What If We Go to Washington Wearing This T-Shirt?

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…neither in the voting booth nor in the White House!

The T-shirt is on sale HERE.
H/t beloved fellow Tina!

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0 responses to “What If We Go to Washington Wearing This T-Shirt?

  1. Heh, you might just get arrested by some of Janet Himmler’s goons with guns and dragged before the Ministry of Justice’s Roland Freisler, oops, I meant Herr Erich von Holderen.
    After all, in the brave new Obamafuhrer’s Amerika, dissent is strictly verboten.

  2. yep….there’s my new bumpersticker!

  3. Investigated for “hate speech” or being a subversive.

  4. “What if we go to Washington wearing this shirt?”
    Well, you’ll look look a bunch of nuts, but outside of that, not much will happen……

    • How nice of you to keep dropping by this blog, but you then proceed to insult us, calling us “a bunch of nuts.” Why are we “nuts”? What is it about the T-shirt message that is untrue?
      1. Isn’t it true that Americans will be required to have medical insurance, thanks to Obamacare?
      2. Isn’t it true that voters at voting places are NOT required to show proof of U.S. citizenship, as the 9th District Court ruled mere days before the midterm Nov 2 elections?
      3. Isn’t it true that no one asked Obama to show proof of his “natural born citizenship” when he ran for the presidency?
      The answers to all 3 are “Yes.” So why do you resort to namecalling us “a bunch of nuts”? When has speaking the truth become “nuts”?
      I’ve just about had enough of you on my blog.

  5. Do you guys know that first graders have to show their birthcertificates to sign up for baseball??? I was kinda shocked.

    • That’s just absurd! Also ridiculous when they all get trophies at the end of the season so no ones widdle feelings are hurt…

  6. In the state of Florida, only US citizens are allowed to be registered voters.
    On Election day, voters need to provide government issued ID at the polling place or will be turned away.

    • Good for Florida! But this is not so elsewhere.
      On October 27, 2010, right before the critical midterm elections, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said in a 2-1 ruling that a state can’t require people to submit proof of citizenship when they register to vote. See my post on this: “Proof of Citizenship Not Needed to Vote.”

  7. Eowyn, You asked the question “What if…”
    I’m sorry if you thought I was calling you guys a “bunch of nuts”, because I did not. I stated(light heartedly) that if a group of people went to Washington wearing those shirts, NOTHING would happen, but the group would appear to be, um, strange.To be honest, most people would not get the message anyway.We have to prove we are citizens almost daily right now.Every time a cop pulls someone over in Fl, the first thing they want to see is license, registration, proof of ins.
    When I go to the dr. or hospital, it’s please show me your id and insurance card. here in Kissimmee, if you go to the hospital, even to visit a patient, you have to show your id, and get photographed and issued a badge with the photo. The leash is getting very short, and it ain’t because of Obama.
    In answer to your specific questions:
    1/It indeed appears that “Obamacare” will require all citizens to purchase health care insurance. I and each member of my family currently have it at considerable cost, with large co pays. We also are “required ” by the State of Fl. to carry auto ins., and home owner’s insurance (by the bank).
    I don’t see how requiring health care insurance constitutes socialism.
    If you do, please let me know.As a responsible person, I carry it, and I’m quite sure you do also.
    2/ I vote, and am required to provide my ID at the polling place. If my stuff doesn’t match up with what is on the computer screen, I don’t get a ballot.
    The rules in Florida have just tightened up to get your driver’s license renewed. We now have to produce a birth certificate, the old license, and a current utility bill, all with matching information.
    “Comrad, your papers!)
    3/ Well this subject is very unusual. If Obama is not a citizen, please tell me who benefits. If he is not a citizen(natural born, that is) how long does he think he can put one over on everybody, and do you think he realizes there might be a penalty for his little joke?
    I’m sorry if I piss you off, but I like to stop by your blog for a number of reasons. We don’t agree on many things, but I consider that a good thing. If every building in tha city was painted battleship grey, it would really suck.
    Also, if my wife (whom I love dearly) asks me “does this dress make me look fat?” I’ve learned to be diplomatic and tell her perhaps, “it’s not your best color”, or “the style doesn’t flatter you”
    Here’s some interesting reading:

