Welcome home!

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This was posted sometime ago yet I just saw it today on The Veterans Site and thought it was too cute not to post! As they said on their blog: “We can’t seem to get enough of these.  Here’s a wonderful video of a dog greeting his soldier master home.  There is nothing qualified about this greeting.  It’s as innocent and heart warming as they come.

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  1. Animals live by their senses and these owners must have good hearts and their dogs know it. I trust animals over humans most of the time and have never been fooled by an animal. The nicest compliment I ever received was when a cat came and got in my lap at a friend’s home and the owner was amazed because she said that the cat never warmed up to anyone but her. She concluded that I had to be gut honest in life to warrent the attention. I don’t know about that, but in seventy-seven years I have never been bitten by an animal. I can’t say that about humans, ouch!

  2. you know they’re beside themselves with joy and happiness when while they’re greeting you they lose it and begin to pee…..


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