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No, we aren't there quite yet, but I can smell it from here

Via townhall.com (emphasis as per original article, bolds are mine):
Change, Change, Change: The Obama Transformation is Here
Austin Hill
“We are five days away,” the future President famously said in October of 2008, “from fundamentally transforming the United States of America…”
So how does Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” look to you now?
If the world seems chaotic to you, you’re not alone. President Obama promised “change” during his first campaign for the presidency, and in less than one full term he’s delivered.
American foreign policy, historically devoted to protecting American interests and championing liberty, is now focused on “outreach” to people who want to destroy us. But the “transformation” has not just impacted America’s place in the world.
Your private world – your day-to-day environment and the cultural norms that order that environment – is changing as well (so is mine). And while it’s difficult to measure people’s changing attitudes, there is clear evidence that Americans are increasingly developing a negative attitude towards work, productivity, and success.
Depending on what poll you’re reading, roughly half of the American population agrees with President Obama’s assumption that “rich” Americans need to be taxed at a higher rate. Concerns about undermining people’s incentive to achieve just don’t matter to many of us – making “somebody else” pay makes a lot of us feel better.
There also seems to be a change in Americans’ attitudes towards working. And while there are far too many of us who are earnestly trying to find work and cannot, there nonetheless appears to be growing numbers of us for whom working is just not a priority.
The reality of Americans choosing to not work – or, at a minimum, choosing to work less – would seem to be a very intentional consequence of President Obama’s agenda. Indeed, it has long been the belief of the President’s science adviser John P. Holdren that the world would be a better place environmentally if “Americans worked, produced, and earned less.”
This may seem counter-intuitive, yet the numbers don’t lie. As the unemployment rate has recently dropped a bit, so also has the “labor force participation rate” – the statistic that represents the ratio between the labor force itself, and the overall population. Assuming that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is telling the truth, participation in the labor force has dropped to a 30 year low, as roughly 1.2 million Americans recently chose to exit the labor market.
You will find page two of the article here.
This does not bode well for the future of our republic, regardless of what happens next November.
We did not get to this point overnight, as we started sliding down the hill into Hell before the ink had even dried on the 16th Amendment, which was the day the people of this country collectively decided that other people had a right to a portion of their livelihoods.
Fast forward to today, and the portion of our livelihoods we are being forced to surrender to others has reached the point where it is helping to choke the economic life out of our nation.
We also have a president who was raised and groomed by communists to hate and despise everything this country has ever stood for, and is doing all he can, legally and otherwise, to destroy its traditional institutions as rapidly as he possibly can.

And his wanton destruction is not just limited to our free-market economy, as he is ripping the very foundation from under just about every part of America that made this country truly unique among all others that have ever existed since the beginning of recorded history.
Yet, even in the face of all the damage he has done and is doing, and if the polls are even close to accurate, approximately half of the American electorate is poised to enter the voting booths of America next November, and give this cretin another four years.
As things currently stand, I rate our chances of surviving Obama’s first term right around 50/50. There is no way we will make it through another one as anything remotely resembling the America our founders intended.
If we reach the point where the majority of the electorate become takers instead of producers, it is all over for America as we currently know it. And if history is any guide, there will be no retrieving it once it is gone.
We are almost there.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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“We also have a president who was raised and groomed by communists to hate and despise everything this country has ever stood for, and is doing all he can, legally and otherwise, to destroy its traditional institutions as rapidly as he possibly can.”

Al Thompson

The problem is that the opposition isn’t much better or is just as bad. Any kind of valid opposition is somehow threatened and they just slide away into nothingness.


I have a friend, with MBA, going on one year unemployed. She’s trying yet hundreds of apps when she applies for a position. Welcome to hopeandchange…


What’s really sad is that some people don’t want to work or some become leary about succeeding . You have those that don’t want to work and would rather live off entitlements. A syndrome encouraged by libs that discourages innovation and productivity. Then you have people, like me, that want to work, be creative, pay my bills, and save for retirement. I am discouraged by government, at times, as I work almost 4 months of each year just to pay all my taxes. It seems at times like a vicious cycle. If government would stay out of our lives, lower… Read more »


obama must go or as yoda would say go obama must