What Do the Initials "TSA" Really Mean?

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TSA supposedly are the initials for Transport Security Administration.
Little do we sheeple Americans know the initials actually stand for something else entirely.
Here are 44 meanings. So many choices!

My vote is for “Totally Screwing Americans”. What’s yours?
A big h/t to beloved fellow Tom in NC.

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0 responses to “What Do the Initials "TSA" Really Mean?

  1. T is for the many times you groped me,
    S is for the shit that fills your head,
    A is for the asses that you always are:
    Put them all together and you have your authority, which comes from the Prince of Darkness, and his Earth angel is minion Chertoff.

  2. I’m glad it’s made some of you smile! I also have an enthusiastic email on this from a former USofA Counter Intelligence agent, who is fed up & disgusted w/this incredibly unAmerican behaviour. So many are standing up now that something good will happen soon –or else! Even the angels of Light weary of infinite stupidity, and choose to terminate it before it harms another….

  3. Tough Sh*t, America?

  4. TSA = Touching Sensitive Areas.
    LOL – But I like Anon’s response better. 🙂

  5. Slightly off topic, but you’ll understand, as it is my smoked turkey recipe.

  6. Claire Fillinger

    Mine , spontaneously offered and unfiltered :
    Tough S***Association

  7. There is also Tyrannical Socialist *ssholes.


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