Weird Lightning Storm Over Montreal

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July 21, 2011 broke all heat records in Montreal, Canada: 95.36° F (35.2° C), with a humidex factor of 113° F.
That night, there was a strange lightning storm over the city.

An observer says that the humongous storm cloud from which lightning emitted stayed stationary for over one hour even though the winds were blowing constantly, nor did anyone hear any sound coming from the heavy lightning activity.

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0 responses to “Weird Lightning Storm Over Montreal

  1. Satan playing tricks on the gullible. His face is in one of the flashes. You have to look carefully. God bless all my friends.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    That was fascinating. I watched some of the other clips and you could hear thunder within the cloud; but, not loud cracks. It reminded me of the cloud that came down over Mt Sinai for the 40 days Moses went up to receive the 10 Commandments. Very mysterious.

  3. Wait until the aliens come down, only to discover that Québec’s already separated from the rest of Kanada! All Earthlings may rest now, for the Québecois will whine forever until the aliens depart–or else make them eat poutine until they flee in gastronomic distress!!

  4. Wow!
    That was pretty cool.
    I love storms.


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