What did Laura show Jeb at Pres. George H.W. Bush’s funeral?

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Yesterday, at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, former First Lady Laura Bush showed Jeb Bush a piece of paper (the funeral program?).

In a split second, Jeb’s demeanor drastically changed — from smiling, with his right hand over his heart, to looking shocked and very distraught.

Here’s the video segment:

Whatever that was on the piece of paper was something so obvious and quickly conveyed that all it took was a quick glimpse for Jeb to realize the import.

What was it?


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44 responses to “What did Laura show Jeb at Pres. George H.W. Bush’s funeral?

  1. “Trump IS your PRESIDENT”

  2. captain america

    A picture of his wife.

  3. There was also a repeat of George W. Bush placing something small into Michelle Obama’s hand yesterday, just like he did at John McCain’s funeral.

    There’s a guy on Twitter (Joe M) that I follow, who has done a lot of work on the Q phenomenon. About a week before George H.W. Bush’s death was announced last Friday night, James Comey tweeted something about his dog dying. He stated that it was a rescue dog, that he was old, but nobody knew how old. Joe M commented, asking Comey if Bush had died. When Bush’s death was announced last week, other people who follow Joe M were questioning him as to how in the world he linked the death to Comey’s tweet. He said that he had figured out that all the people involved in this plot to rig the election and take down President Trump don’t send out tweets to merely socialize and make small talk with their friends and followers; they are sending coded messages to others that are involved. The major players are all under surveillance, probably the same kind of surveillance they used against the Trump campaign – FISA. This time it’s legal because they are all actual criminals. I hope Joe M is right!

    • I saw that the other day & made notes about it but never did anything with them, so here’s the link to that little side-story:

      A QAnon fan, “Joe M” @StormIsUponUs noticed on 11/26/18 James Comey’s prior tweet of 11/14/18 stating their family dog died. Since GHWB has a code name of Wolf Dog (or some such as seen in other comments & tweets), Joe M suspected & asked/tweeted (on 11/26/18):

      “Did Herbert Walker die?”:

      “Joe M” then explained in a followup tweet 12/1/18 (same above link/thread):

      “It wasn’t hard because once you realize [they] do NOT use Twitter for trivial chitchat but instead to telegraph moves to their secret society friends, you can try squint between the lines.”

      I thought that was a great observation by Joe M that “they” now use Twitter to “telegraph messages.” We already know they have used TV & movies for decades to do so, but it had not occurred to me that “they” were now using Twitter (except when Potus Trump “trolls” his enemies, lol).

      • TPR . . . . Wow! Very interesting link. Thanks for the heads up.

      • TPR, I am so glad you have that tweet and could post it. I thought maybe I had saved it, but I didn’t and had to go from memory.

        Something else the same Joe M told about that is interesting. Remember a week or so back, when the White House Christmas decorations were unveiled, and a lot of people were saying they don’t like the red trees? Well, it turns out that when evergreen trees get certain diseases and begin to die, they turn red before they die, starting at the bottom and working its way to the top. The name given to Hillary Clinton as her secret service code name was Evergreen. That also reminded me of the recent article here at FOTM about Barbra Streisand, and it was mentioned that she had a fling with Bill Clinton back in the early 90s. Barbra had a song in the 70s named Evergreen. Coincidences, coincidences…

        • Is that much synchronicity mere coincidence? To think not I would see as very unusual at least, if not outright suspect such codeing aspects. At the very least, perhaps it was a note: “Wipe the smile from your face!”

    • I’ve also heard that GHWB was also put to death the same way McCain supposedly was, that he had been secretly indicted, found guilty at a military tribunal, and that his planned death was part of a plea agreement.

      I’m not sure about that, since he was 94, and sometimes, long-time couples die within months, weeks, days of each other.

      Didn’t know about the twitter angle to send coded massages – very interesting…

    • I was listening to a Mark Taylor video and he said that George W. Bush is not putting a piece of candy in Michelle Obama’s hand, he is putting a flash drive into her hand. Taylor said that their (Obamas’, Bushes’, Clintons’) communications have gone dark: they cannot use the phone or the internet, so they have to communicate some other way. I think Taylor said that for George H.W. Bush’s funeral, the Obamas, Bushes and Clintons reserved rooms on the same floor of the same hotel so that they could talk with each other.

  4. A subpoena?

  5. This is a good question, and on Monday I read somewhere that the real date of Bush, Sr.’s death was actually Nov. 26th. I dismissed it as more conspiracy nonsense.
    One thing is for sure, however. Nothing is as it seems. Be it a wedding or a funeral, it’s always an occasion not to worship but to exchange coded messages. This is how “real” these boot-lickers are.

  6. Maybe it was a captioned-photo of big daddy GHW which read,

    (& P.S.: McCain is here, too!)”


    –OR– It could have been a note from the “Death Squad” that read:

    “Get Ready, Jeb, You’re Next!”

    –OR– Laura & Jeb Bush could have been “play acting” for the camera in order to fill the Internet Community with more questions/suspicions.

    –OR– Maybe it was a note re Mueller’s final report/decision/sentence, “No Jail Time for Mike Flynn” (since Flynn knows all the Obama/Hillary dirt, he probably knows any/all Bush dirt as well).

    End of Guesses!

