Weekend Open Thread: Zimmerman, Race Relations, Media

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“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been and we — I believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards,”   

Eric Holder    02-18-2009   

Told to Department of Justice employees at an event  celebrating Black History Month.


OK, Eric let’s discus the state of racial relations in this country since you and your boss started healing us.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury (FOTM), I’d like to throw a few things out and see what you guys think. 

First this Zimm/Martin Trial is really getting under my skin. I do not know what happened, but it seems it does not matter to a certain segment of society who have threatened to riot and murder win, lose or draw. How di you feel about that?

I would really like to reach out to some of our silent readers on this. Especially if you happen to be black. Please help me understand the mentality/hatred of Zimmerman (now called a “white Hispanic” by CNN) and of all “whites”.

Also how has the media slanted all this. How badly have they played the racial angle?

What about people like Sharpton and Jackson? If people are hurt/killed, should they not be held responsible?

Eric Holder, where are you on this? Freeing more Black Panthers?

Speaking of which don’t you think it might/should be against the law to hand out “Wanted” posters on Zimmerman like the New Black Panthers did?

Last but not least, do you think our great Unifier (“If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon”) should maybe make some kind of statement calling for calm?

These are just some random thoughts to get things going. What else is bugging ya about the whole mess?

Feel free to have a good ole RANT!!!. Just keep it somewhat clean.

Have fun, shred someone, and just be nice to each other. Woe be any troll who stumbles upon here by intent or accident. We will smush you, you are forewarned.

Have a lovely weekend.  


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0 responses to “Weekend Open Thread: Zimmerman, Race Relations, Media

  1. Racism has been at the forefront of Obamao’s strategy to divide this Nation… Apparently, if you are a minority in this country, the playing field is even more level for you and yours. While our veterans await their benefits, for years, our some in our Black Communities are screaming for more food, more money, more phones, more liberty… and ZERO responsibility. I see the end of the “protected black class” at the expense of the “white Hispanics” and other free, responsible citizens of the USA. Do you?
    I Have a dream too… and it includes EQUALITY and EVEN application of the law to everyone… The repeal of Federal ‘equal opportunity employment’ quotas for the minorities…( When the amnesty bill passes, who does it hurt the most? The Whites, of course,.. and the Blacks… ) The best and brightest deserve the spot at the best university’s… not the blackest and most uninterested!.. I have a dream… That the LORD GOD will restore to all of us the vision he saw when he created us… IT WAS GOOD! No more “social justice”… I have a dream of Real Justice… Real Charity… Real Education… and Real Success that comes from hard work,.. not social engineering.

  2. At first i was going to present this alone: The Last King of Scotland, Sedan Chairs, Umbrellas, and the Roots of President Barack Hussein Obama’s Anti-Colonial Rage: OR, Why We Have a Crisis of Leadership in the United States https://k2globalcommunicationsllc.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/the-last-king-of-scotland-sedan-chairs-umbrellas-and-the-roots-of-president-barack-hussein-obamas-anti-colonial-rage-or-why-we-have-a-crisis-of-leadership-in-the-united-states/ but after great thought decided to add this because South Africa, run by Militant Black Culture is exactly where we are, same players too!

    “Tutus’ Pox by definition is ‘a viral disease that causes pus-filled blisters pustules of hate to form on Africa, and often leaves scars pockmarks even death’.

    We know it is not very chic nor politically correct to call Tutu what he is because that would fly in the face of OprahNation, ObamaNation and the globalist elite media and intelligentsia never mind the Bloody African Communists.

    This is Africa. This is what you never see on CNN/ NBC/ BBC/ Bloomberg/ France24.

    *Warning* not for sensitive viewers.

    Video The World must Know ! ! ! ! Save us from these Barbarians

    For those unaware Tutu is complicit in the slaughter of South Africa’s White Farmers through his active leadership roles, advisory positions of the responsible organizations and even more disturbing his …SILENCE!”

  3. Steve,

    Should Obama “make some kind of statement calling for calm?,” you ask.

    You are asking about the very creature who, after his “son” Trayvon was shot, had his DOJ Community Relations Service goons go to Florida to foment black resentment and protests. We now have documentary and audio proof of that.

    • Eowyn, it was rhetorical, and to point out the lack of leadership on his part.
      Oh and what a POS he is.

      on Thursday

      When asked by reporters if the Justice Department will be watching the outcome and reporting back to the President, Carney said, “I do not know the answer to that question.”

