"What If" is Already Here

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Sobering “what if” questions from Judge Andrew Napolitano:


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7 responses to “"What If" is Already Here

  1. i blame everyone including myself for the mess we are in because we never do anything except complain,write useless congressmen or senate.but to get off the couch and go to dc and “really” commit to change as in taking back our government? naw never happen, americans are much to busy with black friday,american idol. we do not deserve to be free if we do not stand and stop this, so who wants to go to dc?

  2. no i have not forgotten the tea party march i have been to dc and we are loosing this fight, have you not seen todays headlines? senate set to vote on military to detain americans in this country without charges or trial? and some republicans are for this? yea sounds like the tea party march really scared them, what ever everyone has their heads in the sand

    • Read the bill. It’s not clear that it would detain US citizens. In searching the net, there’s a lot of misinformation. And of course, reading through any bill is frustrating as they make them so dang long and full of see paragraph (x), etc. etc. Apparently this all started with an article from the ACLU. Consider the source.

    • BP,
      My point is that you complained in your initial comment that we should march on D.C. So I pointed out that we had done that. But you still insist that “everyone has their heads in the sand.” Well, we on Fellowship of the Minds aren’t. We’ve been working our butts off, at $0 pay, doing this blog to inform and mobilize.
      Let me ask you: What have you done? I feel as you do. I’ve voted in every election; protested; mailed tea-bags; written to and petitioned my reps in D.C. (a fat lot of good that’ll do since they are Rep. Barbara Lee and Senators Barbara Boxer & Dianne Feinstein); and blog every day of the week, with no time off. At this point, what exactly do you propose we do?

  3. let me say dr. that at no time did i mean to make light of your and others efforts on behalf of this nation, i to have marched,written and everything else i could do. as far as this bill the senate is set to vote on anything with american citizen,detain and military should make anyones hair turn white. i do not trust the government, for the first time in my life i have to say that maybe we should think about altering the federal government. obama has done a real good job at destroying this nation all this has been done on purpose. we as a whole tried to change the trend of crooked government by electing people that we thought would help make this change they were not enough to do the job. i know what we may have to do to stop this madness but i will leave that to each person to decide. we can no longer depend on the so called republicans in office to right this wrong they are much to busy putting themselves above the law while getting rich at our expense

    • Thanks, BP, for your clarification.
      I share your frustration and am at my wits’ end as to what we who love America can do to change the course — other than keep informing the American people what’s going on. They’ll have to pry the keyboard from my dying fingers, to stop me.


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