What is wrong with left-wing people?

Bob Woodward is a Washington Post investigative reporter and author, celebrated for his reporting, with Carl Bernstein, on the Nixon administration’s Watergate scandal.
To his credit, unlike the many Obama toadies in the media, Woodward has not refrained from criticizing the POS, most recently over Obama’s lie that “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.”
When Woodward contacted a White House official to warn that he would be publicly questioning Obama’s account of how the sequestration came about and the terms negotiated, the official (later identified as Obama’s economic advisor Gene Sperling) “yelled at [him] for about a half-hour”, and then made a vague threat, saying in a follow-up email that Woodward would “regret” publishing the report.
For reporting that thuggish threat, instead of supporting Woodward, his fellow journalists vilified him. Appearing on Current TV, reporter and Buzzfeed contributor Michael Hastings said: “There are people waiting for Woodward to die so they can dish stuff on him that they’re too afraid to say now.”
What we are witnessing is another instance of the viciousness of the Left. How dare Woodward betray his profession by criticizing The One?
Here’s an essay by Peter Hitchens (brother of the late Christopher Hitchens), asking why the Left are so vicious. Though Hitchens is referring to Leftwingers in the UK, what he says applies also to Leftwingers in the U.S. and across the world. Remember V.I. Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and the ongoing nightmare of North Korea.

Sarah SilvermanSarah Silverman is a leftwing comedienne

Only Left-wingers could think killing and maiming is a giggle

By Peter Hitchens – Daily Mail – 23 February 2013
What is wrong with Left-wing people? Why are so many of them so filled with violent hatred of anyone who disagrees with them?
Why has so little attention been paid to the cruel, bloodstained words of John O’Farrell, the official Labour candidate in the Eastleigh by-election?
Mr O’Farrell, an alleged comedian, has not as far as I know repudiated or regretted a passage in a book he wrote at the age of 36, saying he wished Margaret Thatcher had died in the Brighton Bomb.

He said: ‘In October 1984 when the Brighton bomb went off, I felt a surge of excitement at the nearness of her demise and yet disappointment that such a chance had been missed.’
In case anyone had missed his point, he added later. ‘I just hated her so very, very much.’
I am not, as it happens, a great admirer of Lady Thatcher myself. And I’m not above a bit of invective and mockery against the politicians I actively despise.
But it is the hate-filled violence of this passage that strikes me. What kind of person can write this, and then not cross it out in embarrassment?
This is not the only example of this sort of thing last week. The BBC has for many years tolerated a radio programme called ‘The News Quiz’ on which sniggering fun-revolutionaries (at your expense) are paid to amuse a sniggering Left-wing studio audience with babyish jests, under the guidance of a self-satisfied chairwoman who thinks she is cleverer than she is.
On a recent edition, a purported comedian referred to the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, as ‘a foetus in a jar’.
This was the cue for an exchange in which Mr Gove was (very falsely) described as being friendless (I count him as a friend, though I disagree with him strongly, and so do many others in politics and journalism), and then as having ‘a  face that makes even the  most pacifist of people reach for the shovel in  anticipation of reshaping it’.
A sole Tory panellist, serving as a figleaf for the programme’s blatant bias, was swiftly brushed aside when he tried to defend Mr Gove. The BBC’s attempt to defend this malicious tripe is so wretched that I will do them a favour and not reproduce it.
In my experience, nasty, bullying people often attempt to disguise their true feelings as ‘jokes’. So there it is, the modern Left displayed – a parliamentary candidate who publicly wished for the hideous, violent death of a woman, and is not ashamed, and a BBC programme that publicly discusses smashing a man’s face with a shovel.
Both of these are supposedly jokes. But they are not. They are a symptom of a raging sickness of the soul that has the modern Left in its grip. They are so sure that they are right that they no longer think their opponents are human.
That way lie the torture cellar, the re-education camp and the firing squad, as the Left proves every time it gets enough power to show what it is really like. It’s not funny.
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Nathan M. Bickel
7 years ago

I think that an equally important question to ask about these leftist radicals is: “What (if anything) is not wrong about them and the messages they convey?” Recently, I’ve concluded that these leftists who adore their lying White House occupier actually love his lies. Liberals love lies. It is the underpinning structure of their nature. They love to be conned and they love Obama because he is the “best” (next to the evil one) to mess with reality; and to mess with their mixed up mush minds. “Obama’s lies the State of the Union Address and Americans who love Obama’s… Read more »

7 years ago

There’s one way to know unequivocably whether or not an element of public policy is wrong. If Obama supports it or does it, it’s wrong. The man simply isn’t capable of making honest, correct decisions. His sycophants in government, media and Hollywood are even worse, because they have the ability to expose and depose this corrupt, illegitimate squatter in the White House, and they refuse to do so. Silence implies consent. Failing to speak out against the absolute worst president and most corrupt presidential administration in American history implies consent. I DO NOT CONSENT! Neither should anyone else who has… Read more »

7 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post and the piece you provided by Peter Hitchens. The viciousness of the “tolerant’ (LOL) Left is pervasive, and it is this viciousness that is the nature of their positions whatever the issue. Thank you also for providing a list of posts that verify this viciousness. The comment from Silverman indicts their absolute cruelty!

It is I only
It is I only
7 years ago

You just have at the bottom of the article a picture of a typical lefty!

7 years ago

Leftists are nothing but self-absorbed, evil narcissists and they all suffer from varying degrees of pathological mental disorders which leaves them totally devoid of common sense.
Don’t think for a moment that liberals are compassionate bleeders, they’re all about themselves and their “image,” and how they are perceived and presented by others. This is why so many leftists are attracted to the entertainment industry. It’s their craven need for fame. Deep down, they harbor no true empathy for the less fortunate.
All appearance and no substance.

The MAD Jewess
The MAD Jewess
7 years ago

Excellent post.
They are disgusting people, absolutely evil and satanic.
They are REPROBATE (NO hope of salvation)

7 years ago

The left is without integrity, honesty, morals, and plain old common decency. They follow something very dark and slimey to which they owe their very soul. Nothing can change the way they think or act; because that darkness holds them in its grip. That very dark thing is going to eventually eat them.

7 years ago

The basis of liberalism is envy.
EVerything else follows from that: the need to control others, social status, equality demands (those above must be brought down), the patronizing of deviancy.