Weeks before illegal alien killed Kittitas County Deputy Sheriff, WA state demorat senator proposed bill to expand sanctuary state rules

Lisa Wellman: Working hard to protect illegal aliens in WA state

Demorats care more about protecting illegal aliens than they do their constituents. The proof is in their actions.

On March 19, Kittitas County Deputy Sheriff Ryan Thompson was killed by an illegal alien in Washington State. Thompson is permanently separated from his wife and three children.

Washington State is already a sanctuary state. Yet the current law, signed by demorat Governor Jay Inslee in 2017, apparently doesn’t go far enough to protect illegal aliens.

Washington State Senator Lisa Wellman represents 41st Legislative District which includes Mercer Island, Bellevue, Newcastle and parts of Issaquah, Sammamish, and Renton. Read about her background here.

She sponsored SB5497 – the Keep Washington Working Act – to “focus agencies on people’s needs – not immigration.”

Because heaven forbid we follow federal immigration laws to protect American citizens.

The bill would limit the amount of information that state and local agencies share with federal immigration officials, and joint immigration enforcement activities. The bill now goes to the state House of Representatives for consideration.

Apparently the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs support this bill. The association stated, “Our membership feels strongly that every person in all communities across our state should feel safe contacting law enforcement, particularly those who have been a victim of crime.”

I wonder how the association feels about their support for this bill now that one of their fellow brothers was a murder crime victim by an illegal alien?

From Wellman’s statement about this bill:

“In addition to imposing limits on information sharing and joint immigration enforcement activities, the Keep Washington Working Act requires that state agencies provide services regardless of a person’s citizenship or immigration status. Agencies would develop and implement secure information systems to use when storing information about people who use state services and facilities.

A statewide Keep Washington Working workgroup would work within the state Department of Commerce to develop strategies to expand immigrants’ career pathways within Washington state.

We need local law enforcement to do its job effectively. That means keeping communities safe, and we need all Washington residents to feel safe so they can focus on school and work,” said Rep. Lilian Ortiz-Self, who introduced the House companion bill. “This legislation helps students do better in school and workers do their jobs knowing they are valued and respected. The result will be communities that flourish and businesses that grow.”

Blah, blah, blah. The word salads these demorats concoct to justify their actions is amazing.

Why can’t bureaucrats focus on people’s needs (especially Americans’ need for safety) while enforcing immigration laws that effectively allow law enforcement to identify and capture criminal illegal aliens?

That is a rhetorical question, of course, because I know that liberal logic and pandering is not designed to make sense.


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Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

Henceforth, I’ll no longer refer to the Democratic Party as even Demonrats. They are the Demon Party (h/t FOTM reader William).

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

I can’t take credit for the Faux News meme though. It was floating around in my brain space and then I remembered it was from the Propaganda Remix Project during the Dubya admin where they superimposed contemporary memes on WW2-era posters. Faux News was superimposed over a Hitler Youth poster, the implication being that Fox was facist propaganda. They got the “Faux” right but for the wrong reasons

Brian Heinz
1 year ago

Good post DCG how long before they turn on each other once all the good people are gone who will they turn to next?

1 year ago

Word salad indeed, soulless gibberish designed to lull the masses into a slo-doze trance. These so-called people should be locked up and as punishment forced to listen to their own speeches. Blah blah effing blah

1 year ago

WA senator proposing to expand the rule to protect the illegals? I propose the WA voters DO NOT EXPAND her time in office and
reject her by voting her OUT come her time for elections. It’s tme for Washingtonians to wake up from the liberal nightmare and get real and claim their beautiful state back.

1 year ago

It may be important to mention that the citizens do not vote on these issues. Their decision to become a “Sanctuary State” (or federal outlaw, you decide) was entirely their own. This is merely the “statewide” version of the various UN Agendas (21, 2030, etc.), that’s what I mean when I say “they don’t work for us”. They do not care one whit about this cop or his family. It is getting so bad they are having problems recruiting and keeping cops. These so-called elected officials are the antithesis of everything that term implies. They should be under arrest for… Read more »