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First on a personal note , thank you everyone for your prayers. They really worked. 3 hrs of spinal surgery and I was walking UNAIDED 6 hrs later. I’m not in much pain. just a bit sore. Thank you and thank you god.  :d


May. 2, 2013 11:37am 
UPDATE: Liberty University Offers Scholarship to N.C. High School Student Arrested for Accidentally Leaving Gun in His Truck
Editor’s note: See update below regarding Withrow’s initially reported expulsion.

David “Cole” Withrow was a senior ready to graduate with honors from Princeton High School in Johnston, N.C. He is an Eagle Scout, did his senior class project on gun safety and was even looking forward to college in the fall.
This is why when he realized he forgot his shotgun in the back of his truck after going skeet shooting over the weekend, he debated between driving back home and being counted as tardy and calling his mom from school to collect the gun.
Deciding to call his mother from the school’s front office to come get the gun, the 18-year-old’s conversation was overheard, according to Todd Starnes.
“He was overheard in a private conversation with his mother explaining what happened,” Kimberly Boykin, a friend of the Withrow family told Starnes. “He could have told a story, but he told the truth.”
“I think it’s an injustice for this young man,” she said. “He’s a good guy. He’s loved by his classmates and his teachers. You don’t become an Eagle Scout by being a bad seed.”
As punishment, Withrow was reported to have been expelled for a year and would not be able to graduate with his class, which could have potentially off-set his plans for college. An attorney for the school has since said Withrow was not expelled and special provisions have been made for him to finish school in order to receive his diploma (see the update to this story below).
He was also charged with a felony.
WTVD reported that Withrow had been admitted to Campbell University and East Carolina University and had been awarded a scholarship, but it is currently unclear if his felony charge would impact his attendance in the fall.
The community is outraged not only because Withrow tried to do the right thing and is being severely punished, but also because school administrators within the district have been caught in similar situations in the past and received less severe retribution.
WTVD reported that two school officials had brought guns onto school property in the past. One, a teacher at another high school within the district, was cited and resigned. The other is actually the assistant principal at Princeton High School where Cole spent the last four years. That person was suspended for three days and still works at the school. Neither case saw criminal charges like those Cole faces.
“I think it’s wrong, if an assistant principal can bring a loaded handgun and doesn’t get punished? No, unacceptable,” parent Nancy Terry told WTVD.
According to the station, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that it’s only a misdemeanor charge if an administrator brings a gun on school property, but for students it’s an automatic felony.
WRAL has a statement from the school:

Johnston County schools spokeswoman Tracey Peedin Jones said the school system has to follow state law regarding weapons on campus.
“Please know that with student and personnel issues, we carefully balance all factors to arrive at a fair and just outcome,” she said in a statement Wednesday. “Certain items are mandated and we have no choice but to follow the law.”

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0 responses to “Welcome To Your Morning Dose Of Bizzaro World

  1. That is the insanity that the libtards have brought… I remember having a shotgun in the gun rack in my pickup, parked at school. With the principal saying, ‘hay guy’s check out my new shotgun’. That he had had in the trunk of his car. If anybody tried to shoot up our school… they would have been ‘taken care of’ long before the cops arrived….
    Great news on your recovery!!!! Scotter heads!!!

  2. Thanks huj, feeling good till I read this crap. The kid tries to do the right thing, makes a call home. Someone in office overhears and calls cops.
    What a POS whoever called the cops. I mean this was not a school safety situation, kinda a private phone call, and this putz just drastically altered this kids life.
    Did you read the part where an assistant principal brought a loaded handgun into same school a few yrs ago. Rec’d 3 day suspension and no charges and is still with school now. This sucks.

    • We will overcome… just keep getting better… It not like back in the day when I was in HS, grad 78, when I would stop by the office and say ‘hay I just heard that my pigs were out’ and the sec would say ‘well go get them back in’ and that was the end of it. Then the GF and I would take off… with the shotgun in the gun rack… Sometimes my pigs were out, she would scream and I would get them back to the pen… Then we went to the barn…

  3. Schools are out of control. It seems they are swimming in power trips. It is a shame someone in charge couldn’t put on his big boy pants and make an intelligent decision. A pox on the person eavesdropping that made the call. Tattletale. Couldn’t even consider the kids past without getting a power high. How sad for those students. Sounds like the town needs to do some house cleaning.

  4. Personally I think the person who ratted out the young man should be arrested – that would make my day. As for the young man David, I pray this doesn’t completely sour him on humanity. To quote The Won, if I had a son, he would look like David! God bless you, David, and continue to be a great citizen of our once-great country.

  5. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office told ABC11 that if a school administrator brings a gun to school, they will be charged with a misdemeanor. For a student, the charge is an automatic felony.

  6. It’s great to hear he is getting a full scholarship to Liberty University which is where he wanted to go, but couldn’t afford it. The high school administration, including the snitch, should apologize to this young man for subverting the Constitution and being the dumb asses they are.

  7. Hey, remember, for left/liberals integrity is for politically-incorrect losers who need it to get ahead.

  8. How many people of reasonable intelligence really, really want bone heads like the school admin teaching, or overseeing their children. It’s just incredible! Let’s hope that the attorney can bring this situation to rights.

  9. It seems nowadays it doesn’t pay to do the right thing! As to Tracey -hyphenated – Jones , ” keep on following the law “. Sooner or later your attitude will bite you in the ass . Is there no common sense any more ?

    • There is no common sense any more. Just pc hypersensitivity madness.

      • DCG, I Want to make it our mission to destroy ….you have coined it so perfectly. PC hypersensitivity
        It used to be just PC. I can’t stand it. Now if just one person is offended, screw the other 99% it has to go or be removed.
        Let’s fight it and say screw it every chance we can.

      • Or as I read this past week one man put it:
        If I offended, you needed to hear it.

  10. Steph, I’m doing great and thanks for getting me out of junk mail jail.. 😀

  11. That works for me. 😀


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