What it takes for blacks to vote for Romney

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0 responses to “What it takes for blacks to vote for Romney

  1. Heeeeeheee funny…

  2. I don’t even think that would do it!

  3. LOL, hilarious. I know from personal hispanic and black friends that they are voting Romney. I have had some choice words from some of them on their low opinion of the Big O.

  4. I love it! Thank you Dr. Eowyn for the laugh!

  5. Reminds me of the Howard Stern episodes where he had some Staff members interviewing Obama supporters before the 2008 Election and asked each one about 5-6 questions concerning Obama, McCain, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary, Pro-Choice, War in Iraq and the like. Most of them had no clue what they were being asked and just blindly went along with what they thought was the right answer (as suggested by the interviewer’s questions). The really hillarious one was the question asked of these Obama supporters that really took the Cake was the one, “Are you OK with Obama having Sarah Palin as his Vice President?” All of them (aged between 18 to 60+) all emphatically said “Yes!”. CLUELESS!!!

  6. You all need a clue, If you understand anything Romney’s plan can actually help black people prosper, unlike Obama’s big government plans, will end up hurting more than 47% plus, it will hurt more blacks in the long run, PS. Check the policies and facts, forget the politician’s, you don’t have to like them. The Media lies, it is all contrived to lead you to believe in socialism. Socialism, big government hurts people, especially minorities.

    • “You all need a clue”

      If by “you,” you mean the writers and regular readers of Fellowship of the Minds, it is you who need a clue. We’ve been blogging about this for years.


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