What Do Conservatives Do Now?

Yesterday, the disastrous so-called Budget Control Act of 2011 became law. The law increases the US debt limit by more than $2 trillion; promises spending cuts that include defense; and creates a Super Committee of 12 who can raise taxes and cut entitlements.
Many conservatives feel dismayed and discouraged. We’ve played, peacefully, by the rules. We formed or joined TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party groups; blogged; wrote/called the White House and our representatives in Washington, DC; and dutifully trotted to the voting booths last November 2nd. Our efforts were rewarded with a historic midterm election that voted in a tidal wave of Republicans to state governorships, to the U.S. Senate, and to form a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Despite all our efforts, the Republicans in the House caved in and approved the debt deal with Obama. And so, yesterday Obama signed the bill into law.
Adding to our disillusionment is the fact that 70% of the GOP freshman class had voted to support the budget deal, among them is Florida’s Allen West. Many of the turncoats had been elected last November with the support of the Tea Party movement whose major cause is precisely that of cutting federal spending and reducing deficits.
So what do we do now?
I asked the other writers of the Fellowship to do some brainstorming. Simply and starkly, there really are only three choices:
1. Continue to work within the system:
We redouble our efforts and get ready for the 2012 elections. We vote out the GOP turncoats; re-elect those Republicans who had voted against the debt deal (go here for their names); vote for a true conservative in the Republican presidential primary; and most important of all, get Obama out of the White House! On that last task, here’s a hopeful message from political maven Dick Morris:
2. Overthrow the present corrupt system and restore the Constitution:
That’s a move never to be taken lightly, not only because of the certain losses of life and property, but also because of the uncertainty of success. As best as I know, there is not even a whiff of serious disaffection, even less of rebellion, among the U.S. military. But without the backing of the military, or at least a part of it, attempting a second American Revolution is quixotic and suicidal.
3. Drop out of the system:
We hit the bastards in the wallet and do whatever we can to cut off the flow of cash to Washington. We stop spending other than absolute necessities; do cash only transactions; cut up our credit cards; get our money out of banks, or at a minimum out of global banks and into local banks and credit unions. We circle the wagons, protect the homestead, and go into survivalist mode.
Seriously though, how many of us can or will do that?
So in the end, I keep coming back to Option One: Work Within the System. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there more I can do, in labor and dollars, to get the right people into office?
  • Am I in good fighting shape — physically, mentally, spiritually — for the battle? If not, get in shape!
  • If I am able (financially, family-wise) and have the aptitude (knowledge and understanding of politics; public speaking) to run for public office, why am I not doing it? Whom am I waiting for?
  • If I feel besieged, what about those House Republicans who went against their leader, that spineless RINO John Boehner, and voted against the debt deal? If your Congressman/woman is one of the 66 Samurai, send them a “Thank You” note or phonecall! (go here for the names of the 66).

Lastly, do not give in to despair. That’s a sure way for our opponents to win.
There is always hope.
I welcome your suggestions, ideas, proposals.

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Thank you for recognizing and verbalizing our frustration. It does ease my heart to know that I am not gong thru this ordeal in isolation. I am not a “terrorist” and I am not the silent majority. I believe in the power of the pen and in the power of prayer. May God have mercy on our country.

Am I The Only One?
Am I The Only One?

Both Political Parties have a proven tract record of Ingnoring those that have Elected them into office!Once in office they tend to vote ‘Party Interest’ instead of ‘The People’s Will’!.. Third Parties seem to have ‘Little Chance’ of gaining Real Control because of Current Political Party Rules Restrict their Access to Participate, and Their Constitution Right to Do So! There is a Very Simple way for “The People” to gain Real Control of “Our Out of Control Government”, And With-Out Using “Any Political Parties”, To Do It! “All We Have To Do Is To Pledge;’Our Lives,Our Fortunes, And Our Sacred-Honor’,To… Read more »


Thanks for stating it so clearly. I’m not able to do all of it, but I am able to do some of it, so I’ll do what I am able. I did find lunch a bit better after the video. 🙂


“What Do Conservatives Do Now?”
Start sharpening those pitchforks and wrapping the torches.

jay b gaskillb
jay b gaskillb

The same thing that the now dead JFK liberals would do. Optimism, always. Working within the system is the only reasonable choice, but it entails accomplishing at least three things domestic and three things foreign: DOMESTIC: (1) the defeat of Obiwan in November 2012; (2) the capture of the US Senate from the left; and (3) the consistent, energetic promotion of a single bright line, morally sound conservative baseline position of which at least three elements are paramount: (A) End the federal borrowing addiction; (B) Lift the political load on commerce – fiscal and regulatory; (C) Restore a respect for… Read more »

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

2012 Campaign Slogan/Bumpersticker: “Let’s Hunt Some Orc!”

Randy Gilmore
Randy Gilmore

I believe that the majority of us knew we weren’t going to get very far this time with only controlling the House. The only 2 options available was to negotiate a deal to continue the insanity until we could control at least the senate and hopefully the whitehouse, or shut down the government. The house was afraid of what might happen if they did shut things down, so they weren’t willing to gamble on this. Hence the negotiation that did happen. In my opinion we should keep moving in the same direction and take over the republican party, ousting the… Read more »

Am I The Only One?
Am I The Only One?

Only 66 Republicans from Congress, The House and Senate, voted against the Debt Ceiling Bill!
How many Years will it take to gain a solid, “Conservative Control”, of the House and Senate to Stop Government Spending and Waste, and Start Reducing Our Government’s Accumulated Debt?


Orc and RINO hunting….those critters cause so much havoc when they’re allowed to roam . I’ve been “dropped out” and not feeding the beast and it seems like the inmates took over the asylum…one can’t forget that they’re passionate,driven psychopaths …and that doesn’t even begin to describe the shadow government (the unelected unaccountable) calling the shots via bureaucratic dictate . Civil non-violent disobedience when practiced against rational and well meaning government might work….but the malevolent nature of the current regime should not be underestimated.