What demorats can do to a city: “Seattle is dying”


The title of this post should maybe be, “What demorats CAN’T do to a city.”

When you see the obvious mental health, drug addiction and homeless crises in Seattle/King County, why isn’t ANYTHING achieving ANY type of solution given the MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars being spent? It’s a travesty that should cause elected officials and leaders to be ashamed.


Seattle has a major homeless crisis and crime is on the rise. I’ve done many, many posts about their issues. See the following examples:

Resident in liberal utopia of Seattle who has been targeted by homeless: “Our community is just falling apart”
“Devastated by what Seattle has become.” Homeless squatter ransacks & ruins woman’s apartment & belongings
How many convictions does it take for Seattle City Attorney to place a homeless criminal in jail after his latest assault?
Liberal utopia of Seattle: Areas see 31% increase in crime in 2018

KOMO News did a special called, “Seattle is Dying” which outlines the issues Seattle faces and how they arrived at their current situation. Hint: The city has been run by demorats for a long, long time.

The Seattle bureaucrats cater to the criminals, drug addicts and – of course – the homeless. Seattle Police have their hands tied as they continuously arrest well-known criminals who are typically released from jail in just a couple days.

Seattle citizens are finally getting fed up. But what do you want to bet they keep voting demorat?

The video is long but worth a watch (I played it in the background while doing other things) if you want see how liberalism can ruin a once, beautiful city.


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deplorable patriot
deplorable patriot
1 year ago

this destructive domestic policy is the NARCO-jesuit plan for these United States …. open borders is the key …

1 year ago

A lot of the cops can’t take it anymore either. Sad as it is, I think they want all of the cities to do this. They intentionally want us in squalor. We’re easier to control that way.

Obviously, ANYONE could do a better job than they have. So I have to conclude that they’re doing exactly what they want to do. Actually, they’re doing what their owners in The Odor tell them to do.

1 year ago

Maybe they should re open a “Panera Cares”, the failed socialist restaurant experiment in Boston. Then magically everything will be wonderful!
What do they expect, they want to lower the bar so that everyone is “accepted” and everyone is “included”. Follow Marxism and this is what you get.

Sam Smith
Sam Smith
1 year ago

How is it we can quickly solve the homelessness problem for foreign refugees flooding our shores, but somehow just can’t do the same for our own people?