What Is To Be Done?

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Two days ago, I did a post Hawaii Democratic Party Did Not Certify Obama’s Eligibility.” Boy, did it hit a nerve.
In the post, using primary source documents — the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s (DPH) Certifications of Nomination for Presidential Candidates in 2000, 2004, and 2008 — I showed that the DPH in 2008 refused to certify that Obama was constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States. The evidence is in 17 words that the DPH left out of its 2008 Certification of Nomination (CN), but which were included in the DPH’s 2004 and 2000 CN. Those 17 words are: “of the United States Constitution and are the duly chosen candidates of both the state and.”
Without those 17 words, the DPH’s 2008 Certification of Nomination reads as follows (the missing 17 words are bracketed in red):

This is to certify that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the [of the United States Constitution and are the duly chosen candidates of both the state and] national Democratic Parties balloting at the Presidential Preferences Poll and Caucus held on February 19, 2008 in the State of Hawaii and by acclamation at the National Democratic Convention held August 27, 2008 in Denver, Colorado.

In effect, by leaving out those 17 words from its 2008 Certification of Nomination, the DPH was signaling that:

  1. It is merely certifying that Obama is legally qualified to serve as President by virtue of the ballots of the Democratic Parties of the 50 states. The DPH is not certifying that Obama is legally qualified to serve as President  under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution!
  2. Obama is NOT the “duly chosen” presidential candidate of the state of Hawaii.

A number of websites posted a link to my post, including the powerhouse Rense.com. As a result, the post has received, to date, a phenomenal 8,793 views/hits, as well as more than 70 comments by readers. Some of the commenters, with a patriot’s heart, asked for directions as to what they can do.
After giving the matter much thought and consulting an attorney (who had taught Constitutional Law) and Fellowship co-founder Joan (who was an administrative law judge for 12 years), here are my recommendations:
1. Spread the word: No matter whether you’re young or old, let people know about Hawaii Democratic Party Did Not Certify Obama’s Eligibility.” Call talk radio; e-mail it to your family and friends; post a link or re-publish the article on your blog; drop off the link on websites and blogs. The American people need to know about this — as many as possible. The Nov. 2 elections are 1 month 10 days away! Here’s the post’s URL: https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/hawaii-democratic-party-refused-to-certify-obamas-eligibility/
2. Get information on your state’s Certifications of Nomination (CN): Thus far, we have the CNs of the Democratic Party of only the state of Hawaii. What about the CNs of the Democratic Parties of the other 49 states? Are the crucial 17 words also missing from those states’ CNs? If so, this is evidence of an orchestrated conspiracy, and the state Democratic Parties should be charged with racketeering, under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Whom to contact for information:
a. Your state’s Secretary of State: As the state’s chief elections official, he or she is responsible for the conduct of elections, including the enforcement of qualifying rules. In order for Barack Hussein Obama’s name be put on your state’s ballot, the Secretary of State is supposed to have ascertained that he met the Constitution’s requirements to be President, including that of being a Natural Born Citizen.
Write your state’s Secretary of State (SS) and ask for:

  • A copy of your state’s certification of Obama’s constitutional eligibility, which should bear the SS’s signature.
  • Evidence (documents) used by your SS to determine Obama’s constitutional eligibility. If your SS says it’s that image of Obama’s alleged Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) posted on the website FactCheck.org in 2008, ask your SS if he or she would accept an online image of your birth certificate for your application for a driver’s license!

You can find out who your SS is and his/her contact info by googling “(your state’s name) Secretary of State,” as in “Florida Secretary of State.” 
[Note: Three states — Alaska, Hawaii, and Utah — have no Secretary of State; in those states many duties that a Secretary of State might normally execute fall within the domain of the Lieutenant Governor.]
b. Your state’s Democratic Party: Write to your state’s Democratic Party and ask for a copy of its 2008 Certification of Nomination for Obama and Biden as its presidential and vice-presidential candidates. To find out the contact info, just google “(your state’s name) Democratic Party.”
c. Your state’s Attorney General: The state attorney general in each of the 50 U.S. states and territories is the chief legal advisor to the state government and the state’s chief law enforcement officer. Write to your Attorney General (AG) and ask him or her what are your state’s statute(s) on the following:

  • How to file an objection to the state’s or the state Democratic Party’s certification of nomination?
  • Who can file such an objection? –by any resident of your state? by only a registered Democrat? by only a Democratic Party delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention?
  • What is the time limitation on filing an objection in general, and where there is fraud?

To find out who your state Attorney General is, go to Wikipedia’s page by clicking HERE.

