Weiner Admits the Obvious

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The Weiner Man. Photo via BigGovernment.

Shocker! Weiner admitted today to sending “lewd” photos via Twitter.  Course the married man said he “intended” to send the photos via DM (direct message) as “part of a joke” to a woman in Seattle.  Yeah, right.
He fessed up after claiming for days that his account had been hacked. He then continued that story which he later realized was a “regrettable mistake”.  “To be clear, the picture was of me and I sent it. I am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife Huma and our family, and my constituents, my friends, supporters and staff,” Weiner said.
Weiner also said he would not resign.
What do you suppose made Weiner confess his “mistake”? Could it be due to the investigative reporting of Andrew Breitbart over at BigGovernment.com? Andrew had received slanderous attacks from the liberals over this scandal, claiming that Andrew was trying to set up Weiner.  Yet, once again, Andrew proves he is right.  He has obtained more photos of the Weinerman that he sent to other women (you can see them at the link.  I couldn’t bear to post them here, ugh).
Weinerman finally confesses.  And we are not surprised. Just wondering when Nancy Pelosi is going to “drain the swamp”?

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0 responses to “Weiner Admits the Obvious

  1. lowtechgrannie

    The fool! With the salacious morals and mindset of 21st century, he could so easily have “owned up” to it and been forgiven. In the Hollywood mold of “boys will be boys.” He would have been a one-day wonder on Entertainment Tonight and life would have gone on.
    This guy is just too darn dumb!

  2. To liberals, cheating on your wife, lying, and lewd behavior are badges of honor. If he resigned, he’d forgo a lot of campaign cash that similarly-minded Democrats want to send him! Remember: Kennedy the murderer was re-elected in Mass until his death.

    • Weiner will never resign. Nor will the Dems in Congress ask him to resign, Pelosi’s call for an ethics investigation notwithstanding. That’s because they have no sense of morality and of shame.

  3. In my opinion, I think it is ridiculous. He is a grown man behaving like a 10th grade student. One would expect more tact and savoir faire from a US Representative. What can he possibly do for the country except to bring it down to his level of immorality?

    • Not to mention why a Congressman has so much spare time on his hand (no pun intended) that he can take obscene photos of himself and sex-text women all across America, including those he’d never even met.

      • You got that right, Eowyn, if congressmen don’t have anything better to do than sex-text all those women, maybe we need to reduce the amount of their salaries. This character needs to resign immediately. His judgment is so impaired he is not fit to be a representative.

  4. What is the difference between the congressman who sent a photo of himself bare-chested (Lee) and Weiner (a congressman who sent a bunch of photos of himself bare-chested and… and… and…)? Both were from NY. The first was a Republican and resigned, and the second is a Democrat who won’t. What’s wrong with this picture? (Ick. I want to go wash off this smut.) Weiner, try being a man and resign.

  5. Politics has a reputation for oversexed men. Most of them would be turned down by both sexes for their lack of attractiveness and morals. It’s a shame Lee resigned so quickly and Weiner will stick it out with Rangel. IMO, Lee had nothing to be embarrassed about as a shirtless horndog. He was a fool who (cyber) cheated on his wife. Weiner should hang his (helium filled) head in shame with that metrosexual, hairless torso; boy sized unit in cheap grey briefs; and aggressive lying about an ongoing pattern of bad behavior. “Mr Smith Goes To Washington” is truly a fantasy in these days of dishonest and controversial behavior.

    • Well said, Zorro!
      “metrosexual, hairless torso; boy sized unit in cheap grey briefs….”
      Priceless! 😀
      P.S. Please look for an e-mail from Eowyn 😉

  6. Eowyn:
    It’s a pleasure to give you “Mastercard Moments” with my posts.
    I appreciate how you (and the other founders) provide an opportunity to learn the truth and express ourselves. I look forward to your email.

  7. gee and all he would have had to do was go to the whitehouse i’m sure he could have got some action there..

  8. Igor:
    Who would be his playmate(s) at the White House?

  9. i guess he would have quite a few options Zorro wouldn’t he? since obama has been in residence the white house is little more than a whore house.. he could go gay and play with obama. or i’m sure obama’s illegal alien auntie could use some lovin. or michelles fat ass mother… and the list goes on.. obamas 500 man entourage his 6 doctors and all the assorted clowns and hanger ons that have attached themselves to the corruption and ineptitude that is obama.

  10. Eowyn:
    I received your email. Thank you for the note. Totally forgot about Reggie Love.
    BTW, Weiner’s wife is reputed to be Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover.
    It certainly explains the “late in life” first marriage of “Arnold Horshack” Weiner…

  11. Zorro,I received an e-mail today,with reliable resources that Wieners,wife,{a muslim} has been Hillary Clintons ahhh,assistant for quite some time. And they say,lesbo lover. {sick,sick stomach} When, Bill was asked if Hill was a dyke,{excuse me puke} he said she has gotten more you know what then me! IMO-none of them should be walking this earth as free people. Clinton’s are killing machines. soros partners. {which he needs to be strung up} I’m sure I would have to wait in line.

  12. Tina:
    The Clintons, the Weiners, Chuck Schumer, and George Soros are all toxic waste.
    They are all crooked, power hungry sharks without a shred of desirable human qualities.


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