What If Adam Were Damien?

This is strangely fascinating….
Adam, the first man, lived until the grand old age of 930, so says the Bible. According to a new study by psychologists at Wayne State University, if Adam were named Damien, his lifespan would have been considerably shorter.
The psychologists published the results of their research in the international science journal with the cheerful name of Death Studies. They claim that choosing a name for your baby has a major effect on the child’s longevity, specifically people whose names begin with “A” significantly outlive those beginning with the letter D by as much as ten years.
The psychologists surmise that it could all be down to a subconscious link to school grades, where A represents high achievement and D near failure. People with D names are more likely to develop lifelong low self-esteem, which, in turn, may lower their defenses against disease: “The self-esteem that presumably develops in conjunction with having a first name that begins with D may originate in early academic life. Throughout life, we are constantly reminded that A symbolizes the best, whereas D is regarded as almost a failure. With very few exceptions, D signifies poor performance.”
In their research, the psychologists examined the lifespans of more than 10,000 professional athletes, doctors and lawyers born between 1875 and 1930. They looked in particular at those whose names began with the letters A, B, C or D — the grades usually used in American schools, which traditionally do not have an E grade. Happily, those with names beginning with E to Z were described as “grade-irrelevant” and, therefore, exempt from the D-name curse.
The results showed that those whose first name began with D lived, on average, shorter lives than those whose names began with E to Z. Sports professionals with a D name lived to be an average of 69.2 years old, compared with 73.4 for A names and 71.3 for E to Z names. The most pronounced difference was for basketball players. On average, those with an A name outlived those with D names by 9.5 years.
This study follows other research which found that names can influence major life decisions. For example, people with the name Lawrence are more likely to be lawyers while Dennises are over-represented among dentists.
To read the article by Jo Macfarlane in the UK’s Mail, CLICK HERE.
P.S. What about people whose name begins with the letter F?
~Eowyn with an E

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Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife
10 years ago

My first name begins w/ the letter “F”, and I do not believe that has had anything to do w/ my self-esteem. I made above average grades which I attribute to the values given to me by my parents. My mother, grandmother, and oldest daughter also have the “F” name, and they did pretty well. My grandmother lived to be 97, and my mom is 80.

10 years ago

Noteworthy and interesting! Thank you, Eowyn, for your explanation to Doc’s Wife. I have always wondered about the effectiveness and veracity of statistical studies….