Weekend Open Thread

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A wild robin feeds from hand of British schoolgirl Lauren Newton

I’ll be pretty busy today, helping my parish church with its Spring Cleaning.
So here’s your Open Thread, friends! Go for it! 😉

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12 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

  1. For some strange reason, my name no longer appeared in the “Leave a Comment” slot. Don’t ya’ll want to hear from me any more? Anyway, the little girl with the bird is adorable!! Our deck is FULL of hummingbirds, yellow finches , nuthatchers, dove, and several others. It is such a treat to watch them. Never will inderstand how anyone can be atheist!

    • DW,
      Sometimes, your computer or wordpress logs you out without your asking. So, just reenter your name & e-address.
      It even happens to me. Suddenly, I find myself locked out of my own blog. LOL
      Speaking of wildlife, have you seen the Punk and Thunderthighs out and about vacationing in your neck of the woods?

      • Eowyn–happy to say that they are east of us! They are calling this a “middle-class’ vacation!! That is a joke because when Grove Park Inn added their underground spa, rates went through the roof. Most rooms run around three to four hundred dollars, but I am certain that there is a presidential suite there. It is too touristy for us, and I think that the food is only mediocre. They may be rained out today–how sad.

  2. I would like to thank everyone here for their thoughts and prayers for Joey. Just got back from his follow-up appointment, and his vet said he does NOT need surgery! I am thrilled. Thank you all, again.
    Vox Populi

  3. Yes, I was logged out too. I just typed in my name again and e-mail address and my avatar appeared, and thereafter, my name appeared as well.
    I am so glad that Joey does not need surgery. Thank you, Eowyn, for the beautiful picture. We have beautiful singing today, and I am enjoying the gorgeous cardinals! When I see a cardinal, I immediately am reminded of God’s love!

  4. I would like to ask everyone to please pray for our home state of Mississippi which was hit this afternoon by a series of tornados. At present, there are ten known dead, and many homes have been destroyed. Fortunately, our youngest daughter and my mom were on their way to our home in NC for a week, and they were ahead of the storm in their route.

  5. DW: Prayers for your home state. I started yesterday when I heard the news. I’m so thankful your family members are safe!
    In pace, ut sapiens, aptarit idonea bello

    • Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Our governor, Haley Barber, is on top of things just like he was during Katrina. Just heard that the tornado stayed on the ground in MS for 140 miles. Mom and Janie went thru Meridian and heard on the radio that a tornado touched down at the airport there 45 mins. later.


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