To conclude, here’s my proposed Action Plan:

1. Spread the word about the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s refusal to certify Obama’s constitutional eligibility.
2. Write the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Democratic Party of your state for information and a copy of their 2008 Certification of Nomination for the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, and the evidence (supporting documents) establishing Obama’s constitutional eligibility.
3. File a written objection to the Attorney General of the State of Hawaii concerning the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s (DPH) failure to certify the CONSTITUTIONAL eligibility of Barack Obama. It may be that only a registered Democrat or only a 2008 delegate of the DPH has the “standing” to file such an objection. To find out, contact Hawaii’s Attorney General, Mark J. Bennett: https://hawaii.gov/ag/
Department of the Attorney General
425 Queen Street
Honolulu, HI 96813 (Map)
Telephone: (808) 586-1500
Fax: (808) 586-1239
To send an E-mail to AG Mark Bennett, go to: https://hawaii.gov/ag/main/contact_dept/main/forms/general_responses
4. Report back to us, Fellowship of the Minds, what you did and what responses (if any) you got!


I received this e-mail from pjr, 9/24/2010:

The forms are posted on jbjd (https://jbjd.org/): look at the side bar under, “MODEL CITIZEN COMPLAINTS OF ELECTION FRAUD TO STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL IN APPLICABLE STATES”). Of course, the caveat is, contesting fraud in an election is strictly relevant to the election laws of any given state. All of this has been “exhaustively” gone over by jbjd, along with the appropriate legal groundwork, to demonstrate the fraud in the 2008 elections.

If you need help, you can contact the Fellowship by sending an e-mail to:


May God bless you, and may God Bless America!
~Eowyn, Joan, Steve

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0 responses to “What Is To Be Done?

  1. Dave from Atlanta

    Nice job Eowyn and friends! Related to this, yesterday I did some minimal research on the so-called “birther laws” such as the one implemented in January of this year by the Arizona house of representatives. Several other states also began the process of implementing similar laws including my own state, Georgia.
    Just for clarity, a “Birther Law” as it has been called in the press, is a State law that requires that all presidential candidates submit proof of “natural born” citizenship directly to the State in order to be allowed on the state ballot for the presidency, rather than relying upon the various Political Party Committees to provide “certification documents” such as Eowyn discussed above to certify their party’s candidate within that state.
    Thus far, I have been unable to find any of those laws that were enacted. Whereas most of the readers of this site would find the implementation of a “birther law” in any state to be an appropriate fail safe to prevent the type of usurping of the presidency that we suspect occurred with Obama (assuming that his long-form birth certificate, should it ever surface, would prove him somehow ineligible), it appears that the various state houses received sufficient public pressure and humiliation to find such steps to be politically impractical. For instance, many of the comments made in the media about Arizona’s proposed law included comments like “a waste of the taxpayers’ money” or other ridicule in even stronger terms. In Arizona, the bill was sent to the Arizona senate but was not brought forth for a vote. In essence, the Arizona senate let the measure die.
    As conservative patriots and citizens of this country, and based on Eowyn’s work above, we essentially have a 2-fold issue: The first is: How we can deal with what has already occurred? Is there a way that we can somehow remove this maniac from office by proving that some fraud or malfeasance occurred during the electoral process? The second issue is how we can prevent the same thing from occurring again in 2012?
    When I first heard of Arizona’s proposed law, my thoughts were something along the lines of “well at least he won’t be able to pull the same stunt again in 2012 – I seriously doubt that he could win if he is excluded from Arizona’s ballot. Plus if Arizona passes this law, other states will surely follow suit.” Now that potential obstacle has been removed. As far as I can tell, there is nothing to prevent the master of public manipulation from doing the same thing again two years from now.
    As we all know, the Constitution of the United States of America states that the person holding the office of the Presidency must be a “natural born citizen.” This exact wording is not used for any other political positions such as the senate or house. This special wording was intentional, and most constitutional scholars believe that there was concern of that the presidency could be usurped by a foreign power, hence the special emphasis. Eowyn’s work suggests that a deliberate manipulation of the candidate certification system was performed in 2008 in an effort to get an unqualified person into the office of the president. It is painfully apparent that we need additional safeguards in place at the state level. Regardless of the talking points coming out of the White House or the noise of the complicit media, we need to get these “birther laws” passed.

    • That’s disheartening news, Dave. We need to keep pressure on our state governments to enact “birther Presidential Eligibility or Political Candidate Authentication laws.”
      Your comment should be an op/ed. Would you like to work it up into one, Dave? It wouldn’t take much — just more info on which states have supposedly enacted these laws, and how you haven’t been able to find those laws.

