What everyone needs to read in your Christmas letter: "I got stuck on a toilet and couldn't get up"

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AP Photo

Free Beacon: The chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, Nancy Worley, did not have a good 2014.
It hit rock bottom when she got stuck on her toilet. After being lodged on the toilet for hours, she made the decision to upgrade from a 14 inch seat to the tallest-available 17 inch seat. She also installed a pull-up bar on her bathroom wall.
The world knows all this because Worley decided to include her toilet seat folly in her annual holiday letter to Democrats across the state of Alabama.
The letter was then shared to the world by Kyle Whitmire at AL.com, who writes that he had initially decided that he would keep the letter to himself and hope that the “nightmares” caused to him by the thought of Worley stuck on the toilet would fade.
“I had convinced myself that I would leave it be and hope the nightmares would fade, but I worried that if any folk on the right learned I’d turned a blind eye (or blinded eye?) they’d raise all unholy hell about showing favoritism to the left,” he wrote.
Then, a Democrat friend of his told him that Worley had actually provided in her letter a perfect analogy for the current state of the Alabama Democratic party: “Stuck on the toilet and it can’t get up.”
Read the full letter here. h/t Weasel Zippers.

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0 responses to “What everyone needs to read in your Christmas letter: "I got stuck on a toilet and couldn't get up"

  1. OK….. I just cannot resist responding to this one….. here goes:
    That’s what a politician gets for being so full of shit! There, I said it.
    (Actually, it goes for both dems and repubicons…. oh hell, and libertarians, too)
    The hell with the donkey and the elephant….. let’s use the toilet as the symbol for all politicians! “The Seat of Power”! “Go With The Flow”!
    “Pinch me off an earmark”!

  2. First the visual this conjures up made me gag but after I recovered and wiped my coffee of the table I laughed by butt off. Truly only a Democrat would think of sharing this with everyone. If you wonder why our country is in the crapper (sorry, I could not resist😳) just look to the caliber of people that have been running the show.

    • Northerngirl . . . I so agree. What person of any refinement would share that experience with the world . . . only a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T !!!

    • HAHAHAHAHA! An image for for a B comedy movie. Seeing she’s a democrat and a democrat of way above average mass, perhaps she’ll file a class action suit on behalf of all obese fat ass demos against the manufacturer for their insensitivity toward the oppressed large person.

  3. Is this for real??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  4. And what does the morbidly obese Nancy Worley’s letter have to do with CHRISTmas?

  5. Now Congress will pass a law stating that toilet manufacturers put warning labels on their products.

  6. More proof that we are now living in a lunatic asylum!

  7. Nancy, I would like to dedicate this song to you and your toilet.

  8. Alrighty then…

  9. If she’d flushed one more time she could have had a “Posterior-Liposuction”.

  10. She must have gone to the bathroom at a Home Depot.
    LOL – Some of you that pay close attention to the news know what I’m talking about. 😉


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