Welfare recipient lives in million dollar home

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Feds: Seattle welfare recipient lives in million dollar home

King 5 NewsShe lives in a beautiful waterfront home on Seattle’s Lake Washington. Yet, she’s on welfare assistance.  This week federal agents moved in to put a stop to it. They raided her south Lake Washington home armed with a search warrant.
KING 5 News is not naming the woman or her husband because they have not been criminally charged.
Search warrant documents unsealed Friday in federal court reveal that she received $1,272 a month in public housing vouchers, plus monthly cash from the federal and state government for a disability, as well as food stamps.  And her husband, who is a chiropractor, drives a Jaguar.
Property records show the woman lives in a 2,500 square-foot home, with gardens and a boat dock, that is valued at $1.2 millionRecords show she has received welfare benefits while living in the plush home since 2003. Records also show she truthfully provided her address when she applied for benefits.  
How could the government allow housing subsidy dollars to someone who openly lives in one of Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods?  A federal official spoke to KING 5 News on condition of anonymity. He says the housing voucher program provides coupons that help low-income people pay their rent. He says it allows people to get out of housing projects and move into the place of their choosing. However, he says a “flaw” is that the program doesn’t analyze where people are living, even if it is at a ritzy address that should raise a red flag.
Court records show the couple gave money to charities and traveled around the world to exotic places like Turkey, Tel Aviv and resort towns in Mexico.
How in the world did they even qualify for a housing voucher and food stamps?  If they can afford to travel like that, they don’t need our taxpayer dollars.  This woman and husband should be ashamed.  And we should be ashamed of a government system that allows this type of fraud to exist.

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17 responses to “Welfare recipient lives in million dollar home

  1. This is nothing new.
    Fourty years ago when I was young, I worked for the US Post Office As a carrier in Los Angeles for three years. I delivered welfare checks to places like this. Also to apartments got five or six checks at same apartments with different names.
    I even delivered mail to the welfare office, and mentioned that this type of thing was going on. They were not interested; they could care less.
    This has got to be just a high profile move just to make you think they are really doing something. I am not convinced of anything different.

  2. …been homeless (just never felt that way so long as I had a tent or van to call my own)and sometimes you need to ‘borrow’ an address but I must agree that there will always be greedy opportunists among us.

  3. Greeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr this really makes me crazy….

  4. This is the kind of thing that makes me maddern’hell.
    Man oh man, we have scraped and struggled to have our modest home. I am so glad to have it, but I wonder how long this government is going to take to get around to taking that from me too.

  5. My understanding is that the problem lies in the welfare agencies looking at an applicant’s income instead of total assets to determine his/her eligibility.

    • That is messed up. When I was unemployed I looked at the requirements for food stamps. First thing on the form was a list of other assets – i.e., cash in savings, 401(k), etc. Wonder why it’s not the same for housing vouchers. Guess a Jaguar doesn’t count as an “asset”…

      • DCG,
        The Jaguar could be leased and therefore not an asset owned by an applicant.

      • The paperwork for Section 8 has to be filled out and resubmitted annually. The applicant is required to provide info and document income of every individual in their household to qualify for the voucher, the lower the total income, the higher the voucher amount.
        Regardless of neighborhood, any landlord who agrees to accept Section 8 payment from tenants would be okay with HUD. HUD requires annual maintenance/housekeeping inspections to be sure the tenants are not causing damage to a landlord’s property.

        • Grannie,
          I take it you’re confirming my prior comment — that welfare applicants are only scrutinized for their income, NOT their total assets? And so, theoretically, if I have my assets in real estate property, say a million dollar house, but have no monthly income, I qualify for welfare!

          • Eowyn, Section 8 applications require income validation only are through HUD for vouchers towards rent. It’s welfare/public assistance towards rental housing. Whoever owns that million dollar house has agreed to accept the Section 8 voucher as partial payment of the rent.
            The disability money is probaby through Social Security. Practically everything qualifies as a medical disability these days, including personality/mood disorders: depression, anxiety, anger management problems, etc. There’s even something called Oppositional Disorder where the person is incapacitated by his inability to agree or perform tasks assigned by others without argument.
            The attorneys who specialize in Social Security Disability claims advertise on TV constantly.

            • She rents. But in the vid at King5, they say the husband posed as landlord renting her the house.

            • my understanding is that disability apps are routinely denied
              and then an appeal takes from two to three years….when
              a former SSI employee/associate/lawyer represents you or your
              appeal is denied and you start all over again…

  6. Reports from today: The woman has been receiving some sort of assistance since 1995. Her and her partner’s name have been published on many sites. She claims she and her two children lived there alone, yet her partner/husband/whatever listed his home address as his chiropractor clinic and his Jag spotted at home frequently. These people should be ashamed they ripped off from those that really need it while they took exotic travels.

    • I found the names and did some searches. His paperwork for the property purchase in 1999 he self-identified as a single man. There are no marriage records in Washingon State. The commerical building he lists as his mailing address is a very small, low grade addition built onto a larger unimpressive commercial building. With no other address associated in the public record, it’s logical to assume he lives at the house on Lake Washington. It’s hard to imagine a chiropractor with such a shabby business address had the wherewithal to purchase such an upscale residence. The taxes run just over $12,000 a year. That would eat up most of the HUD voucher.

      • So easy for you to find that information…why can’t the government do their job? That is rhetorical, of course.
        Hope they end up convicted for fraud, maybe even some jail time. Better yet, fix the stoopid system so it doesn’t happen in the first place. This kind of fraud is not tolerated in any private sector business.

  7. The Seattle Housing Authority is scrambling to explain why it paid rent for a woman living in a million dollar home. One of the inspectors who has visited the home in recent years said she didn’t see any signs of fraud. Lora Wait-Hoy said the welfare recipient who lived in the Lake Washington waterfront home had a believable story about how she came to live there. “She said someone from her synagogue had moved and he wanted someone to take care of it,”. The $1.2 million home has a view, gardens and even a boat, but throughout eight years of annual check-ups inspectors never raised a single suspicion about fraud. “That’s not part of my job,” Wait-Hoy said. “My job is to look for housing quality standard issues.” Your tax dollars at work…


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