Welfare abuse: $7,000 on Texas food stamp card

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During Obama’s first term, the number of persons taking federal food stamps, formally known as the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP), increased by approximately 11,133 persons per day — from a national total of 31,939,110 in January 2009, to 47,525,329 by October 2012, the last month reported.

Federal spending on SNAP has increased every fiscal year that Obama has been in office, from $55.6 billion in FY 2009 (when SNAP was still known as the “Food Stamp” program) to $80.4 billion in fiscal year 2012—an increase of $$24.8 billion. [Source: CNSNews]
The food stamps program, like other government welfare programs, is rife with fraud and waste.
Francy Guerra's mugshot

Francy Guerra’s mugshot

A recent example is a woman in Florida, Francy Yuliett Guerra, 28, who was found to have received $70,000 in food stamps in a three-year period, although she is not eligible for SNAP. State officials said a fraud study they’re concluding found that hundreds of millions of dollars are lost to fraud, waste and abuse.
To be sure, there are food stamps recipients who are truly needy and deserving of help. But a recipient who has a balance of more than $7,000 in his food stamp “account” most certainly is not needy.

That discovery was made by a gas station clerk in Brownsville, Texas, who witnessed a customer using food stamps with a balance of $7029.32 of hardworking taxpayers’ money on his Lone Star SNAP card. Here’s the receipt:

food stamps
Joey Horta reports for KGBT Channel 4, a CBS affiliate in Harlingen, Texas, Feb. 20, 2013, that the clerk contacted the local SNAP office, but was told they couldn’t do anything about it.
If a recipient doesn’t use up his/her monthly SNAP “benefits,” the balance simply rolls over in his/her SNAP account instead of returned to the government taxpayers. That’s how we can end up with $7,029.32 as the outstanding balance in this individual’s SNAP account, which begs the question of whether he actually needs food stamps assistance in the first place.

Even more sobering is the fact that nearly 1 out of every 3 people in just two counties in Texas are on food stamps.
The KGBT report says that according to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, in the month of February 2013, there are more than 238,000 people in Hidalgo County and 119,000 people in Cameron County on SNAP, costing tax payers more than $28,000,000 and $13,000,000, respectively.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hidalgo County’s total population in 2011 was 797,810. That means 30% of the county’s population are on food stamps! In 2011, Cameron County’s population was 414,123, which means 29% of the county’s population are on food stamps.
Anyone with any sense knows that this is unsustainable. And yet, so many in America have eyes but do not see what is clear as daylight to the rest of us. 🙁
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0 responses to “Welfare abuse: $7,000 on Texas food stamp card

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post! And the government said they couldn’t do anything about it! Dear God, what waste to all of us taxpayers. I believe this is a grave sin, for someone who does not need food stamps is taking this remedy when it is really meant for the poor and those working Americans who need a little help to make ends meet. He should go to his local SNAP office and give his balance back!

  2. What do we expect? When a ganglad era bak robber was asked why he robbed banks he replyed ” Because that’s where the money is.”

  3. It may be true that some of these folks are hungry… but there’s plenty of “volunteer-level” work these down and out folks can perform in exchange for the stamps: pick up trash on highways, volunteer at senior centers or hospitals, animal centers, help plant trees, clean rivers, etc. etc. But we have created a monster group of couch-potato loafers whose habits have rendered them to “dependency” status forever! Again, welcome to “Idiocracy America!”

  4. That means the woman was getting almost $2000/month in foodstamps. I’ve never heard of anyone getting that much. If one gets even $200/month, that’s considered a lot. She must have registered to feed 10 or more children to get that much. The article didn’t mention if she was or wasn’t an illegal alien. Part of the problem is there are particular states who provide poor oversight of their Social Services departments. With proper oversight, a Case Mgr. who is not doing their job by making that kind of mistake will be terminated. So, one can assume those states who have these sort of discrepancies have lazy, corrupt officials at both the state and local levels.

  5. I work in the “food stamp office” and I see fraud every day; but upper management does NOT care. They are only interested in keep the “statistics up”.. Even when clients are reported to fraud repeatedly, nothing is ever done.

  6. In Dallas you get to obtain food stamps fraudulent while living in mansions:

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