What Happened When 3 TEA Partiers Went to Occupy D.C.

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Recently, three self-identified members of the TEA (TaxedEnoughAlready) Party movement went to an Occupy D.C. rally. The young men are:

  • Benjamin Johnson, new media director of Accuracy in Media;
  • Ron Meyer, program officer of Young America’s Foundation; and
  • Alex Cortes, executive director of Let Freedom Ring.

Their objective: to see what happens when three peaceful fans of capitalism, guns and our military take to the streets.
This is what happened:

As you saw for yourself, the three polite well-behaved young men were called names (“stupid”, “idiot”, “traitor”, “liar”, “candy ass”, “ass holes”), threatened with barely concealed violence, cursed at (“fuck off”), and told “you’re the problem, not the unions”.
Yes, indeed! The Left are such tolerant, open-minded, pro-diversity, peaceful people!
An idle thought:

For people who pride themselves on their intellect and who constantly put down the Right as uneducated stupid violent rednecks, how come these Leftists at Occupy D.C. can’t seem to speak in other than mono- and two-syllabic insults and curses?

H/t New Zeal Blog

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0 responses to “What Happened When 3 TEA Partiers Went to Occupy D.C.

  1. Why am I not surprised?

  2. Haven’t you heard the Socilaist HATE FREEDOM, they like to work out of slave camps and have bread and water! These Morons need to go to a Socialist country and just see how they are treated! These Socialist union bastards have killed and maimed people for just being non-union. And the judges back them up! They all need to be in camps like Leavenworth! Why don’t these chickenshits go and strong arm the US Marines? It wouldn’t last long!
    Semper Fi.

  3. The alleged “progressive” Left clearly teach and practice elitism at its highest pinnacle, fostering exclusionary tactics, requiring those that they indoctrinate to be like little sheep, without minds and free will. Tolerance according to the Left means, “Do what I tell you to do or else there will be viciousness perpetrated upon you.” This is my definition of the Left’s definition of Tolerance. In other words, it does not exist!

  4. They should call it the MLT protest:
    Moochers, Leeches, and Ticks.
    Of course, PP works, too, as that covers both Parasite Protest as well as being short for Pee Party.

  5. I hope the cameras keep rolling on these people so they can continue to show themselves for exactly who they are! This is not the majority in our country!


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