What Happened to That Gold Necklace?

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In the year 1776, on July 4th, thirteen colonies in North America declared independence from King George III and the British Empire.
Thus began the Revolutionary War that eventually succeeded in establishing a new and independent country called the United States of America. Its founders insisted that the new America be a republic instead of a monarchy.
233 years later, in 2009, the President of the United States of America showed obeisance to the king of Saudi Arabia by bowing to him.

In recognition of that gesture of servility, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz gifted Skippy with a big chunky gold necklace:

Under U.S. federal law, gifts received by the President of the United States are NOT to be kept by the recipient because they are deemed gifts to the Office, not the person, of the Presidency. The gifts are to be kept in the White House collection as part of America’s history and legacy.
Joseph, who sent the video to me, writes: “I’d like to see the catalogue that shows all the gifts and where they now are….”
Yes, I too want to know where that solid gold necklace is!

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0 responses to “What Happened to That Gold Necklace?

  1. must be heavy

  2. remember this is only few days before palastine gets its vote for state ship

  3. I’m guessing a pawn shop in Maryland.

  4. its being used to buy votes for obama in 2012. more money more votes. “and its not a crime if i do it,” said obama because i’m black…


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