What About that Social Security No.?

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The Social Security number (042-68-4425) that Obama is using has a Connecticut prefix (042). The problem is he had never lived in Connecticut.
That number also has been run through the federal government’s E-Verify system by Linda Jordan of Washington — and it flunked. The E-Verify system says it’s a non-match and specialized system codes indicate likely fraud with this Social Security number.
Click here for more information about the investigations into Obama’s SSN fraud by Linda Jordan, Citizen Employer, and private investigator Susan Daniels.
This full-page ad was published on page 5 of the September 26, issue of the Washington Times National Weekly edition.
Using a fraudulent Social Security number is a felony punishable by $250,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison. This is the ad that I would have put up next to the one above:

The media, especially Politico.com, were like bloodhounds on former GOP candidate Herman Cain’s bimbo eruptions. Why are they so resolutely silent on Obama’s odd Social Security number? Aren’t they even just a bit curious?
And why isn’t any of the GOP candidates talking about this?
See also FOTM’s posts on Obama’s peculiar Social Security number:

H/t beloved fellow Tina & ObamaReleaseYourRecords.

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52 responses to “What About that Social Security No.?

  1. I ran this through Ancestry.com and it came back to a Barack Obama who actually did live in Connecticut in the mid-20th century and is now deceased. (Ancestry also turned up another [deceased] Barack Obama who’d lived in Texas.) What’s her source for saying the living Obama is actually using this number himself?

    • Barack Obama is an unusual name, but you found two now-dead Barack Obamas. You claimed you “ran this through Ancestry.com”. Give us the URL, please.
      As for your asking for “her source”, I’m assuming you’re referring to the Washington state woman who ran Obama’s Connecticut Social Security no. through E-Verify. “Her source” is E-Verify. Since you are so adept with Ancestry.com, no doubt you can verify what the woman did by running that SS# through E-Verify yourself.
      Of course, you somehow conveniently ignored my point — Why aren’t the media on this story? If only to make a laughing stock of conservatives?

      • The URL is Ancestry.com, as I said above. I punched in Obama / Barack / CT in its search fields. It came up with the Social Security Death Index and the 1930 census entry for a Barack Obama living in CT. The SSN given in the database matches the one being touted above. Which leads to E-Verify.
        I’ve used this before, and it doesn’t say something like “Barack Obama is using a fake SSN”. It gives a warning that the number you have punched in is not valid and if someone is trying to use it, it’s being used fraudulently.
        I didn’t “ignore” your point. I pointed out why this isn’t actually a story. There are so many things wrong about Obama that we don’t need to make up fake stories to attack him. As one friend of mine put it concerning Obama and the SSN tale, “You don’t need to claim that Limburger cheese is bad because it’s got killer bacteria in it. Just take one sniff and you know it STINKS”.

        • I suggest you take up this matter with Linda Jordan who first ran that Social Security number through E-Verify.
          And if you had bothered to look at our “The Obama Chronicles” page, you’d see that FOTM is not single-issue in our interest or focus. Obama’s SS number is only one of many issues we find problematic about him. So I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from slinging that piece of mud.

        • The whole point about proving that he is using a fake ID is REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT. Why?
          Because it means that the US Constitution mandate that says anyone who runs for president has to be a natural born citizen, and it’s a joke that he was accepted because he’s got DUAL NATIONALITY, that is if his father was Barack Obama Snr. The US Constitution is what is protecting us from a total dictatorship, and that is really important.
          The other reason that is it crucial that it is admitted that this guy is a usurper is THAT ALL THE BILLS HE SIGNED ARE NULL AND VOID.
          So Obama’s removal from office on account of the two above reasons stated would do two great things:
          Reestablish how vitally powerful the Constitution is, showing that trashing it is NOT KOSHER, and the idea of having all his lousy legislation being rendered null and void is beyond miraculous to me, it would be SO INCREDIBLY FABULOUS, IT WOULD GIVE THE OLIGARCHS SUCH A KICK IN THE PANTS, IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS IF IT WASN’T SO PITIFULLY DISGUSTING. God is good, all the time.
          You cannot mock God. Even BO.

    • As a private investigator, I ran that number and guess what? It came back as a Connecticut number. Obumer never lived there. It is a fake as his long form birth certificate. And no one will do anything about it.