      “[Obama’s] comments are what they were, but we’re not going to say anything from here,” press secretary Jay Carney said.

      Last March during a press conference in the Rose Garden, Obama responded emotionally to questions regarding Martin’s death.

      “I’m head of the executive branch and the Attorney General reports to me, and I’ve got to be careful about my statements to make sure we not impair any investigation that’s taking place right now,” Obama said, prefacing his remarks.

      POS Had a Lot To say here

      “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon,” Obama continued. “I think [Martin’s parents] are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and were going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

      Obama also called the incident a “tragedy,” adding, “I think all of us have to do some soul searching to think about how something like this happens.”

      The trial’s closing arguments will be given Thursday afternoon.

      Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2013/07/11/white-house-distances-itself-from-trayvon-martin-case-obamas-previous-comments/#ixzz2YwTquoSW

  4. Question: Was TM known for fighting and texting to get a gun?
    Answer: Yes!

    Question: Doesn’t the known recent past information ID violent character?
    Answer: Yes!

    Question: Did TM attack GZ
    Answer: Yes!

    Question: Could one head injury or next head injury = death or great bodily injury?
    Answer: Yes!

    Question: Why would anyone think TM was the victim?
    Answer: He wasn’t!

    Question: What’s the logical verdict?
    Answer: Not Guilt of all CHARGES!

    Question: Should anyone raise their voice and march after AMERICAN JUSTICE has RULED?
    Answer: Definitely NO!

  5. Cheryl, I have to play “Devils Advocate” Here. I was not there.
    Only 2 there and 1 left.
    Let me just preface this by saying I lean toward Zimm, but your points can be blown out of water.
    Question: Was TM known for fighting and texting to get a gun?
    Answer: Yes!
    Was not allowed at trial was it.

    Question: Doesn’t the known recent past information ID violent character?
    Answer: Yes!
    Problem it was not allowed at trial.

    Question: Did TM attack GZ
    Answer: Yes!
    We do not know that. Conflicting testimony.

    Question: Could one head injury or next head injury = death or great bodily injury?
    Answer: Yes!
    Now you are on to something. This is the whole case. “Self Defense.”

    Question: Why would anyone think TM was the victim?
    Answer: He wasn’t!

    Question: What’s the logical verdict?
    Answer: Not Guilt of all CHARGES!
    If you followed the case I’d have to agree.

    Question: Should anyone raise their voice and march after AMERICAN JUSTICE has RULED?
    Answer: Definitely NO!
    I agree, and this is what has me so perplexed. It is why I started this thread.

    I’m sorry, but I just can not understand the outrage.
    There is so much Legitimate Black on black violence and no one gives a shit.
    This is a tragedy no doubt, but never should have been brought to trial.
    What I don’t understand is just because Sharpton and Jackson come down and raise a ruckus there are charges.
    There is no nice way to say this, but those that are screaming for blood and rioting have about 2 brain cells.They can not think for themselves. They are told to hate so they do.
    We have some great commenters on FOTM who happen to be black and it’s amazing to hear them comment and they get it. It’s not rocket science. They will tell you straight up it’s racism.
    Lot of black people who have been held on the plantation because of democratic policies and handouts. They are taught from day one to hate the “Rich white republican” LOL Hell we hate Repugs too.
    It’s so sad that most white people finally get

    “Judge a man by the content of his character, not the Color of his skin”
    Dr. King would be proud.

  6. If any violence breaks out after the verdict, I hold the person responsible who put his two cents in, when he should have kept his mouth shut! The current occupant of the White House!

  7. BTW, I just realized the jury is deliberating right now. They could come in anytime with a verdict.
    I think it won’t be long. The longer it is I think the more chance for a conviction….just saying.

    • Steve, I agree. What the heck are they deliberating? I hope it’s not public reaction to their verdict.

  8. I am noticing something that no one is mentioning anywhere, a constant racial divide between Islamic black people against white Christian people. We cannot fix this problem until everyone decides to be honest. The news media is our greatest adversary and appears to be hell bent on a race war.

    • Paul, I think a lot of Islamic Blacks maybe recent converts. So they are predisposed to hate whites and now Christians.

  9. Paul, I say we give em a war. Cept let’s start with the media. If and when the SHTF we head straight to media centers and drag them out and tar and feather them.

  10. Steve,

    The miscarriage of justice that many are demanding really troubles me.
    Sadly, it’s unfortunate that “judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin” only applies one way!

