Westboro At It Again

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Clouse children with their cousins

Church plans protest at funeral for seven children in central PA

Beaming into the camera in their Christmas best, the eight Clouse children, pictured above with three cousins, are bright, happy and full of life. But seven of those children are now dead after flames tore through their farmhouse in Blain, a rural community 20 miles north of Harrisburg in Pennsylvania.
Their father was napping in a truck nearby while he waited to deliver milk, his second job to make ends meet. When he arrived back to see his home burning, the devastated farmer told an onlooker: ‘I’ve lost all my kids but one.’ Details also emerged yesterday of how his six-month pregnant wife, who was milking cows in a nearby barn, tried desperately to rescue her children, but the intense blaze forced her back. Mrs Clouse, who was milking cows just 100ft from her home, ran from one neighbour’s house to another to find someone to call 911 when she couldn’t get into the burning farmhouse. But the fire tore through the two-story, wood-framed building so quickly investigators say the children, aged between seven months and 11 years, were already dead by the time she got back.
Now the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, which has made a name for itself picketing the funerals of U.S. military men and women, has announced it plans to do the same at the funeral of the Clouse children that died. In a press release, the Topeka, Kan.-based Church, says it “rejoices in the just punishment at the hand of an angry God.” It places blame on a York County man, Albert Snyder, who took the church to the U.S. Supreme Court after it protested and made homophobic statements about his son, a Marine killed in Iraq. The church release called Pennsylvania an “evil state” and said Snyder stood up “and declared war on God and his church” with the lawsuit.
US Senator Bob Casey issued a release, “Westboro Baptist Church’s repeated exploitation of personal tragedy is disgusting.   They have protested funerals of troops killed serving their country.  Now it is targeting the funeral of children.  The protesters should stay in Kansas and pray for the Clouse family.   If this protest goes forward, I hope that the people of Perry County and the Midstate will come out to support the family.”
I know the “church” won the right to picket funerals of slain military personnel, yet must they resort to protesting at the funeral of 7 innocent children? This is truly disheartening…at a time when they should be praying for these young souls they again assert their political agenda.

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0 responses to “Westboro At It Again

  1. May God have mercy on these retards… I’m not so sure the kids’ parents or neighbors will be so understanding.

  2. Fred Phelps and his entire inbred family are going to bust the gates of Hell wide open.
    I imagine they will even get their own section, too – about three levels down from Stalin, Mao, Mengele, and Hitler.
    May God have mercy on them should they ever show up at the funeral of a service member of my relation or acquaintance, because I will be charged with something well beyond mere assault and battery, and will take my chances with the jury.

  3. Candance Moore

    Wow. Those people are insane. I mean seriously, that kind of logic doesn’t come close to making sense.
    The media should stop covering those people and refuse to give them attention.

  4. a very sad situation made even sadder with the negative attention being broadcast.

  5. Steve,
    LOL – Since you’ll be passing near Atlanta on your way north, you can swing by and pick me up and I’ll split the gas with ya.


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