  2. Hartford, Connecticut is headquarters of the C.P.U.S.A. (Communist Party U.S.A.). They handle social security numbers for fellow Communists (A state within a state).

  3. this ssn is shown on his 2009 taxes,posted for America to see. The percentage of Americans now believing he is an absolute fraud is huge. The time is coming soon now to Throw Them All Out! Every Congress person State and Federal know obama is null and void. There is only one,that is standing up for America. His name is Harry Accornero, State rep.from the State of New Hampshire,he has filed treason charges against the Illegal Commander In Chief. Please let Mr.Accornero know you support him. New Hampshire’s elections board are in hot water right now for allowing aka obama on the ballot with absolutely no identification papers shown. As he sent Biden there to do the job with the $1000.00 to get on the ballot. There are challenges going last I heard in 13 states. You may also call your secretaries of state and inquire if they have vetted aka obama. Remember,they are there to serve you.

  4. OK, time for this to get posted at rense.com for ten million more to see. Going there w/it NOW.

    • “What About that Social Security No.?” TFOTM posted on rense.com today, 21st December, shortest day of the year. Very fitting for this darkest of all “dark horse” Presidents!

  5. Candidates won’t discuss because SRM will call them crazy then proceed to tear them down like they did Cain.
    Unbelievable this fraud is still in the WH…

    • Dear DCG:
      In a private email to me about ten years ago, Lew Rockwell Jr remarked [and very intelligently, so I thought] that the history of most US Presidents and politicans could be written as the old-fashioned “FBI’s Most Wanted” handbills one used to see in a PO lobby. [Can you recall Post Offices w/a lobby? I sure can; that was also where one found forms for the Infernal Outgo Tax, Selective Service sign-up, and many Soc Sec forms as well]. Anyhow, Lew felt –and I’m sure does still– that there is simply too much money made by getting elected. Once they’re in, the gifts and donations roll down like Heavenly waters to the River of the people. You get the point.

  6. Ron Paul for president

  7. Howard T. Lewis III

    Obama’s father is more likely Frank Marshall Davis, an American citizen and war veteran. Obama used to mention him often as his mentor growing up, The Kenya guy is a red herring to get you off the scent about Obummer that DOES have central, vital meaning. Such as how can anybody be lifted up the ranks of back-alley corrupt democratic party activism, be given the seal of approval of freemasonry(English royalty punks), and deliver the democratic party national convention keynote address and the presidency next time? Then, how could anybody be so undeservedly lifted and after getting a Nobel Peace Prize, turn on civilization with so much undeserved malace and severity while America mewled and pranced with their likewise screwed up in the head non-functional congress? The CFRtv calls the tune. If you want to win, get down on your knees and service the freemason obelisk in the basement of the ‘world Court of the World’ in israel to get CFRtv press coverage, WHICH YOU WILL NEED.

  8. Howard answered your question and you questioned his answer. If you’re as smart as you appear to be why don’t YOU posit an answer? The question you pose is the only question worth asking. In all the conspiracy theories out there , this question is rarely asked. The deafening silence from ALL partisans, courts and media says it all, some one with one shitload of clout wanted him in the presidency and everyone else bowed and said “yes massah.” Who has this much clout ? Hint: the same nameless, faceless people that have controlled the selection since at least JFK’s murder, and probably before…YOUR turn…

  9. The World Supreme Court is in Israel. That is not the same as the one in the Hague. Look that up in your browser and smoke it.

  10. https://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/rothschild__the_israeli_supreme.htm
    Oh yea yea yea…a “conspiracy theory” just like the majority thinks of your “Obama is a Kenyan” tale…
    I know Obama is an alien usurper, and I also know who he works for.
    As far as anti-Zionism equating to antisemitism…well let you crumbs lead you home one day…

  11. I’m certainly no defender of Hussein Obama, but can anybody refute this Snopes report on the SS. number?

    • Hadn’t heard that one before, but nice misdirection by Snopes… why the heck was the number processed in Connecticut when he lived in Hawaii at the time? Somebody mailed the application paperwork all the way there for a teenager getting a summer job at an ice cream parlor?

