What a grinch…

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Another reason to home school…

Elementary school teacher tells kids there’s no Santa Claus

NY Post:  A sourpuss teacher in Rockland County ruined Christmas for a class full of second-graders this week, when she told them that there is no Santa Claus during a lesson about the North Pole.  The evil educator even told the youngsters — mostly 7- and 8-year-olds — that the presents under their trees were put out by their parents, and not St. Nick.

The stunning Scrooge-like behavior has caused a blizzard of outrage at the George W. Miller Elementary School in Nanuet, where angry parents would like to see the teacher roasted like a chestnut over an open fire.
“If that happened to my daughter in her second-grade class . . . I’d be very upset,” said, Sean Flanagan, 48, whose child was in second grade at the school last year.  “If her brothers told he   [there was no Santa], they would be punished. So I can’t imagine what should happen to the teacher.”
A nanny picking up a child at the school yesterday told The Post that anyone who tells kids that Santa doesn’t exist should get coal in their stocking.  “It’s outrageous that a teacher would strip a child of their innocence and try and demystify something,” said Margaret Fernandez, 59.
A grandmother of a kindergartner said, “I think this is awful.  If it happened to my granddaughter, I’d tell her the teacher made a mistake, and there is a Santa,” she added.
The unidentified teacher reportedly made her anti-Santa comments Tuesday during a geography lesson, when students told her that they knew where the North Pole was because that’s where Santa lives.  Yesterday, school officials wouldn’t discuss the Christmas incident or say if the teacher would face any discipline.  District Superintendent Mark McNeill released a brief statement, saying only, “This matter is being addressed internally.”
One Christmas official was commenting on the record yesterday — Santa himself!  “When I read what happened at the school, I had an opinion that I don’t feel would be printable,” said a still-jolly St. Nick, who was posing for pictures with kids at the Palisades Mall. “I do feel it is unfortunate that this teacher has lost the spirit of Christmas in her heart.  It is important to keep that spirit alive so that Santa can be real for everyone.”
The teacher’s attempt to sleigh Santa even got a reaction from the granddaughter of Virginia O’Hanlon, whose famous 1897 letter to the New York Sun asking if Santa was real drew the legendary response, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”
“My grandmother was   a teacher for years, and I don’t think she ever had a problem answering that [Santa question],” Mary Blair, 69, told The Post.  “The most real things in the world are things that you don’t see or touch,” she added, “and they are the things that mean the most — love, kindness and generosity.”
No doubt this “teacher” will receive a minor punishment, if any at all.  How dare she take it upon herself to spoil the belief of Santa Claus for young children!  Time and time again teachers and our government believe they are responsible for teaching a child every thing about life, instead of the parents. Reason number 9,999,998 to home school.
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15 responses to “What a grinch…

  1. Awesome! A teacher with the backbone to tell the truth. I wonder what the author of this article would say if the teacher would proclaim Jesus in her classroom? I will say this, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children about the Christmas traditions (santa or not); it isn’t the schools’ responsibility. This line of thought goes for other issues too; evolution vs creation, homosexuals, safe sex, sex ed etc….

  2. I know this is insensitive, but that’s what these parents get for turning their children over to the government to be “educated.”

  3. If my grandchild was in that class I would be livid. As a former kindergarten teacher I am appalled at the teacher’s lack of sensitivity and regard for her students. Christmas is the story of the Christ child but the joys of Santa and the generosity of giving is a part of our holiday too. This teacher should be removed from the classroom since the love she should feel for her students is missing.

  4. Saint Nicholas Day ,6 December….nothing wrong with teaching the truth when all else fails.

  5. The International Socialist (Communist Party) is running the public school systems in America. Home School if you can, and build a better America.

  6. I just checked the school’s website. It indicates the School Board meets on December 6th and Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for December 6th and 8th. That 2nd grade teacher will spend two days facing the wrath of angry parents, one on one. I almost pity her.

  7. mymamadintraiseNOfool

    ummmmmmm…..ok……………..but THERE IS NO SANTA! full stop.
    & when most children figure this out , they also realize that their ‘parents’ deceived them.
    so,……………um…….why the need to perpetuate this lie of blatant consumerism when in fact, this is about the Birth of The Messiah???!
    NO…..sorry……..there is NO SANTA….WTFU!!!

  8. Teachers should teach the three R’s…period. It is the parent’s decision and responsibilty to teach all else whether it be sex, religion, and the belief of holiday traditions (Easter bunny, etc). You want to teach them the truth about everything? There’s a little thing called life lessons. That includes keeping innocence intact and dealing with truths as they mature. And the parents are responsible for guiding children through life,, as they know what is best for their OWN child and their mental capacity to deal with issues.

  9. Well said GF…and welcome back!

  10. Not only that, but…
    “Fort Worth Bans Santa From Classrooms,” by Todd Starnes, Fox News, 2 Dec 2011
    “We have people of different races and religions and to them this particular time of year may not be celebratory,” school district spokesman Clint Bond told Fox News.

    • While in Asia we really enjoyed their holiday cellibrations as most all Marines and Navy did. We Americans enjoy experiencing other cultures as they are. There is really something sick with “Government Think” in this great nation. From state school level all the way up to the White House, there should be a “Special Re-education” as to “American Values” so these pogues can get back in line with we Americans.

  11. This is what happens when you let the Socialist Government take over the teaching of our children, all they want is to have an obedient slave workers without any dreams, so they will do what they are told. Semper Fi.


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