What Happened To Harvard?

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After a long list of Harvard’s luminaries…

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

Robert Frost

Robert Frost

Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller

Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein


…something went terribly wrong









…and now we have today’s Harvard



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22 responses to “What Happened To Harvard?

  1. A very apt name!

  2. very apt!

  3. What happened?

    Liberalism happened, infesting not just Harvard, but all U.S. colleges and universities. I honestly don’t know how they can be routed out. It will take generations, if we’re lucky. 🙁

  4. I’ve said many times that the dumbest man I ever met had an MBA from Harvard. Harvard is about “connections” and funding. Harvard gets “some” of the “Intelligence Service” funding but Yale gets most of it.

    What Harvard sells is “success”. You can be dumber than a box of rocks but, with a degree from Harvard, your future is secure and your connections are certified.

    Most of the unwashed labor under the delusion that Harvard is about education. What they sell is “access”. It is also a way to control the brazen interlopers who believe they should be able to have a seat at the table too.

    For those legacy students its a snap an admission is assured (as long as the alumni continue to build wings on buildings and fund chairs). Of course they allow a few token eaters in every term. These are carefully selected (and watched) to ensure that none can upset the carefully engineered machine.

    There are, and have always been, a two-tiered system in America. As long as people pay homage to the fantasy that Harvard turns out “superior” people, all is well. That isn’t really the dynamic at work here.

  5. Of course the varying qualification for different ethnic groups has now made the news. It seems discriminatory to Asians on the face of it but, if you look at other stats it seems Asians are not doing too bad considering other factors. I wonder how many Asians who are not even American citizens are being admitted to Harvard and other higher institutions. Isn’t that discriminatory against qualified students of any color who are citizens?

    “When lower-class whites are matched with lower-class blacks and other non-whites the degree of the non-white advantage becomes astronomical: lower-class Asian applicants are seven times as likely to be accepted to the competitive private institutions as similarly qualified whites, lower-class Hispanic applicants eight times as likely, and lower-class blacks ten times as likely. These are enormous differences and reflect the fact that lower-class whites were rarely accepted to the private institutions Espenshade and Radford surveyed. Their diversity-enhancement value was obviously rated very low. ”

    It would appear the only people getting discriminated against at 70 percent of the population and high scoring at Whites. These figures are also skewed because middle Easterner and Jews are being counted as White. Jews at 2 % of the population are around 20% of the population at ivy league and higher institutions. https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2010/07/16/kevin-macdonald-jewish-overrepresentation-at-elite-universities-explained/

    • In addition who is making the admission decisions in a lot of these universities? Are certain students being given an advantage for a reason hiding in plain sight?
      Major universities headed by Jews

      (Current or recent)

      “Ronald Ehrenberg, the Irving M. Ives Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and vice president for academic programs, planning and budgeting, drew mainly from his personal experiences and his background as a Jew to demonstrate the continued need for affirmative action programs … . Six out of eight Ivy League universities in recent years have had Jewish presidents, Ehrenberg said.”

      “It’s fascinating,” observed President James O. Freedman in the February 11 Los Angeles Times, “that there was not a Jewish president of a major university — with one or two exceptions — until about 15 years ago. And then all of a sudden — without notice — there are Jewish presidents now at dozens of major institutions.” Among all those presidents, however, Freedman remains among the most outspoken on Jewish issues in higher education. Through a series of public comments, notably his 1990 attack on the Dartmouth Review, Freedman has repeatedly used his ethnicity to make a name for himself in academic circles. The Los Angeles Times interview concerned his comments at the opening of the Roth Center for Jewish Life, in which he exposed Dartmouth’s history of anti-Semitism.”

      Tufts University,
      “Lawrence S. Bacow, recently installed as president of Tufts University, likes to say that the naming of a Jewish college president is hardly newsworthy anymore. After all, MIT named Jerry Weisner in 1970, and since then Jewish presidents have reigned at prestigious institutions from Dartmouth to Harvard, Penn to Princeton … And, the new Tufts head boasts, every door of the President’s mansion on the Medford campus now hosts a mezzuzah, while the kitchen has been koshered for his family’s use. Bacow’s strong commitment to Judaism and the Jewish community is clear from his positions as a director of the Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly and a trustee of Hebrew College, and his wife’s role as a trustee of Temple Emmanuel in Newton. He believes it is important for American Jews to ‘speak up on behalf of Israel and to show their support visibly,’ yet he understands the complexities of the situation.”

