What do you think is the most important skill for job success?

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FOTM received this email asking for our advice to students, on the most important skill(s) they’ll need as they prepare to enter the workforce.
My name is Bob and I am the Community Manager at Webucator. For the month of January, we’re running a campaign celebrating the many students heading back to school for the year, and helping them determine what skills they should sharpen to prepare to enter the workforce!
Webucator is an online training company, and we’re all about teaching essential skills and finding ways to help people improve themselves and become more successful. With that in mind, we’re asking bloggers like you to share a post about what you consider will be the most valuable workplace skill in 2015, the one talent or piece of knowledge that could most help you be successful in your job or life this year.
What’s most important – being able to nail your interviews? Being good with computer code? Being a great communicator, or a creative problem solver? We want to hear about the skills that you feel are most essential to success, how you acquired or plan to acquire the skill, and why it is so important.
We’re excited about this newest campaign in our Webucator Asks series, and look forward to hearing about the creative ways you can make yourself stand out in the workplace! We’ll be sharing these blog posts on our social channels and with our students!
Please let me know if you’re interested in participating, or if you have any questions. We’d love to share your thoughts.
Bob Clary
Please help America’s young people by taking this poll, after which you can also add additional suggestions as a comment. I will convey the poll results and your comments to Mr. Clary.

Thank you!

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0 responses to “What do you think is the most important skill for job success?

  1. the word “community” triggers an WARNING alert signal in my console.

  2. Mr. Clary, do you know to whom you are sending this poll?
    Are we talking about success in this life or the one to come?

  3. I chose hard work and discipline. They are not specific to this moment in history, but are indispensable elements to success. They are essential ingredients to all the other choices in this poll.

  4. I chose moral virtue,because if you don’t have THAT,you’ll never have the ability to handle business responsibly in the long run.

  5. Christian Work Ethic, Real one not the prosperity preachers fake stuff, Un-Revised Western-Civilization based Education in The Classics, Arts, Culture; Drop the indoctrination and all the Huff-Puff. Basics: Reading, Writing, Math. And oh yeah, pull your pants up; Ebonics IS NOT going to help you!

  6. What do you think is the most important skill for job success?
    In the Kenyan comrade Dear Ruler’s brave new Amerika, I’d say move to a freer country and start your own business.


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