  12. https://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/ssn.asp
    For all the idjits who want to believe lies and couldn’t be bothered by these, or any other, facts.

    • Dude, I was just raggin’ on that… pay attention.

      • It took me three minutes to prove wrong what you have believed to be true for months. My attention is just fine thanks.

    • And Snopes garners such unbiased authority from just where?
      Is there logic there that persuades you? Or is it just that Snopes is the “last word in authenticity”? to you?
      If you see the logic of it, perhaps you can digest it, and spill it out here.

  13. Now if you guys would stop talking and just go and do it ..

  14. Everything with our government is smoke and mirrors. All or most all of Congress is bought and paid for! No other explanation can be had for the recent bill to put our own citizens in detention camps without a trial or evidence! We have been totally taken over by the Communists from within!

  15. Obama like many others is not ‘originally’ of this plane of existence. This is the reason that he needs a confusing web of distractions about his origin. If it were to become common knowledge, the people of the world would panic.. Hidden in plain sight.. This entity is incarnate to lead the world into total darkness, and is doing an excellent job,, Syria, is ready to be next media bonanza and then Iran,, “then that’s all folks”…..

    freemasons loyal TO the British Commonwealth (empire) run the USA, you are OWNED. Obama just another puppet, proven mason.
    and masons infest the “truther” ranks , BEWARE

  17. Check this out .

  18. Howard is wrong. Obama is Malcolm X’s son. He was sent to Indonesia at age 2 to live with Pres. Sukarno and did so for four years. That’s why his “mother” was never seen pregnant. Frank Marshall was a good friend of Malcolm X and kept an eye on him. Do the research. The facts are there. Isn’t it ironic! Malcolm X actually pulled it off and his son is now President.

  19. Right, the same Bachmann and Santorum who think the 4th amendment is a necessary loss because of the “Lone Wolf’s” (I would say wolves but that makes them less lonely) out there, and who think waterboarding is some sort of spa treatment. Considering that if this is true, and our government is run by an illegal, why would you give so much power (judge/jury/executioner power) and give away a constitutional right to such a defunct organization all while still under the banner of a constitutionalist.

  20. The article says “The E-Verify system says it’s a non-match and specialized system codes indicate likely fraud with this Social Security number.” but I looked up the internal documentation on the SSA codes, and there’s noting even remotely suggestive of fraud. More likely than not, after Obama’s SSN was broadcast all over the Internet, he applied for a new one (as he is entitled to do) and the old one was flagged invalid.

    • And you know this, how?
      All the more reason for the established media — with all their plentiful $ resources — to investigate this!

    • Wish the rest of the people in this great nation could do that. Just manufacture a new Social Security Number any time it gets too hot. How many name, drivers licence, fathers, places of birth, birth dates, can a Crook have manufactured before he reaches the end of his rope? Sounds like another Kim Philby/Anthony Blunt type burrowing underground…………

  21. There’s a question about his certificate of birth, and social security number. Now, if Michelle doesn’t have a birth certificate or social security #, then I’m really going to wonder where these handsome well spoken folks came from.

  22. What amazes me is two-fold;that they do these fakeries so amateurishy-an -‘why nobody EVER questions the huge operaton-scars in the mans scalp? Taboo? Somthing is rotten in the state of Amerika!

  23. Get over it, discussing his SSN is a waste of time. He is President, at some point it will need to be accepted. He is the leader of this country and rightfully so. He will be President for another 4 years, but maybe you will find all your truths after he leaves the White House.