      Harvard University,
      President: Lawrence Summers (replaced Neil Rudenstine)
      “I speak with you today not as President of the University but as a concerned member of our community about something that I never thought I would become seriously worried about — the issue of anti-Semitism. I am Jewish, identified but hardly devout.”
      (More concern about anti-Semitism)

      Yale University,
      President: Richard L. Levin

      Princeton University,
      President: Harvey Shapiro (stepped down after 12 years, in 2001)

      Dartmouth College,
      President: James O. Freedman
      (What Being Jewish Means to Me: “I dearly wish that my father, who had confronted anti-semitism in finding his early teaching positions, had lived long enough to see the installation of Jewish presidents at numerous Ivy League and Big Ten universities.”)
      More hysterical Judeocentric weirdness from Freedman.

      Cornell University,
      President: Jeffrey Lehman

      University of Pennsylvania,
      President: Judith Rodin [succeeded in 2004 by Amy Gutmann]

      * “[T]he University of Pennsylvania will not support divestment from Israel, boycotts of Israeli scholars and scientists, or any effort to stifle the free expression of diverse ideas and opinions about the Middle East conflict by our faculty and students.”
      * “[T]argeting Israel for divestment and boycotts is wrong.”

      Penn’s Next President,
      University of Pennsylvania
      “Amy Gutmann, the Provost and Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University, was elected the University of Pennsylvania’s next president by Penn’s Board of Trustees at its Feb. 20 [2004] stated meeting.”

      Northwestern University,
      President: Henry Bienen, also Jewish
      “Northwestern hosts an annual summer Institute for Holocaust and Jewish Civilization …. President Bienen serves as the honorary chair for the Institute.”

      University of California,
      President: Richard Atkinson (former Chancellor of UC – San Diego)
      (Atkinson is a member of the Board of Directors of the avidly pro-Israel Koret Foundation, which features its “Israel Emergency Fund”)

      Stanford University,
      Chairman of the Board: Isaac Stein

      McGill University (Canada),
      Principal: Bernard Shapiro (stepped down in 2002)
      Shapiro has been replaced by Heather Munroe-Blum
      (she is married to Jewish screenwriter Len Blum)

      President: David Baltimore

      Carnegie Mellon University,
      President: Jared L. Cohon

      “Steven L. Isenberg, who has been Adelphi University’s board chairman since the appointment of this group of trustees by the New York State Board of Regents in February 1997, was named interim president of Adelphi on July 26, when Matthew Goldstein announced his departure to become chancellor of the City University of New York.”

      West Chester University,
      President: Madeleine Wing Adler
      WCU is the headquarters of the National Association for Holocaust Studies.
      (Note from a JTR contributor: Dr. Lawrence Davidson of the WCU history dept. says that “Israelis have come to believe in an alternate history.” See page 84, April ’03 issue of Washington Report On Middle East Affairs magazine.)

      Bard College,
      President: Leon Botstein

      Connecticut College,
      President: Norman Fainstein,
      Report of the Presidential Commission on a Pluralistic Community at Connecticut College

      University of Denver,
      President: Marc Holtzman

      Swarthmore College,
      President: Alfred H. Bloom
      Dean of the College: Robert Gross

      George Washington University,
      President: Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

      University of Chicago,
      Chairman of the board: James S. Crown (heir to the wealthy Jewish Crown family — General Dynamics, etc.)
      Vice-Chairman: Andrew M. Alper
      Vice-Chairman: Paula Wolff
      Secretary of the Board of Trustees: Kineret S. Jaffe
      Honorary Trustee: Hugo Sonnenschein

      University of Nebraska,
      Chancellor: Harvey Perlman

      Lafayette College,
      President: Daniel Weiss, succeeds (December 2004) Arthur J. Rothkopf

      York University (Canada),
      Chair of the Board of Governors: Marshall A. Cohen
      — The York Foundation (the university’s fund-raising source) includes Cohen, Judith Cohen, Paul E. Marcus, H. Barry Gales, Alonna Goldfarb, Maxwell Gotleib, Julia Koschitzky, Honey Sherman, and Howard Sokolowski, many with activist ties to Israel.

