What Did You Think of Obama's SOTU Speech?

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Friends of the Fellowship,
I’ll be occupied today preparing a presentation to a Theology study group, and Steve will also be busy, combatting a recurring plague bedeviling his computer. So here’s an Open Thread for you to tell us what you think of Obama’s performance last night — and anything else that’s on your mind!

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0 responses to “What Did You Think of Obama's SOTU Speech?

  1. I refused to watch it at all. Sounds like same old, same old–spend more , better education, clean energy, yada, yayda, yada… I just fear this fool will be re-elected because so many are just clueless.

  2. A total flop.
    I’m glad I watched it. No matter what the media says, this failed president will not be elected in 2012. The room knew he was a failure.
    Obama knows he has failed. He can’t rise above it .
    He played at being president, nearly destroyed America, and in 2012 he will lose in the biggest landslide ever seen in America!

  3. I was nauseated within the first 2 minutes as he talked about the two parties having contentious and fierce debate, etc, then segued into the tragedy in Arizona and invoked the “little girl” who was killed.
    That was it for me. I changed the channel and watched a Steven Segal movie.

  4. What I want to know is, where is the Kenyan boy wonder going to get the money to cover all of those “investments” he talked about last night?
    This country is $113 Trillion in debt (no, not the $14 Trillion the government has been lying about) and on the verge of tipping over financially.
    We don’t have the money to pay for what Obama has done to date, much less to pay for anything more.

  5. I could not watch him,the sound bytes are hard enough to listen to,he is a fraudulent,lying windbag. Anyone believing anything he says is delusional.

  6. I can’t imagine anyone listening to him unless they don’t get their news from the internet.

  7. As one of my friends observed; he doesn’t make State of the Union speeches, he makes PR Statements.

  8. Amazingly tame in my view. Clearly Obama is trying to woo independents, and this speech went to great lengths to do so. A few bones to Progressives like high-speed rail and clean energy jobs, but their both pipe dreams and offset by other proposals.
    Tort reform? Never happen but it was intended to signal a willingness to compromise.
    Eliminating the 1099 requirement in the PPACA? This might happen but if it does, a big chunk of revenue counted on by dems to bring the cost of the law below the $900B threshold goes away. Add to that and the never-gonna-happen doc fix and Republicans can make an undeniable case that the law does not drive down costs. It also opens the door to the myriad of other taxes needed to lower the cost, enlightening a growing opposition to the law. Watch for falling poll numbers regarding the PPACA.
    Education reform? Maybe. The NEA and the AFT will go nuts over greater accountability for teachers. Any threat of diminished monetary support from these two powerhouses will put an end to any meaningful reforms.
    Lower corporate tax rates? Hmmm. He must see declining corporate donations over the last two years.
    I noticed he didn’t mention GITMO.
    Basically, I thought it was extraordinarily vanilla. Some of these are pretty plain, but Barry seemed to go out of his way to seduce the center and center-right while really ignoring his base. He knows he’ll never convert Tea Partiers and Libertarians so there was nothing there for them. And I guess he figures his base is locked in unless he caves to far on the PPACA; which I’m sure he has no plans to do. All-in-all, mostly lip service.
    I’ll bet there are a lot of bewildered journalists today though; JournOlist 2.0 must be beating their brains out trying to come up with some sort of marketable praise.

    • From what I saw on NB the SRM is now making O into “Reagan” somehow, at least his speech was Reaganese (sp?). Funny, they let JR bash his dad for a week then turnaround the next comparing O to our great 40th prez…makes me sick.

  9. why o why can’t he just go away… quit leave the white house and move .
    go to hollywood and be a tv president in a sitcom.

  10. I can’t stomach his face or the nonstop lies pouring from his oral cavity, the damage he has inflicted on this country is an abomination and he needs to be removed from office by any means possible.

  11. More like the STFU speech.

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