    • erinyes,
      I take that as something of an apology from you, when you clarified that you weren’t namecalling us when you wrote “you’re a bunch of nuts,” and your apology is accepted. As for requiring Americans to buy med insurance, I actually agree with you there: Since we are required to buy auto insurance, we should be likewise required to buy medical insurance, so as not to be a burden on those of us who do have med insurance. Fair’s fair. But you’re missing the point:

      Where in that T-shirt does it say that requiring Americans to buy med insurance is SOCIALISM? The t-shirt was making an ironic contrast between our govt requiring us to buy med ins. but not requiring us to show proof of citizenship to vote, as the 9th District Court ruled mere days before the midterm Nov. 2 elections, and not requiring POTUS candidates to show proof of being natural born citizens.

      I object to Obamacare for this reason:

      In the guise of “reforming” our healthcare system — which most sane Americans would agree it needs reforming — Obama and the Dems are engineering the hugest, largest expansion of government bureaucracy and the concomitant government tyranny and loss of individual freedom.

      Please tell me what requiring every business to file a 1099 form with the IRS for every financial transaction of $600 or more has to do with healthcare? Please tell me what a 3.8% real estate sales tax has to do with healthcare? Still don’t believe me? Look at this byzantine bureaucratic maze entailed by Obamacare:

  8. Eowyn,
    First of all, thanks for your response.
    There are a number of sites, both left and right, that are not as tolerant of my sometimes sarcastic comments. My intent is to provolk thought and debate, not anger.( although I have on several occasions had a bit too much wine and left rather “pointed” comments, please excuse these, like my wife says, sometimes I’m the only one that thinks I’m funny.)
    As far as the diagram goes, I’m working on an intercom system right now, and the diagram kinda looks like the components I’m looking at. As soon as I replace this one component, it’s up and running again.
    Second, the statement about socialism is perhaps out of place in my comment, but the “socialism” issue is the one most brought up in the “Obamacare” debate. The issue about proving citizenship was addressed in my last comment. I’m afraid we’re going to carry our “papers” everywhere soon.
    There are many things about the healthcare bill that I and many others don’t understand. As far as the IRS form and real estate sales tax go,
    I don’t know, if you do, please let me know.Lots of things get put into all kinds of legislation for unknown reasons. Like making sausage (some pretty creepy stuff in sausage).
    As far as Obama’s birth certificate goes, I don’t want to touch that argument for numerous reasons, the best reason is I can neither prove or disprove it.
    I am a highly trained forensic inspector, and I don’t believe the entire 9/11 story, but without “hands on” access to the evidence, I cannot make a case.
    The birth certificate issue is the same, and back to my idea, cui bono?And is the risk worth the reward?
    So, back to your original question, what do YOU think would happen if you made up a bunch of those shirts and marched around Washington?
    You have to admit, it would be pretty funny…………
    Anyway, it looks like “Obamacare” will get through; if it does and it sucks, we’ll all get together and amend it or toss it, the world will not end, and it may even be better.Believe me when I say that the liberals I know are tired of getting a raw deal also, everybody but the super rich are having a tough time.
    Cao Eowyn!

  9. i like the t-shirt. but seeing as how the majority of folks who would be wearing the shirt would be white the media would say what a bunch of racists. case in point the local paper chicago sun-times has started calling the tea party a white supremacist group (you should have seen what i did to that particular paper) . and still in many media outlets any opposition to the moron in chief is met with its only because he is black. 2012 we must make certain that this cretin is not re- elected.

  10. Steve,I partially agree with your comment.
    My wife works in the insurance industry, and there are many properties she can’t write due to location or construction (mobile homes, old structures, etc.). Those properties are put in the pool called “Citizens property Insurance” which is a “chimera”, and the insurer of last resort.
    It could be considered a “socialist” entity .(If you own property in coastal Pasco, you may have Citizens for your wind policy, my wife told me the map for the wind zone changes from time to time.)It is facing insolvency if it does not increase its rates, and it is political suicide to increase them. My wife tells me “Citizens” was installed under Jeb Bush’s administration.
    We are faced with many problems like this because for profit entities do not want to be forced into insuring loosing propositions.
    This happens in property and casualty as well as in health care.
    I’d LOVE to start up a diving service again, but at my age, I couldn’t get the insurance coverage because I’d be considered a risk.Private industry, not the government is stopping me from doing so.
    Insurance is basically gambling in a rigged game.


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