      Goucher College, (Baltimore)
      President: Sanford J. Ungar

      Temple University (Philadelphia),
      President: David Adamy


      New School for Social Research,
      Dean of Graduate Faculty: Richard Bernstein


      The University of Alberta (Canada) has had two Jewish presidents: Max Wyman and Myer Horowitz.

      From a correspondent: “When I was at the University of Arizona in the 1980s, the president, Henry Koffler, was a Jew and an open supporter of the JDL [Jewish Defense League], which was strong there. He also sat on the board of the Office of Technology Assessment. He now is the chairman of the U of A Foundation, which manages endowments.”

    • Excellent work Lana. All of it. Lots of good information. It seems me that perception is more important to most than reality. Your comments illustrate that perfectly.

  6. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Recently there’s been a move at Harvard (and other schools) to enroll folks who not only can’t meet the academic requirements, but also others who can’t afford the tuition and other financial requirements.

    So Harvard is literally lowering their standards AND paying these kids to attend, at the cost of NOT admitting kids who CAN afford to pay (or earn academic scholarships), and who DO meet the academic requirements, because it’s the “PC thing” to do. BTW, they are largely NOT poor, white Appalachian students getting the benefit.

    I really hope some of the kids do well enough to graduate and do well and give back to society. But from my own experience teaching (and as a student), I think it’s a “big ask” (I hate that phrase). And it denies others what they’ve worked hard at and earned.

    And I’ve seen many who DO well… go back to their foreign countries and give THEM the benefit, all at our expense (and some end up helping regimes fight us!) How do you suppose the Asian countries have been able to so quickly copy our top military and consumer technologies? Bingo.

    I think it’s a scary social experiment. It’s all about egalitarianism. I think I’ll demand my spot on an NBA team along with a $30M/yr salary…

    • Whether you believe in their authorship or not, “The Protocols”, or for that matter the papers of the Bavarian Illuminati both spell out the formula for global control.

      One of those multiplier is control of education. It isn’t hard to control a school like Harvard. As Lana has pointed out their management is largely a “Tribal affair” and there is always the old standby, money.

      What may appear a losing proposition in terms of the student’s ability to pay may be more than offset by the Rothschild’s contributions to world domination.

      Again, as Lana points out, YT doesn’t stand a chance. Of course if you’re a Boston “Brahman” you have no need of assistance and are guaranteed acceptance.

      Where we get a little twisted ’round the axle is the natural inclination to think about this logically. THEY have their own motives. They really don’t care if their “Harvard educated” cattle can tie their own shoes. The money spent means nothing to them because they control all the wealth.

      What they CAN do with the product of this marriage of incompetence with wealth is to use them to further undermine what passes for government these days. It you need hordes of homeless junkies, gaggles of hookers plying their trade outside middle schools, or more poop in your streets, who ya’ gonna call?

  7. Harvard was created by Unitarian Universalists – and they are only a facade of Christianity.

    I’ve been to Harvard as a tourist and the First Parish in Cambridge too.
    Although the Unitarian Universalist teaching/philosophy is nearly identical to modern secular humanist “but spiritual” Jews, this problem goes back over 400 years, which is far before open Jewish arrival and influence in the University system.
    Simply, it’s Luciferian or Satanic.
    Quote from wiki:
    Unitarian Universalism (UU)[2][3][4] is a liberal religion characterized by a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning”. Unitarian Universalists assert no creed, but instead are unified by their shared search for spiritual growth. As such, their congregations include many atheists, agnostics, and theists within their membership. The roots of Unitarian Universalism lie in liberal Christianity, specifically Unitarianism and universalism. Unitarian Universalists state that from these traditions comes a deep regard for intellectual freedom and inclusive love. Congregations and members seek inspiration and derive insight from all major world religions.

    The beliefs of individual Unitarian Universalists range widely, including atheism, agnosticism, pantheism, deism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, neopaganism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Humanism, and many more.
    end of wiki quote

    So, that’s why Harvard is messed up in a nutshell.

