What dogs look like underwater

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A photographer in California decided to take his furry friends, a ball, and a high-resolution underwater camera into his swimming pool.

Here are the results!

We begin with the goofy pics….

Then the images begin to get a bit disturbing….

And then they become the stuff of nightmares. LOL

H/t our beloved Grouchy.


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0 responses to “What dogs look like underwater

  1. That’s really cool…

  2. HMAO….howling from first to last….I’ll be thinking about this the
    next time Milo and I play ball or sock -tug 🙂

  3. dogs love to play ball

  4. Dog’s lips are a very important aesthetical part of their anatomy.

  5. OK, they started out cute….then, yikes!
    Cool stuff though.

  6. My question is how did he get the tennis balls to sink?


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