What if the media used *this* photo of Trayvon?

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From the time when news first broke about neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman having shot a suspicious man named Trayvon Martin, until today as Zimmerman is being tried for a shooting he claims to be in self defense, the media consistently have used this doe-eyed, light-skinned image of Trayvon:


It was that image that prompted Obama the POS to “stir the pot” by proclaiming, “If I had a son, he’d look just like Trayvon.”

The actual image, before it was doctored, is this:

Trayvon Martin2

Both the light- and darker-skinned versions were of Trayvon when he was 13 years old — FOUR years before his fateful encounter with Zimmerman.

Here’s what the 17-year-old Martin actually looked like:

Trayvon Martin obscene hand gestures

What if the media were to use this image instead?

[Source of above image: PatDollard.com, where you’ll also find a good account of Martin’s involvement in local burglaries, which the media won’t report.]

H/t FOTM’s Christy.


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0 responses to “What if the media used *this* photo of Trayvon?

  1. Doesn’t fit the PC script they are looking to write.

  2. Q: What if the media used *this* photo of Trayvon?
    A: Justice would be served.

  3. One very angry, bitter young man.
    I want to share something interesting with you that I had long forgotten about until I saw “both of those photo(s).
    I worked in a shelter for battered women. There was this one, very skinny little 10 yr old boy…a little black boy. He was loud, very mouthy (meaning really bad language for a child his age). WE were taught the “safe hold”. Meaning when a child was out of hand, screaming, yelling and trowing a temper tantrum, we were taught to pull him to the ground, wrote our legs around him with his back to our front. Then we’d wrap our arms around him, and just allow him to yell and scream all he wanted to as “I whispered” in his ear.
    You are loved. You are respected and cared about. Love surrounds you. You are love.”
    It usually took less than 90 seconds until the child was completely calm.

    I noticed something very import AFTER I thought he was calm and moved away…he’d start yelling again. I would repeat the “loving exercise.”

    That child NEEDED to be held closely, talked quietly to and feel safety. He repeated the tantrum throwing until I convinced him that all he had to do was come up to me and ask me to hold him; and I would love to do that.

    He did twice to three times a day until he had to leave with his mother. He cried in my dress (meaning I was holding him, and he was crying so much the front of my dress got wet). I don’t think ANYONE in his life ever just held that young man JUST TO LOVE HIM…no expectations… just loving him.

    • So sad, probably happens all the time unfortunately!

    • That reminds me of a baby that was in the front seat of a car… just there screaming and crying. I was having my first baby. ( I was 22) It was so hot outside. I picked the baby up and held him. My husband freaked and told me to put him back. I cried as I am doing now. I tried lovingly to place him back in the hot car in a hot carrier where he had fallen over.

      I never have forgotten that baby…I often wonder where he is and what he is doing. I pray for a child I never knew. I pray I will see him one day after I pass on.

  4. He told me and taught me something that I will never forget. We talked about the violence in his neighborhood. IF you didn’t learn to be tough, mean and to go just one step of violence OVER and BEYOND what the other person did to you or a friend, it would get worse. So HE HAD to be tough.
    How do you teach a child in that kind of violent neighborhood to ONLY be as tough as absolutely necessary IN ORDER TO STAY ALIVE???

    I learned…it is part of their culture. I worried about him off and on for years when I’d see a story in the paper or in the news………wondering whatever happened to the little boy who was starving to death and probably died of not being realllly loved the right way..

    • upaces88,

      I “get” what you’re saying, and bless you for doing God’s work in that shelter.

      But ….

      by suggesting that Trayvon might be (you don’t really know that) like that unloved 10 y.o. boy you hugged in the shelter, you’re playing into the state-run media’s portrayal of Trayvon as victim. Whatever deprivations we endured in childhood does not remove or absolve us of responsibility for our behavior.

      • No, it does not remove anything. Knowing the neighborhood he lived in, I honestly thought, “How do I teach this child only to commit as much violence that will push people away vs. killing them. I am very serious. I KNEW EXACTLY what went on in that neighborhood.
        I was foolish thinking (and never acted on it … to find a way to teach him violence commensurate to the violence against him? Violence ONLY begets Violence.
        Yes I did think that…then I thought, “Elaine are you nuts!” I felt helpless to actually help him. All I could do was “love him the right way at that moment” then let go and Let God.
        WE ALL have choices and have to suffer or gain from our own actions. That’s why he crosses my mind ever so often. I knew the part of town he lived in; and there was NO chance for him at all.
        UNLESS…much, much later in life, perhaps(?) his heart and soul remembers Christ and what he taught; and those who held him and loved him gently.

        • That’s a beautiful story you told above. You really had a positive impact on that kid’s life. And you probably have uplifted many more people throughout your life. You’re an amazing person.

          As far as Zimmerman goes, I don’t know anyone who would have acted differently in his situation. Getting his head bashed in, he had no choice but to save his life.

          • I wish I could have remained doing that for a living. Three women who came to the shelter within two months were murdered when they went back to their abusers. I just couldn’t remain there to get to know people and then they “choose” to go back to die. I had to leave. I am sorry to say I wasn’t stronger. I just COULD NOT take the pain of knowing someone and they consciously choose to go back and then die.

          • When are they going to show a post-mortem photo of Trayvon? I want to see if his face was bashed in! We know that it was NOT. It’s crazy that some witnesses are saying that Trayvon was the one getting beaten. They say the big guy was on top! They think it was Zimmerman because of the little kid Trayvon pictures on the news. Well Trayvon was the big guy! Zimmerman is a lot bigger now than he was a year ago – stress eating, I guess. I hope NBC gets sued out of existence for their complicity in this deception. All the facts are supporting Z’s story.

  5. our media today is making what the russian media was considered to be 20 years ago seem truthful.

  6. What an unusual contribution today, and my gratitude for sharing the posts from Upaces88. She reminds us that OUR contribution can mean so much. I pray that child did something with his life. He was so fortunate to have met her. I had someone like that in my life during a violent period and to this day I hold her close to my heart, 60 years later!

  7. I don’t know where to start….except, to add that the anger, rage, resentment IS taught at home.
    A friend of the family opened a new daycare center in Denton, Texas. She didn’t have any employees yet, so she asked my daughter and me to at the least work with her until she could hire enough employees. WE agreed.
    The Government paid for the daycare for all the black children. So? At first, all we had were little black children. They educated me very fast while watching them play during “free time.”

    They were playing “cops and robbers” (you know, we all used to do that,right?) I was shocked. They were arguing who would play the “robbers”. Seems no one wanted to be the cops.

    THIS MIND SET WAS/IS TAUGHT IN THE HOME. I will never forget it.


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