    • Fascinating Michelle. I knew about the Unitarian Church being a false NWO type of philosophy, but had no idea of any connection to Harvard. I have an aunt who goes to this Church. She started having a bit of a problem with the Church when they started harping and pushing Gay issues all the time. She coudln’t figure it our. What would you expect from a Luciferian organization? When I tried to tell her about the origins of the Church she blew me off, and said that Thomas Jefferson what a Unitarian, as if that sanctified it. He also wrote the Jefferson Bible that eliminated all the miracles of Christ. So as much as I admire Jefferson, he was a deist which when you look at the definition there of, is eerily similar to Luciferianism.

    • Nicely done. I agree to all your points. There are some other examples of this type of subversion of Christianity as well. I suppose we could say that we’ve gone from heresy to Satanism in the colleges.

      It reminds me of “The Protocols”. What a wonderful venue a university can be due to it’s insular nature. Insularity can be a very positive thing as well, but it can easily be misused.

      They remind me a lot of Baha’is. It’s perfect for the globalists. They see themselves as more scientific, modern and enlightened. There are never a shortage of cults.

      • Glad to see you know about the baha’i cult, Lophatt, they are effectively a NWO-arm and promoter (one world governent, theirs, one world religion, theirs, one world language, their current pick is arabic, one world currency, etc. is the goals of baha’ism. To top it off, they’re based out of haifa, “israel”, and seem to adopt a bit of gnosticism as well.) and I’m surprised there are so little apologetics against their cult, especially since it is very fervent in generating apologetics against Christians, and others, for recruitment. (thus their “ocean research library”.)

        • I see a few of them in Seattle from time to time. They like to sing and they have good music. I occasionally go there for music stuff. There is a street corner where they congregate.

          I did study them a bit. Scary! All of these cults play on the fact that so many Christians are not educated in their faith. Many like to believe that “all religions are alike” and the sort. It isn’t true.

          Those who would destroy the Church use this ignorance to their ends.

  8. I am of the belief that this country can only be saved by taking back control of our ‘educational system’.
    It would be great to keep the ‘media’ on the straight and narrow but the education of our youth is monumental.

  9. Excellent posts and points, one and all.
    Mine own humble opinion: Harvard-Schmarvard is what you get once the REFORMATION takes hold. I believe the whole shebang follows from that.

    And Lophatt is right: It’s all about ACCESS. But of course: Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner!

  10. To add as well, for any other readers that don’t know much about harvard etc.: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Harvard_University (Apparently also doing the same propaganda work as the atlantic council.) Its rotten, like yale, and likely was rotten from the get-go, as other ivy leagues were, given the secret society creeps and their fellow gnostics/satanists have been operating for a long time, and spreading their venom through vectors like “education”. (Note how american education in general was usurped by “humanist”/neo-gnostic types like john dewey, who not only wrote part of the first humanist manifesto, but was also behind the propaganda program that ruined public education at the time and axed the education system that actually worked, but then dewey was also a fan of marx, so that was likely his reason for doing it. See: canadafreepress.com/article/john-dewey-bosom-serpent-of-american-education and blottingoutgod.com/2013/02/21/the-nea-agenda-how-john-deweysocialism-influenced-public-education/ )

    Then there is harvard’s gnostic history, with the “transcendental club”, (of which henry david thoreau, and ralph waldo emerson, among others, were part.) itself also tying back into william ellery channing, among others, who, surprise surprise, was a unitarian universalist. (see Michelle’s comment on this aspect.)

  11. Jayna Zweiman, Alumni of Brown University.
    “Pink Pussyhats Project”
    WHERE did those millions of PINK Pussyhats used worldwide come from? From Jewish Jayna Zweiman https://www.pussyhatproject.com/our-story/

  12. What Happened To Harvard?


  13. What happened to Harvard? Here’s a short list:

    Legacy admissions. Affirmative Action admissions. Fake hires toward “cultural diversity,” like Pocahontas Warren, that were NEVER verified by well-known standards of the day with the many sovereign/dependent Native Amerian Nations within our country from the past and into today. The information was THERE all the time to disqualify Warren’s claims, and yet, Harvard took them from her lips to their “cultural diversity” list without serious, informed, educated (according to our treaties and our various Native tribal laws) action. One word: FAILURE.


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