We're 100% Outraged That He's President

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Obama Says He‘s ’Proud Generally’ of Our Troops


Barack Obama Says Hes Proud Generally of U.S. Troops Following Afghan Killing
In an interview Monday with Denver station KCNC-TV, President Obama spoke about support for U.S. troops, saying that “we‘ve got to make sure that we’re caring for our soldiers,” but followed the seemingly compassionate pledge up with a disparaging remark that appeared to dismiss and diminish America’s service men and women outright. In speaking about our troops, the president said: “You can’t help but be proud of them generally.”

The comment came on the heels of the killing of 16 Afghan civilians allegedly by an American soldier.
Obama said that Americans must make sure we’re “caring for our men and women in uniform who are serving so valiantly, and we’re caring for their families. And that‘s why we’ve actually put more resources into dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries.”
“And obviously what happened this weekend was absolutely tragic and heartbreaking. But when you look at what hundreds of thousands of our military personnel have achieved under enormous strain, you can’t help but be proud generally.”
President Obama called the episode “tragic,“ and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called it ”inexplicable.”
According to the Associated Press, Obama told a television interviewer Monday that the killings underscore the need to hand over responsibility for security to Afghans. But he said it won’t lead to an early withdrawal of U.S. troops.
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton then reacted to the president’s comments on Your World with Neil Cavuto, saying, “If that’s a direct quote from the president, I am stunned by that. He should be proud of all of the troops – period. Obviously, sometimes a tragedy like this can happen.
Tom in NC
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0 responses to “We're 100% Outraged That He's President

  1. Gee. Thanks. (I think.)

  2. He’s the whole problem!

  3. Only 100%?
    I blew right by that about 35 months ago.

  4. the muslim enemy in the whitehouse is driving our troops to this. Speedy swift trials for aka obama and all complicit,which is quite a long line,got to be done.

  5. Why anyone in the military would vote for a CIC that says he’s “generally proud” of them is beyond me….
    I’ve got more to say on this yet wouldn’t be very ladylike 🙂

  6. obama (aka soetoro.brounel,davis,soebarkah,shebazz)
    fulfills the true definition of idiot.

  7. I’d say the troops are generally “not at all proud” to be serving under his command. Hence, their overwhelming support and donations to Ron Paul’s campaign.

  8. Something’s going on-I fear something big enough to silence even the most conservative voices on FOX.-when it hasn’t happened before-. Could it be national security implications with all the weavings that would come unraveled in so many areas -,matters not just in this Country, but throughout the world, if it is acknowledged that Obama is a fraud, & was never eligible to be President of the United States ?? I think it’s one of those situations where we are in unchartered territory & nobody knows how to handle it. Do you think it would cause so much civil disorder that they don’t feel it’s worth the cost of taking action, other than hoping he gets voted out for a second term? Or something much worse. This is all so eerie. I think we all need to be doing some serious praying!

  9. omg obama must go using the democratic math system i believe its more like 600% are outraged that he is still president.


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