What is wrong with people? Woman gave birth during her lunch break then pretended nothing happened

The baby thankfully survived!

The baby thankfully survived!

DailyMail: A Polish woman has been accused of attempted murder after she gave birth in a field during her lunch break before leaving the baby and returning to work.
A court in the Polish city of Ilawa heard it was “a miracle” the baby survived after being left in the field for two days as temperatures rose to over 30C (86 Fahrenheit).
The child's "mother" (r)

The child’s “mother” (r)

The child’s mother Jolanta Czarnecka, 30, said she had not wanted to be pregnant and had kept it secret by wearing loosing fitting dresses and pretending she had put on weight.
After returning to work in the afternoon, her boss noticed blood on her clothing and refused to accept her insistence that she was fine, Central European News has reported.
He took her to the hospital where doctors discovered she had given birth. Czarnecka however allegedly lied by claiming she had the baby by accident and it had fallen into the toilet.
The court was told detectives searched the toilet however and no traces of the baby were found. Detectives could also find no trace of the woman having given birth. She eventually admitted giving birth in the field after subsequent questioning.
The court heard the baby had been abandoned for two days before it was found dehydrated and covered in insects.
Doctor Barbara Chomik at the hospital in the northern city of Elblag where the baby was taken after it was discovered, said: “The girl was in serious condition. She had been left alone naked and weighed less than a kilogram in part because she was so severely dehydrated. It is a miracle that she survived under those conditions for so long. It is simply a miracle.
The baby’s mother, who has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, is facing five years in jail if found guilty of the charge.

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Even animals have better maternal instincts than some women. Just another sign of the spiritual decay in this world.

Steven Broiles

This is incomprehensible. But this is what you get with a Culture of Death. And it’s more common than you think.


I applaud this female’s boss for being man enough to continue asking questions and taking her to the hospital when he felt something wasn’t right with her. Many males today would’ve simply accepted her response and left her alone. Because of his persistence, ultimately, the authorities got involved and a child was saved. God bless him for having the backbone to be a real man. I pray the child goes to a good home (she is obviously protected by angels) and the female who squatted in the field and left a child to die never sees her again.


That baby is a survivor. as MomofIV said, I hope and pray she goes to a good home.


One more entry in our bizarro New World Disorder!