What Next? Tax the Amish

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0 responses to “What Next? Tax the Amish

  1. Steathly little bearded bas*ards…lol!
    Don’t give Congress any ideas….never met a tax they didn’t like!

  2. The government has already raised some Amish Farms because they have sold raw milk and as far as the government goes…I believe that ALL religious organizations should get off the 501(c)3 status…JUST so they can have a right to exorcise their Constitutional rights. Having the 501(c)3 only gives the government the right to step in and stop certain aspects like political speech etc.
    If the government wouldn’t be spending so much (Chuck Woolery included) then we would still be okay as far as I am concerned. It;s their spending that got us into this mess…that and BIG GOVERNMENT!

  3. …and I thought my beard lent me an air of mystery
    and savoir faire 🙂 Must be my jaunty moustache.

  4. LOL – Chuck Woolery is a hoot.


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