What every womyn needs for Christmas: Vagina-themed jewelry

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Imagine the feminazi OUTRAGE if a man wore a penis necklace because he was “feeling proud of his anatomy.”
american feminism
From Cosmopolitan: With moments from the rise of the vagina dress to the Supreme Court invalidating the draconian anti-abortion regulations in Texas, 2016 has been a big year for vaginas. If you’re feeling proud and/or protective of your anatomy right about now, celebrate it with unexpectedly gorgeous vagina-adjacent jewelry for members of your coven squad, which are perfect gifts for the winter solstice celebrations holidays.
Here’s some of the jewelry pieces they highlight. See all of them here.

Tampon earrings! Cost: $190

Tampon earrings! Cost: $190 (Sure to be a hit with Melissa Harris-Perry)

Boobie charm necklace! Cost: $115

Boobie charm necklace! Cost: $115

Uterus necklace! Cost: $40

Uterus necklace! Cost: $40

Vagina charm necklaces! Cost: Starts at $115

Vagina charm necklaces! Cost: Starts at $150

"Clitoring" bracelet! Cost: $140

“Clitoring” bracelet! Cost: $140


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0 responses to “What every womyn needs for Christmas: Vagina-themed jewelry

  1. These people are insane.

    • No: The designers of these pieces of jewelry are very savvy and quick to make a buck. That makes them intelligent. But they are EVIL. The name of their evil is a PORNOGRAPHIC MIND.
      In a unique moment of candor, Screw Magazine founder Al Goldstein said of his chosen trade, “We Jews are into pornography because we think Jesus Christ sucks.” Both he and the jewelers here prove P.T. Barnum was, functionally, right. FOR SHAME.

  2. I am appalled when I think of today’s children and the future or does it really matter?

  3. Sick and disgusting!

  4. There was a time when IUDs were popular as earrings.

  5. This is just another example of the disgusting expression of the radicals. I am proud to be a woman but I would be a whacko should I wear an image of a vagina displayed as jewelry. But then I would not object should they have miniature garbage casn hanging from their ears. It would be more fitting.

  6. Why is it that these “Professional Feminists’ don’t know the difference of their vulva from their vagina?
    If they can’t even get that right, why should anyone pay any attention to anything they say?

  7. It looks to me to be the product of a comic mindset that has tipped over the edge into a kind of madness. Very lame as art, its only redeeming value is to laugh at the fools who wear it.

  8. Some sneer at this. Some sneer at wearing crosses. Self-expression is personal, and should not be judged by others.

    • You just committed EXACTLY what you accuse us of doing. Your injunction “should not be judged by others” itself is a form of judging others.

    • Inone, immorality is to be sneered at for it represents the deeds of those who debase humanity and lower our goals to the snake pit of hell.
      We were never admonished not to judge but not to judge unfairly. Perhaps you do not know the difference.
      Seems to me you would want me and others to ignore a filthy swamp overwhelming its border so as to be in some formal recognition of its right to do so. The analogy is obvious. Filth is filth and to ignore it is simply accepting its intrusion.

    • I offer my opinion on jewelry as I see fit. You call it “judging”, I call it my opinion. Nice Alsinky try though.

    • The difference with this and a cross is that this is a low, base celebration of human anatomy versus the cross which signifies something spiritual. On top of it, these are not even pretty. I defy you to tell me they are. What a sick effing society when people have to go around celebrating their body parts. Anyone who cannot recognize the degradation inherent in this is simply mentally deficient.

  9. Can I order an extra large in chocolate?

  10. I find this whole movement disgusting. They do not represent me or the hundreds of women in my circle. I say ignore them, people will judge them for the fools that they are.

  11. Is it just me, or does the symbol of Dodge Trucks resemble a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries inside a ram’s head? To paraphrase FDR in a new context: Nothing in marketing happens by accident. If something does happen, you can bet it was planned that way.
    Freud certainly got his revenge. While viewing the Statue of Liberty from the ship he came in on, he said to his companion, “Little do they realize we are bringing them the Plague!”

  12. It must be true that one of the aims of Communism is to degrade art into depicting things which are vile, or ugly. Now, in the wisdom of God, the Eternal Father, he created the sexual organs of both men and women for a specific sacred purpose. In that vain they are not ugly or vile . . . but this attempts to commercialize in this manner sickens one to the very core. I hope to not see anyone wearing such base designs in the future, at least in my presence.

  13. The Lord can’t return fast enough to suit me.


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