“What difference at this point does it make?”

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noun Slang.  1. unmitigated effrontery or impudence; gall. 2. audacity; nerve.

A tweet from Hillary Clinton’s book promoter:


A close up of the middle picture on the top:



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0 responses to ““What difference at this point does it make?”

  1. I honestly do not have the words that describes the extent of the disdain that I truly hold for this person.

    All I can say at this point, is that Hillary has the “Special Select Committee” she has to face coming up. And I hope it wipes that smug smile off her face for the rest of eternity. She has to face Trey Dowdy, and he is NOT going to let her “ramble” like she did in this video, when he asks her, “When did you hear about the attack that was going on in Benghazi?” And when he asks her “Who was it that told you?” She better bite her tongue, give him ONE name and shut the “F” up, and wait for his next question. Senator Dowdy has in his power the ability to prevent Hillary from running for president EVER. And if she doesn’t play by his rules, she just might find herself in a position she never dreamed she would be.

  2. I like Trey but he is a congressman, not a senator.

  3. traildustfotm

    When I saw her make that statement I immediately thought, “What difference does it make?!!! It makes one huge difference to the men you deliberately left out there to die!!! It makes a very big difference to their loved ones, who miss them every day!!! When somebody is murdered in our country, their loved ones aren’t satisfied until the murderer is brought to justice!!!! In this case, Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama, the murderers are you!!!”

  4. Regular readers here will already know that –like David above– “I honestly do not have the words that describes the extent of the disdain that I truly hold for this person.’

    An older friend of mine, recently deceased, was the Clinton’s financial advisor before they hit the WH. He told me how evil they are, details I can’t give out here, but trust me when I say both should have been imprisoned before making the WH. They’d sell their parents & children if it meant advancing themselves in any way.

  5. Isn’t that picture cute?? That was when Obama and Clinton lied to the families of the brave men in those caskets. Fits the Clinton/Obama mode. Liars.

  6. In this morning’s news Hillary echoed Obama’s excuse for swapping the AWOL deserter for the 5 terrorists out of Gitmo—-“We don’t leave any Americans behind…’ First of all…my husband noted that “we” had no trouble at all leaving an Ambassador and Navy Seals behind as the brass and the politicos most probably watched them being slaughtered in real time on a screen back in Washington…..AND, secondly….When you desert, you are not strictly protected from any kind of harm during war-time…you are a traitor with a price on your head…and lastly…I was shocked that “Hillary the Expectant” didn’t distance herself from this illegal, impeachable, treasonous tresspass so lately visted upon us by Obama the POS.


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