  24. I love the picture of him behind bars,except we need to ship him to Sheriff Joe and he can put it in pink. (It)

  25. Well, the case about this very subject was thrown out of a court in LA today, Orly Taitz was there along with Alan Keyes and others who all had evidence of different sorts proving that he is a fraud. The court wouldn’t hear their case because none of the plaintiffs could prove they had been damaged by Obama becoming president. There was a trial held at Atlah World Ministries in Harlem NY last year which proved that he had never attended Columbia University and other charges, and the pastor Dr Manning is planning another trail next Spring to challenge the validity of the birth certificate that he publicised on one of his appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Dr. Manning had a huge relationship with Alex Jones at one point and appeared on his show talking about the citizenship issue, and the media has made a lot of fun of Orly Taitz, and even just recently Donald Trump made a fuss about it. He got kicked out of the running for president just after that. Nancy Pelosi was in charge of the Obama Files and they seem to have conveniently “disappeared” ….. these were supposed to contain all the evidence supporting his legitimacy to run that were collected by the Democratic party. Then it was spread about that on account of her covering for him that she would still be the minority leader after she lost the speakership, so maybe Congress should have her up to question her about those files. It is really crucial now to pull out all the stops to get the WH back. The democrats have made a complete mess of this by allowing the birther issue to get shoved under the carpet for so long, and it’s really odd that the GOP, excluding Michelle Bachman Madame Sage, should not have gone to town with this, especially Mitch McConnell, who has expressed many times how much he wants to see Obama out the WH. Doesn’t make any sense at all.
    The Oligarchs have such a grip on the minds and hearts of these politicians that they seem to be able to swallow their pride, and behave like criminals when it comes to stealing American’s life savings, their homes, their jobs and their children’s futures. They could also all have had labotomies in respect of their ignorance or professed ignorance of the way that FDR managed to get the US back on it’s feet with Glass Steagall and Bretton Woods and the New Deal, and how JFK went ahead with the manned mission to the Moon and how he started to print American money as opposed to FED printed money, and was all about water management projects, and intensly interested in promoting NAWAPA, as was his bro’ Robert.
    Of course they were both assassinated and Americans were shoved into the corner and told to shut up and do what they’re told, and not to point fingers any more and generally quiver and be scared to say a peep about anything controversial. So there went the Ten Commandments, and there went prayer in schools, and there went the sanctity of marriage and here came Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll courtesy of the CIA think tank how to wreck the American spirit of independence from the Oligarchs and their stinking monetarist system.
    So let’s keep on bringing up this subject and get it aired out every day, and keep on with the questions about Fast and Furious and keep on praying that Syria is going to settle down soon and that Netanyahu and Barak are calmed down so they don’t attack Iran. Pray pray pray.
    Just because the tax break thing is being extended for two months doesn’t give Barack Obama the green light to trigger world war three and his health bill and the defense bill and the other rendition bills etc etc could all be annulled and he would be scandalized and people would be happy to be shot of this man who is being used to destroy our sovreign republic and promote the oligarchs genocidal tendancies, which are reaching boiling point, and we’re on the firing line.
    There is always the last straw that breaks the camels back so we have to keep on with the straws until one of them breaks the back of this camel. Aim for 100, 99.5 won’t do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Regarding the question of Obama’s SSN being from Connecticut, I would like to make this comment. When I was 12 years old I was growing up in Virginia, I had lived there all my life. I had never been further west than West Virginia. This was about 1962. I was (like most other people) bamboozled into believing that I had to get a SSN and so I filled out the form and sent it in. They sent me a SS card with a SSN starting with 536. I never thought anything of it. Then many years later, I found out that 536 was one of the first-3-numbers for people in Washington State. I thought that was odd, and so I figured that maybe what happened way back then was that the post office somehow sent it to Washington State instead of Washington DC (I guess that is where I mailed it to in 1962, I don’t really remember). But I still didn’t think anything of it, I had used the 536 number all along. But when I hear this discussion about Obama having a number from Connecticut and he never really lived there, I am reminded that I have my own personal proof that this kind of thing can happen with no sinister efforts or intentions whatever on the part of the person who gets the number.

  27. I see many are try to go after obama by way of civil suit and no one ca prove harm! Must be done by going to a “grand jury” and offer evidence and get an inditement and read the constitution “all of Article 2. And section 4. Of same article” and bill of rights!! “5. Amendment” and it’s the only way to take obama down is a criminal trial by jury.

  28. some are even more curios about the very visible operation-scars(when seen from above) in the scalp of the man who appeared from nowhere,without birth-certificate and a shady personal story.Many-among them the Danish-government have recentlyhad Rotschild -agents in the government-un-elected in most cases,and also appearing from no logic place ; and the financing behind this man -Soros=Rotschilds etc. -indicate that control with Barry Soetoro (Rotschild had another name too=BAUER!) is so important-as he also has acces to USAs atom-bombs-makes it strange that NO-ONE quetions these scars-he hasn´t been in a car accident so WHAT IS IT??****


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