What happened to the Ebola pandemic?

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. . . and the news media’s wall-to-wall coverage?


The mid-term elections of Nov. 4, 2014 came and went, and the Democrats lost.




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0 responses to “What happened to the Ebola pandemic?

  1. the elections are over… it magically disappears! 😉

    • From which we can only conclude that the media’s Ebola brouhaha was meant to frighten us to “rally around the flag” and vote Obama&Democrat.

    • I noticed that right away, ebola magically disappeared from the front page, along with Fukushima, ISIS savagery.
      Job #1 on Lucifer’s blighted white house is start a massive race war, exterminate all whites and Asians so the da noble black race will be da godz
      Every time a black thug gets whats coming to him it becomes worldwide page 1 nooze for months. Every time (and its daily almost) a black thug or thugs rape, beat, rob. torture kill and set fire to innocent whites, it doesn’t even get mentioned on page 99 under used car sales
      White privilage is BS made up by the demonic now elite along with the worn out term racist, Negro privilege is definitely a reality but they deny as they indulge themselves in it whenever they can. Ghetto negroes will go out of their way to provoke whites and then when the white responds they scream and cry raycist as they loot pillage and create general mayhem
      No I’m not a racist but a realist who has been mugged a few times by these feral beasts who made a clear point they were gonna kill a craka
      As long as they have their demonic lord and savior Obama, and his fellow demons Jarrett, holder, Sharpton, etc on charge, the fleas on the tip of the dog’s tail will wag the entire dog

  2. They are still “creating” the poison vaccine in the hopes that people will be foolish enough to get it…”testing” it in Africa. If people cannot see through the media and the fake government by this time, they never will.

    • We’ve had a fake gubmint ever since THEY killed JFK. Kennedy was raining on their parade and they couldn’t have that. Has anybody else ever noticed from LBJ onward the white house residents have gotten progressively more evil and worse, with Obunko being the poison cherry on top of the cake.

  3. Personally I suspect there never was any pandemic, given ebola’s rarity, it won’t stop them from coming back to it in a bit with a GMO “vaccine” which does goodness-knows-what to people (lest we forget the vile maiming poison of gardasil).

  4. I hate fear mongering. Those that employ this method of control certainly do not know God. His perfect love casts out all fear.

  5. I think that’s why they sent the troops over to Africa….to force compliance of the vaccines….forced guinea pigs…human rights commission doesn’t really care because it’s for “the greater good”.

  6. Eo knows that I wrote her long ago that this is a fraud and a lie to distract We the People from the all-too-many other crises the US created: Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc. These very foul birds are coming home to roost!

  7. Thank you for posting this, I was just wondering last night what the distraction could have been about. Makes perfect sense.

  8. Unfortunately, the ebola epidemic is rocking right along — I’ve heard several reports just in the past few days that at least one more doctor has come down with it, and the total number of victims is now over 13,000. I think the only difference is that the stenographers in the drive-by media aren’t jumping up and down about it anymore; my conjecture is that too many people were making the connection between increased immigration and our increased exposure to dangerous diseases.

    • Your points are well-taken, but 13,000, even 1,300,000 are very small potatoes alongside six billion and more. This is yet one more ‘managed crisis’ not gone to waste for the creeps who think they rule us. I’d like to see photos of their faces ten years from now… shades of Dorian Grey!

  9. And the Democrats still lost big… boy, do they suck.


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