What Did Michelle Say to Skippy?

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Last Sunday, at the ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11, something that Michelle Obama said to Skippy is generating a lot of Internet buzz.
After the NYPD bagpipers bring out and unfurl what looks like a tattered US Flag, a choir sings the Star Spangled Banner, the camera pans over to the First Couple.
There are those who say Michelle said this to Skippy:

“All that for a flag”

I want to be fair. We need an experienced lip-reader!
Here are two videos. The first is quite long; I recommend you speeding to the 5:30 mark:

Here’s the looped video:

H/t Patriot Action Network.

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0 responses to “What Did Michelle Say to Skippy?

  1. Wow,when my daughter gets home I will have her look at these videos. She reads lips, because she is partially deaf in one ear, and has to frequently resort to that. It sure looks from the smirk on her face that it was a diss of some sort.l shame shame shame. Let her go live in Somalia or some place where she won’t have to look at the flag. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. There is little secret about Michelle Obama’s distain for America and the American people. She gives the same impression many blacks do that all whites should kiss their rear ends to make up for the slavery bit a century and a half ago. I don’t read lips so I have no idea what she is saying to Barack and, I don’t care. Her opinion and $10.00 may buy you a cup of coffee somewhere. Hopefully, she and her lousy wardrobe will be out of the White House shortly. Goodwill is preparing a museum for most of her wardrobe in one of their warehouses, somewhere.

  3. I can’t wait to find out myself LOL. She’ll probably make a comment in the room, or I’ll comment after she looks. You can be sure that whatever it was, that she was not complimenting the pipers on their kilts.

  4. Looks like she says “all this for a f-ing flag.”

  5. It looks to me like she was saying, “They really know how to fold that flag.” The president seems to be agreeing with her. The last lexpression on her face seems to be that of being impressed with the flag folding. Not sure though.

  6. Ya know, they can just move to Kenya and won’t have to look upon the American flag any longer.
    I just loathe these two cretins.

  7. the two of them should be banished from this country exiled back to obamas homeland (kenya) one term and done

  8. I read earlier that someone thought Moochelle said : “All of this for a flag !! “

  9. I watched full screen a couple of times and couldn’t make it out. It’s hard to believe she’d say something like that with George and Laura Bush standing right beside her.

  10. Sage, daughter came home, and watched the video over and over, and she couldn’t make it all out. Daughter said there was an extra syllable in there she could’nt make out, and part of it was behind the post of the partition. She said one word looked like it started with an “R”. I joked with her that She probably said, “All this for a racist flag”.
    Annie, your comment about her saying : “all this for a flag was the impression I got too.

  11. ps we’ll probably never know what it was she said. And now that the White House has the Attack Watch Website; we probably are going to find that we can’t even discuss these things without ending up on their enemies list.

  12. One thing we know she did not say, “My girdle is killing me.”

  13. she definitely does not say the word, “all”. I grew up reading lips as I am hard of hearing. I read lips constantly. There isn’t anyone or a expert that can tell what shes saying 100% because she moves into the president and the bar blocks a few words. she ends saying, how they fold the flag..I am positive but can’t make out before because the bar. Almost sounds like she says, look. We don’t read the words, we look at the mouth movement and find syllables and put it together. People shouldn’t assume nor should people call themselves experts bc I have been reading lips since I was 4…21 years and im not even an expert.

  14. Maybe she said, “Where are the tamales?”

  15. After watching this clip at another site, I think she is saying “look at the way they fold that flag.”

  16. I don’t know what she said…and I don’t care. She & Skippy have never been proud of the American flag & never will be. Except maybe when their buddy Ayers is stomping on it. Sorry, long day/night for me 🙁

  17. “Read my lips”……..”All this for a f*ing flag”….*smirk*….
    Michelle……your hubby applauds you…*gag* ..now if you two will kindly GT*O of our country….so we can salvage what shreds you two have left of it. ..K?…Thanks!….BUH Bye!
    I’m sorry, but I have to constantly pray about my attitude where these two are concerned. Thank the Lord that He is more merciful than I.

  18. she never says, all or f*ing. Don’t assume things. I don’t care for certain people but we still need to be honest and tell the truth.
    Ted: I agree with you 100%…that is what I think she said. I have been reading lips for 21 yrs. Thats how I hear. I have to read lips in order to know whats going on around me so I am pretty good at it but there isn’t anyone who really knows hundred percent bc lip reading has been proven to only catch 30-40% of the words being mimicid.

  19. I wouldn’t put it past her to say something like – “All of this for a flag”. Neither one of the Obama’s are what I would consider patriotic. And I am no fan of the Presidents policies.
    However, giving her the benefit of the doubt, it is possible that she said – “wonderful flag”.. And the little head shake could be her doing a “My-My”


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