh, I wonder why!

  9. Am I surprised that the white racists are now ‘conservatives who love Amerika’? Am I surprised that the Pope is Catholic?


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