    FOTM is a blessing for my logical and illogical thoughts, as well as my rants and raves.

    Many Thanks!

    • Cheryl. Me too. Well at least half of us get the “Content ” part.
      FOTM helps all of us with our rants to keep our sanity.
      Our pleasure and thank you for being a part of the family.

  11. Dave McMullen

    I believe that the riots have little to do with the So called “cause”…It just gives Them an excuse to commit crime…same is true for terrorist organizations who;s ranks fill with people who real motive is just to hurt and harass other people and will latch onto any excuse that lets them do it.

  12. Found not guilty. Hang on, going to be bumpy road…

  13. If Dr. King were alive today I think he would get violent just long enough to Punch Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and B. Hussein Obama in their respective noses and call them all out for the race pimps they are.

    If all the racial tension these parasites stir up would disappear tomorrow they, to a man, would have to find a real job that did not involve keeping their fellow black men and women on the democrat plantation for personal gain.

    Men like Dr. Ben Johnson [ who upstaged Obama at the prayer breakfast ],Col Allen West, General Colin Powell and multitudes of other men of color have, despite humble beginnings, exposed the liberal lie that ” the system ” keeps the black man down. That is unless that system being described refers to the democrat party and race hustlers like Jackson and company.

    Should there be violence in Florida after the verdict comes in the primary responsibility for it will lie more with the aforementioned black sell outs and their media accomplices and less with the brainwashed perpetrators who have been fed these liberal lies for generations.


    • Good comments, Wild Bill! And great commentary about Christians ditching their churches for ones who are willing to speak out and take a stand!

      • Mike,
        Thank you for the positive response to my comments on this thread. As to a commentary regarding Christians leaving their churches?, that was not me.

        • Sorry! I got you mixed up with Wild Bill for America! I’m a little overexcited over the verdict!

    • WBA, good post.
      So far I am pleased with the lack of violence. Although Dr. King would still be punching noses since Sharpton and NAACP are still stirring trouble after the verdict.

  14. I’m in the “Sunshine State” (Fla) though not the “Central Fla.” area where Sanford is (have been through there in years past, a very cute little town set on the waterfront of that giant Lake Monroe). I’m also not Black. You asked what bugs us about this case?

    After the verdict tonight I was reading comments at the two big Commie rags, LA Times & NY Times. What BUGGED me the most were the numerous comments attacking our STATE! People saying stupid brain dead things like, “Fla supports murderers,” “Fla juries are ignoramuses,” “Fla is evil with their gun laws,” “We will never visit Fla until they change their laws” (good riddance!), “If you want to kill people & get away with it, move to Fla,” etc., etc.

    I say, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS in your OWN STATE, & leave our laws alone! (Fox News verdict story says NAACP big wigs are very upset & will continue to attack “Stand Your Ground” laws everywhere.) I say, BUTT OUT of our State. We are glad to have “legal permission” to protect self & property. We are glad six women jurors had enough good sense to appreciate that a security guard was actually doing his job (in spite of that whacko judge’s antics).

    Best advice for all humans: If you’re not a “thug,” don’t dress like one, don’t talk like one, don’t act like one. And if you don’t like Fla.’s laws, stay out of our State. We won’t miss you one bit. 🙂

    • PS: You also asked re the Media & how had they slanted this situation?

      There’s a great cartoon with this article: The cartoon is of a movie theater featuring the “Zimmerman Trial” with a Media-Man out front preparing to throw a molotov cocktail into the theater! That pretty much answers your question! See it here:

      7/10/13:  “Media Must Accept Blame for Race Riots” – by L.C. Vincent:

      • TPR, Good link. I just looked at it. It’s only the tip of the iceberg.
        That’s why I say media is first to go. Should be term limits on them.

        • Ha! Great idea & very funny, too >> “term limits” for the MSM! I wonder how we could make that happen? 🙂

          …& you’re welcome re the link. I thought it was pretty good, too, as it covered all the DISinfo points being spouted by MSM all along… Though I was surprised by Ken Adachi’s reaction to it in the Reader Comments (he operates the “Educate Yourself” website). He seemed quite perturbed at Vincent’s article. Go figure!

  15. The Buffalo Soldiers were mowed down in battle, and no one batted an eyelid. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued and the slaves became free men and women. There’s a hunger strike going on in California prisons which are full of African Americans and noone is rioting about the conditions under which they are forced to live. This Zimmerman thing is a red herring.


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