    • It has been found out what was on the notes to the men, no one has verified what HRC or Pence’s wife’s note said. Pretty bold and a great move to make in a setting where they have to stew on those words in silence alone with nothing but looks not knowing who else will deal with this…..

      From: your Achilles heal,
      POTUS AND Q.”

  7. Probably a picture of Poppy’s favorite adolescent oily boy. Jeb does look shocked. Laura looks worried. Maybe somebody got an infrared shot of them naked in the woods around the cauldron.

  8. No doubt about it . . . Jeb totally fell apart in front of our eyes.

  9. A pic of Michelle Obama’s wiener?

  10. Something along the lines of the ‘towers just came down’… if you know what I mean?

  11. Someone said cctv caught the note which said “Bolt Hold Raided”

  12. What if…
    Each of those seated in that ‘assigned’ seating placement had their “very own” message inscribed on the funeral program?

    Then maybe, just maybe Laura showed Jeb the inscribed message from POTUS on her program?!

    Just a fantastic dream of mine…?

  13. Lawyers for 9/11, recently got approved for a Grand Jury.
    They’ve all been ubpoenaed for the Grand Jury.
    Laura got her subpoena first. Maybe she bought too many shoes, or a getaway palace in Antibes?
    And Jeb realized he is next to get subpoenaed for his collusions which have already been proven.

  14. Laura probably showed Jeb the part where Jeb was referred to as “Low Energy Jeb”

  15. “Your rent is WAY past due you freeloading punk! Pay up or I’ll send Killery and her posse to collect!”

  16. Steven Schassler

    “Junior has flipped”.

    Did you see Dubya’s look of shame?

  17. It said “you are NOT invited to the banquet”.

  18. Laura was already distressed when she showed it to Jeb.

  19. Spotted on Mr. Makow’s twitter: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=110301 Apparently al gore, and karen pence, both got envelopes as well.

  20. This is potentially something really big! Thank you for posting it Dr. Eowyn! We won’t see anything like it on MSM. And just a couple of days later, the fake news is reading from their talking points that President Trump may face jail time. This war is escalating rapidly.

  21. https://youtu.be/unMX9lgKI1Q
    McAllisterTV on youtube asked if it’s possible that Bush 41 had been McCained. I don’t know McAllisterTV enough to know if her head is on straight, but the question seemed plausible.

  22. To Seumas-
    There is a CSPAN video link on the website that you shared here. I ask readers here to watch and LISTEN to the video carefully.

    …Does anyone hear what I hear behind the organ playing?

  23. https://youtu.be/zB7v1VNrn8U
    Dear FOTM people, would you check out this guy’s claim? I don’t know anything about him, whether he has a functioning brain or is one more wackadoodle wagging his tongue. Thank you,
    ~ TD

    • Let me check my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. There…..nope, nothing there. He’s too old to waste a bullet on. Besides, something has to keep the Hell fires burning.

      I normally just write fantasies off as the product of people wanting things to be better. I can tell you that if you want my “prophecy” on current affairs, its bleak. I would advise against anyone getting too serious about somebody on a white charger riding in to rescue us from the Commies.

      No, it looks to me like the Commies are winning. He should have struck while the iron was hot. It will never be that hot again. Now, if he’s lucky, he’ll spend the next two years on defense.

      Those at the funeral mirror those at their “masses”. These are deeply evil and corrupted creatures. It is a mistake to sell them short or to think that they will do something simply because it is the “right” thing to do.

      I do not believe that some organization or group of good guys is holed up somewhere ready to play Duddly Doright. I can understand the urge, but now is not the time to lose touch with reality.

    • No source cited = not credible.
      Besides, why would Trump bother to execute G.H.W. Bush, a 94-year-old man who wouldn’t live long any way?

  24. Maybe a horrifying screenshot from Weiner’s laptop video revealing Killery and Huma wearing a little girls face.

  25. Could it have been a Government Bill to use the Presidential Facilities in Washington DC? Nah! that would be so uncool!

  26. Does anyone remember the water bottle thing when Trump put his water bottle on the ground and then Pence did the same thing. But then Trump took an envelope off the table and put it in his pocket.
    Maybe the note said “NO DEAL”.
    Also important to observe is that all the notes were closed —except for Pence. His note was open and unlike the others, Pence did not read the note or react. I think the open envelope was a signal to Pence

  27. You have to believe the generals know everything that goes on , on the front lines . Both land and sea . Probably figured it all out but under orders . All must stop , under orders .

  28. I think it has to do with the plot to invoke the 25th amendment. Such a plan would require prior presidents etc to come forward to support. Maybe a unity government of Pence/Biden. Blew up in their face. Whatever it was , W interrupted his father’s funeral for it.

  29. The note wasn’t handed to Bush. He wrote down the words “Trump and Melanie have already left the funeral…” (before the casket had left the cathedral) and showed what he had written to Laura on the back of his funeral service booklet. That is why Laura was shocked. She showed it to Jeb. Jeb wasn’t afraid, he was just shocked that the jerk left the funeral early clearly showing disrespect and discourtesy to a President of the United States. That’s why he looks over where Trump was sitting. Trump didn’t even say a word to the grieving family. Biden and his wife’s reaction was probably just curiosity of the note. Please spread this around and stop the conspiracy theories spreading around rapidly.


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