  2. Dave from Atlanta

    Ok, I will get the additional information.

  3. Maybe there is a way to get the Usurper in Chief run off before the hideous damage he is doing to our republic becomes permanent.
    And I really hate to say it, but we are not as far away from that point as many think.
    Nice work, Eowyn.
    I linked back to this post, too.

  4. Update:
    LOL – Okay, I’ll link back when Blogger lets me in. 🙁

  5. Eowyn,
    I think it’s my fault this time.

  6. UPDATE:
    I received this e-mail from pjr this morning:
    “The forms are posted on jbjd (https://jbjd.org/): look at the side bar under, “MODEL CITIZEN COMPLAINTS OF ELECTION FRAUD TO STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL IN APPLICABLE STATES”). Of course, the caveat is, contesting fraud in an election is strictly relevant to the election laws of any given state. All of this has been “exhaustively” gone over by jbjd, along with the appropriate legal groundwork, to demonstrate the fraud in the 2008 elections.”

  7. Both of you are doing a fantastic job of exposing this election fraud.
    I am a fellow conservative who resides in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts and am completely surrounded by liberal democrats.
    I wish you great success in this endeavor and hope that we can bring the truth out and prevent this from ever happening again. I will share your work with others including radio talk show hosts. Thanks again.
    Semper Fi !!!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Bruce. I empathize with you. My situation is actually worse ’cause I reside in the People’s Republic of Berkeley! LOL (’cause if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry)
      Sempi Fi 😀

  8. Fabulous ! Great article ! More evidence that indicates Obama is a phony, a fraud, an imposter and Obama has put forth the largest “HOAX” in the history of the United States ! I am Philip J. Berg, Esquire, life-long Democrat, head of obamacrimes.com, who has led the fight against Obama since I filed my first of three [3] law suits against Obama on August 21, 2008. I still have one [1] case pending that I am about to submit to the U.S. Supreme Court. Keep fighting as the U.S. Constitution begins, “WE THE PEOPLE” and WE will expose Obama by way of a “Peaceful Revolution”.

    • Mr. Berg,
      We are honored that you visited Fellowship of the Minds! I am among the thousands of Americans who have (silently) followed your legal efforts in pursuit of the truth on Obama’s birth and eligibility, and admired and applauded your courage and persistence. THANK YOU for all you’ve done. THANK YOU for loving the Constitution and the Truth!

  9. Actually, after two years of exhaustive research, his BC need not be seen by anybody. Simply the facts of the situation. It does not matter where Obama was born. His father was a Kenyan. Kenya was a British Protectorate at that time. The British Nationalization Act of 1948 states anyone born to a male British Subject, anywhere in the world, is a British Subject. Obama was born to an American and a British Subject. Even IF he was born in Hawaii, He would officially be of “Dual Citizenship”, which the American Founding Fathers stated should NOT be eligible to be POTUS. They stated that POTUS should never have any foreign faith or interests, and that POTUS should always be a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S.
    Even IF born in Hawaii, Obama was a Dual Citizen at birth, therefore forever ineligible to be POTUS!

    • That’s right, RR! Of course, that is the dominant (at the time) interpretation of what the Founding Fathers must have meant by the Constitution’s necessary condition of “natural born citizenship” (NBC) for the POTUS. The problem is the Constitution doesn’t define what NBC means. So we need the Supreme Court to rule on this, which the pusillanimous present members have eschewed, preferring to punt it back to Congress — which SCOTUS justice Clarence Thomas has admitted!

  10. Will it still be any good to write the Secretary of State, the Democratic Party and Attorney General to get a copy of their 2008 Certification of Nomination for the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, and the evidence (supporting documents) establishing Obama’s constitutional eligibility? If so I will write my state (Washington) and ask for the above mentioned information. I will also ask my sisters, one in California and the other in Utah if they can do the same, if it will help get the fraud out of the White House. Why can’t we prove that the Democratic Party commited fraud against the citizens of the United States? Thank You,

  11. Tresa Stirhen

    The provision regarding immigrants: “All persons who…propose to reside…and who shall subscribe the fundamental laws, shall be considered as residents and entitled to all the rights of persons natural born.” Another possible source of the clause is a July 25, 1787, letter from John Jay to George Washington, presiding officer of the Convention. Jay wrote: Permit me to hint whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government, and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.
    The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. (Both parents are citizens their children are “natural born”)


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