We're being set up for another war

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Boom. Boom.

Boom. Boom.

The drumbeats for another U.S. war, this time against Iran, are getting louder and louder.
Can you hear it?
This morning’s headline story on Drudge Report: “Paper: Military action against Iran ‘likely’…” Here’s what the UK’s Guardian says, Feb. 17, 2012:

“Officials in key parts of the Obama administration are increasingly convinced that sanctions will not deter Tehran from pursuing its nuclear programme, and believe that the US will be left with no option but to launch an attack on Iran or watch Israel do so.”

Consider what Jay Weidner wrote in his column “Smoking Out the Monster,” Feb. 17, 2012 [words in pink are mine ~Eowyn]:

“There is something in the air. Those of us who have been around for a while can almost smell it.  It is the smell of the Monster. It is putrid and greasy. The Monster hides its ugly face from all of us. It fears to show itself. […]

Now with the smoke of war on the horizon the Monster has been forced to show its teeth and claws. […]

In the last few days a number of coincidental(?) events have occurred that bear discussion.

1.) Yesterday, out of the blue, Three of the four Republican candidates for President decided to not do the CNN debate. Ron Paul was the only one willing to debate. CNN canceled the debate. Neither Gingrich nor Santorum have any money. Why would they renege on a chance for a national audience? [read more here]

2). Judge [Andrew] Napalitano was coming out fiercely for Ron Paul on his great show Freedom Watch.  He was fired last week by Fox Business Channel. It should be noted that the Judge was also fiercely anti-war. [Here’s the 5-minute speech that got Napolitano fired:]

3.) Stephen Colbert came out, in a serious manner, for Ron Paul.   
Yesterday his show was ‘suspended’. [ostensibly due to a “family emergency” — his mom’s illness]

4.) Pat Buchanan was fired from MSNBC yesterday.  He was against the current wars and would surely be against an attack on Iran.  He was probably a secret Ron Paul supporter also. [read more here] […]

What is going here?

War is coming.  The Monster is attempting to get rid of and/or silence anyone who is against the corrupt criminal warmongers that rule this country.

So what is so objectionable about Ron Paul? Paul has said the following:

“Far from defeating the enemy, our current polices provide incentive for more people to take up arms against us.”

“We have an empire. We can’t afford it.”

“Acting as the world’s policeman and nation-building weakens our country, puts our troops in harm’s way, and sends precious resources to other nations in the midst of an historic economic crisis.

Ron Paul has been called anti-Semitic because of his stance on Israel. Here’s an interesting video showing that what Paul recommends for America’s policy toward Israel is entirely consistent with what Israel’s PM Netanyahu himself insists:

If Ron Paul were really anti-Semitic or a knee-jerk pacifist-isolationist, why is it that he’s received more financial support from active-duty members of the US military than any other 2012 presidential candidate?

The United States is broke. Our national debt is over $15 TRILLION, and now exceeds our gross national product. Our military is spread thin and our soldiers are weary and suffer unprecedented rates of PTSD and suicide.

We can’t afford another war!!!


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  1. When I checked Drudge this morning and saw that story, I came to the same conclusion. The Powers that Be are shutting out all dissenters who will not keep the beat of the War Drums going. It’s like a page from Orwell’s book, “Nineteen Eighty Four” with perpetual war. There’s orwellian doublespeak on every channel, mouthed by pundits and politicians on a 24/7 basis.

  2. This is a truly awesome essay, because of Eo’s very fine research in gathering scattered bits of evidence. I’m sending this ASAP to my long list, and it will be seen around the world in ten minutes. This is CRUCIAL, folks, very solemn stuff going on.

  3. My attorney friend Jay Gaskill’s reaction to this post:
    “It’s a trap. We can’t afford a nuclear armed Islam either. We need the wisdom of Barry Goldwater. If you must, just win it. Quickly. We are swimming in the anti-wisdom of the LBJ left. Slide in backwards with great reluctance and insufficient force, vaguely humanitarian goals, then lose it, destroying the social fabric in the process.”
    To which I respond: “Since when has this administration won any war quickly? We’re still stuck in the Afghan losing war!”

  4. On Monday, February 20th, the Veterans for Ron Paul Are Marching on the White House.

    At noon, we will gather at the Washington monument and have a chance for people who have won speaking slots* to speak. at 1400 hours, (2pm) we will form up on 15th St NW facing North towards Constitution Ave NW. Each squad leader will go down their squad to verify proof of service***** for every veteran and active duty person in their squad. Marchers are encouraged to wear something symbolic of their support for Ron Paul, and their service. We will step off towards the White House, turn left on Pennsylvania Ave, and come to a halt at 1600. We will do an about face, and present a hand salute to a folded American flag for as many seconds as troops have died since President Obama took office, then march silently back to the Washington monument and fall out. We are currently working on arrangements and special guests for a reception that evening.
    We first thought that if we only had a platoon-sized element, we could pull this off and send a powerful message. It seems now, that we will at least have hundreds marching with us. Can you imagine if we had 1,000 in formation? How many will join us in demanding that Ron Paul be recognized as the choice of the troops?
    ATTIRE: Anyone who intends to march in the formation should be of a generally neat and orderly appearance. Think military-approved civilian attire. The organizers of this event reserve the right to ask anyone to modify their appearance, or step out of the formation if their attire is deemed to not be in the spirit of the event. Of course wearing of uniform items is encouraged, so long as it is done in a way that respects the general dignity of the uniform. Tattered uniform items, items with excessive patches unrelated to military service or the event, and clothing articles bearing messages unrelated to the event, may all be grounds for asking someone to step out of the formation or modify their appearance.
    ACTIVE DUTY: Active duty troops are invited to participate in full recognition of the regulations regarding political speech. WE ARE NOT encouraging active duty personnel to come in uniform. Each individual needs to use his/ her discretion and weigh the risk of attending this event wearing whatever it is that you decide to wear. Do what your OWN conscious tells you. It is an absurd proposition to say that members of the military supporting candidates in uniform would be construed to represent official positions of the government and rules regarding free speech for members of the military have only been used to silence dissent and keep the true will of the troops from being relevant in the American political discourse. Well, NOT ANY MORE! february 20th Ron Paul Veteran 2012 presidents day march rally protest freedom liberty peace revolution white house monument adam kokesh adma vs the man

  5. the majority of these past wars were political B.S.–we should have come home after we killed Saddam Hussein. Iran has needed handled for years now,they are not to be trusted and have been allowed to get way to far. Right now we have another Hussein that needs to be taken care of. Just read in WND he gave Russia 7 of Alaska’s islands! While I’m at it,FOX news is doing a special with Brit Hume Sunday night,on of all people GHW Bush,I have a feeling they are going to try and build up this evil hell spawn into something great. B.S.! He is right next to George Soros on the ratings chart. He has caused more harm to America than anyone I know.

  6. if there is to be war obama should lead the troops from the frontlines.
    that would end all hostilities before they start obama or any member of congress or the senate wouldn’t get within a 1000 miles of a combat zone

  7. And isn’t that sad igor? I mean in the Bible leaders went to war! There would be a lot less politics going on if our leaders would only go to war over a cause they felt so strongly about that they would loose THEIR lives for it.

  8. Each nation should pick a champion for a single combat duel. No one else need be involved.

  9. The “short victorious war” is usually neither, unfortunately. :/

  10. We should have taken care of this problem in North Korea….
    because that’s where they have gotten their nukes from…
    or taken Patton’s advice and settled the matter after WW2.


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